20 Best Restaurants In Bhubaneswar

20 Best Restaurants In Bhubaneswar

The search of good food is never complete in a city like Bhubaneswar. From snazzy new place to trending cuisines anywhere we felt compelled to visit again. So here’s the list of 20 Best Restaurants in Bhubaneswar- everything from budget to hot dishes, from traditional to Chinese, to help you enjoy the kind of food you like.


The Chicken Dinesty

If you are hungry and chicken is what you crave for then folks TCD is your destination! Extensive both in size and menu,TCD has over many years gained a reputation of serving the best North Indian and Chinese food.Both the lunchtime and evening menus are exquisite:from excellent Konjee Crispy Prawn to Devil’s Chicken seasoned with salt and pepper and from Parsley Fish to Mushroom Babycorn. The brick-carved walls,brown tables with tangerine cushioned chairs and big white sofas gives more of a gentle vibe than anything else.

Where to go?-District Center, Niladri Vihar Road, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneshwar


Marwari Rasoi

A veritable innovation, this 50 seated restaurant has definitely set its standards high, specializing in vegetarian dishes from Northern India with touch of Rajasthani culture.This small restaurant offers salads,varieties of parathas, Mushroom Kadhai as well as a trademark “Rajasthani Gatta”.The squeaky clean surroundings and fresh ingredients put Marwari Rasoi above the neighborhood’s collections-exactly the place you expect from your local-the homely feeling.The decor is welcoming and prices are pleasingly low.

Where to go?-2nd Floor, SJ Complex, Near SBI Bank, KIIT Road, Bhubaneswar, Patia, Bhubaneshwar


99 North Restaurant

This unassuming restaurant in Bhubaneswar has quickly become a hit especially with its Northern cuisines.The decor is emblazoned and price of food is definitely reasonable.The key to its cuisines is flavour in very robust doses:dishes from the China use dried chillies, salt pepper and fragrant garlic.If you’re looking for a simple savoury well executed,come to 99 North Restaurant,the canteen that makes great “99 Special rice” & “99 Special noodles”.Situated in the Info city Road with a lot of parking space because of the four-way lane in front of the restaurant,this food joint is the best choice for small parties or gatherings.

Where to go?-B-36, Chandaka Industrial Estate, Near CTDC, Patia, Bhubaneshwar


Adda Unplugged

Whether you’re looking for a pint-sized appetizer or a lavish-sized feast,Adda believes in making quality food for all the taste buds.With simple flavours and an elegant style, Adda appeals to the food lover’s desire for quality meal.There’s a good deal of originality in the kitchen,the veg and non-veg menu features some genuinely inspired dishes.In this restaurant you can feast not only in North Indian dishes but on speciality from Mexican to Chinese.My advice is don’t place your order without a side Chicken Malai Tikka (if you’re a non-vegetarian),they are really creamy and succulent,simply melts in mouth.
Where to go?-4th Floor,SJ Complex,KIIT College Road,Patia,Bhubaneshwar


Malva Restaurant

Despite its odd location amid the Nandankanan Road, Malva Restaurant has deservedly built up a devoted fan base. Hits include Schezwan Mixed Fried Rice, Bali prawns, melt-in-mouth Malai Paneer,finger licking fish tikka prepared with right amount of spice and tenderness with Masala Kulcha. You can also throw birthday parties, get-togethers because it provides best services in addition to best class and delicious food.The atmosphere is always high and prices refreshingly low, two of the main reasons Malva continues to ride the crest of capital.

Where to go?-Ground Floor, Expo Towers, Nandankanan Road, KIIT, Patia, Bhubaneshwar


Mayfair Lagoon

A pioneer of day-and-night feast,Mayfair Lagoon also has a tradition of serving snacks in pleasing and classy surrounding.Head for the place to sample exotic dumplings,Wanton soup and Caramel Custard but do descend to the bar for a slinky vibe and seductive drinks.Main courses hold allure as do the renowned desserts but it is the enticing Chicken Sizzler that draws the oohs,from Grilled Prawn to Tod Mun Pla which is fried Thai herbed fish cake served with sweet chilli sauce and mixed seafood dumpling soup.

Where to go?-Mayfair Lagoon,8-B, Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneshwar


Mainland China

There’s a charm to the art of Chinese cooking which is shrouded in mystery with their perfect citrus twist,the balanced Eastern flavour in all their dishes.Feast your eyes on the best Chinese non-veg food in Bhubaneswar, from Crisped Fried Spice Chicken never falling out of fashion to tasty new-comers doing bold thing in the kitchen.The real artistry arrives on the cuisines because you’d be hard pressed to find a flavour out of place in the impressively executed dim-sum dishes,both savouries and sweets are also handled with confidence.Enter its glossy wooden interior,where long mirrors and vivid dragon pattern embellish the walls.

Where to go?-The Crown, A1, Near IRC Village, Nayapalli, Bhubaneshwar


Tyre Patty

There’s an old bicycle casually strung up on the wall inside aqua lounge where you can dip your feet in bubbling water while enjoying your meal and menu card brimming with pleasures,Tyre Patty is one of its kind.The tempting flavour of slow-cooked Lebanese Mezze Platter in rosemary dip is a typical cuisine which gives your tongue a fascinating smash. Expect aromatic dishes jewelled with sauce, herbs and mayonnaise, plus hearty pleasant-style bell peppers all served in a relaxed,flattery and fashionable setting.

Where to go?-3rd Floor, BMC Bhawani Mall, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneshwar


Trident Hotel Restaurant

Behind every great restaurant there is its extra marvelous food and its dedicated staff members and Trident puts food at the centre of its experience.The strikingly classy dining-room with its utilitarian furniture and most polished kitchens feels part pop-up and part boarding-school diner but its dishes are heavenly flavour some be it North Indian, Italian, Continental, Oriya and Asian, they fill the ever changing menu.The cosy restaurant is worth a try,with excellent snacks that make a lighter and cheaper alternative to full meal. Try the seafood, you’ll definitely be awed.

Where to go?-Trident Bhubaneshwar,CB-1, Nayapalli, Bhubaneshwar


Richard’s Kitchen And Coffee Bar

First things first- Richard’s Kitchen and Coffee Bar is a place if you want a quiet chit-chat with cool breezy surrounding. Flavours are Thai and steamed but unlike the most food-joints,it’s the seafood dishes that really shine.The deliciously charred Hong-Kong Prawns is tossed in chilly oil aniseed with its balance of spicy and steamed,softness and crunch, the best of both worlds.The Hookah Bar in this roof-top mansion is loud and dark, lose yourself in high-impact cooking and you won’t be disappointed.

Where to go?- Rooftop Bata Showroom, KIIT Square, Patia, Bhubaneshwar



There is no place like Dalma where you get to taste the local authentic meal. Dishes are of the ‘sophisticated’ variety: Chingudi Dalma-lentils cooked with various mix vegetables, shrimps,coconut and mild spices,Kankada Jhola which is crab meat and potatoes in thin gravy with 5 spices. Chhena Tarkari -Cottage cheese cooked in typical home style gravy scores successfully for its simple essence.

Where to go?- 157, Madhusudan Nagar, Near Nicco Park Red Cross Bhavan, Unit 4, Bhubaneshwar


The Zaika

This sizzling and welcoming nook in the heart of Bhubaneswar manages to be both authentic and cliche-free.High polished tables, a glittering ambiance and swift service make it a perfect restaurant.The menu mixes supreme and graceful dishes such as chunks of chicken mildly spiced and cooked to perfection or cottage cheese marinated in Indian herbs and spices cooked in charred grilled and served with mint chutney all at restrained prices.

Where to go?- Pal Heights, J/7, Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar


Silver Streak

Though recognized as serving some of the most wonderful dishes,Silver Streak retains the feeling of being a neighborhood restaurant.It has a laid-back atmosphere and luxuriously kitted out. Silver Streak is a special sort of restaurant,elegant enough to make a topmost follower, yet calm and soothing enough to never make you feel awed.The menu- full of punchy proportions such as spicy cottage cheese with black pepper and wickedly good seafood:crispy fish in chilly corn sauce,prawns in butter garlic sauce is all a part of charm.

Where to go?- Ground Floor, BMC Bhawani Mall, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneshwar


Taste Of China

It’s not big,it doesn’t show-off but it is clever.The spot in Bhubaneswar, you’ll want to come again and again. With its smart looks, daily menu of accomplished dishes and carefully chosen spices, it could give the best Chinese joints a run for money. Ordering from the menu is maddening only because everything sounds so divine-Chicken Sweet-corn soup,3 kinds of mushroom in soya ginger, Barbeque Chicken with Singaporean Cantonese noodles and Prawn Momo. Go with a large group and order a whole lot.

Where to go?-139, District Center, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneshwar


Hi Bhubaneswar

The neighbourhood charmer specializes in all-day meals and evening sharing plates with a broadly Northern India blend,influenced by flavours from all over North India.The big dining room is appealing and trendy designed, with colourful produce displays and plenty of lights. Dishes are flawlessly styled,yet presentation is always preceded by flavour: Drums of Heaven,Smog Fish,Veg Kaju Curry look as divine as they taste.It also specializes in Chinese cuisine and prices are definitely reasonable.

Where to go?-F-100, Infocity Road, Patia, Bhubaneshwar


Nakli Dhaba

Well, Hello there!That’s what this Nakli Dhaba seems to call you from its corner spot. You’ll get a warm welcome once you walk through the door,this is a modern family affair.The chicken is marinated before being fried in oil;it’s then paired with wonderful, unexpected,far-northern flavours, you’ll struggle not to flutter on a dreamy land. The buzzy dining room with its vibrant lights and intense music is a cakewalk for kicking off a night out in Bhubaneswar.

Where to go?-Mayfair Lagoon,8-B, Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar


Panoramaswosti Premium

If you’re a picky customer,then visit this excellent eatery,you’ll be able to choose from a table of feast-wagon.There’s a charm to the Swosti group of restaurants, with their elegance and menus to match.A few of these-Crab Masala,Mutton Curry and a bowl of Fried Rice is all you need to be happy.The quality of sides and meaty mains are diverse so your cash will be best invested in the grand feast.

Where to go?-Swosti Premium, P1, Nandankanan Road, Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar


Jaalazzathe Urban Dhaba

Based on regional cuisines from across India, the cooking is contemporary in style and the spice can be sizzling hot without overwhelming the layers of sophisticated flavours that bring its menu to life.There is even a superior stroke of theatricality in interiors:Bollywood movie punch lines and posters, old cottage look, dim lights making the restaurant more lively.Happily its dishes are equally good and easier on wallet-tender Chicken Butter Masala, Malai Prawn,Veg Malai Curry and a short selection of vegetables makes for perfect meal.

Where to go?-Plot-79, Chandaka Industrial Estate, Near KIMS Hospital, Patia, Bhubaneshwar


Biryani Box

As the name so is the food,best in all kinds of biryani from veg to chicken and of course our mutton biryani,now how can we ignore that! If you name this Biryani Box you have to provide A class Biryani and that is how their staff thinks to just offer its customers with world class tasty Biryani, with perfect aroma, blend of sweet and spice and price wise very decent.With good ambience and nice interior and serving a variety of other items, Biryani Box is a place where you should hang out with your mates!

Where to go?-C-40, Ground Floor, Near BMC Bhawani Mall, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneshwar



Ever tasted Lasagna?If not reserve your seats in this restaurant because folks,they prepare heavenly cheese Lasagna.Their belief here is to design the dishes influenced by the food we all grew up with,everything from what our mums made to the street food of Bhubaneswar. The restaurant has been in its high profile from day one because of its rational prices,blissful meal, peerlessly efficient staff. The menu majors in boldly sweet North Indian and Chinese hits such as Chicken Hakka Noodles,Cottage Cheese and Bell Pepper Dried Eice plus plenty of mock tails.

Where to go?-516/1769, SJ Complex, Ground Floor, Near KIIT Campus, Patia, Bhubaneshwar