20 Incredible Munchies Of Orissa

20 Incredible Munchies Of Orissa


Chhena Gaja

Generally, we prefer main courses and then opt for desserts. But here let’s take a look over one of the lip-smacking sweet dish that is cherished in Orissa.

Well, in Oria we call it as Chhena Gaja. This is a sweet that is made out of cottage cheese and semolina. It is quite syrupy and makes you lick your fingers foremost. Calories? Lets avoid it. How about gulping a piece?


Chingudi Jhola

Ah! Prawns are something I simply die for. And I guarantee you people will definitely agree to this. Well, Chingudi Jhola is the Oria name of Prawn Curry. It is prepared in a different way in Orissa. So whether you have tasted it or not, please do give it a try when you visit Orissa. This is especially for seafood lovers.


Saaga Moonga

Vegetarians! We do have something for you. Problem with the name? Let me explain it to you. Saaga Moonga is the Oria name of Leafy vegetables cooked with Lentil. Yeah, a proper Mom’s dish. It consists of lots of vegetables, rather green leafy veggies which if munched on shall keep you healthy and your Mom happy.


Badi Chura

Yet another vegetarian dish but this is something you need to taste, at least once. Ah! The English name is Dried Lentil Mixture. The crispiness of this dish when munched on with Pakhala( an Oriya dish coming ahead) is simply incomparable. Try it!



Ghanta is the Oria name of Mixed Vegetable Curry. Well, this might seem a common dish but when tasted from an Oria chef’s recipe, leaves you awestruck. This is a complete home-made dish.



Popularly known as The Oria Rasmalai, this mellow sweet dish is a part of Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath. These are deep fried cheese balls drenched in thick sweetened milk and garnished with cardamom. This is something you must try. The taste will leave you cherishing it forever.


Dahi Maccha

Curd Fish! You must have heard of it. The dish is a quite renowned one in West Bengal even. This dish needs to be tried at least once. Simply delicious!!


Dahi Pakhala

Dahi Pakhala was mentioned earlier with the dish named Badi Chura. The English name of Dahi Pakhala is Water Curd rice. It may seem to you people that how can someone eat rice with water. But this is magic! Magic that will burst inside your mouth when munched on. This is not only the water and rice, but some spices, curd and essentials that are added to it. Try once.


Chakuli Pitha

Pithas are something that holds a great value in Orissa. Be it in any occasion, Pithas are a must. Amongst them, Chakuli pitha is the healthiest and can be preferred for breakfast. These are flat pancakes, often confused with Dosa.


Khasta Khaja

The favourite Prasad of Lord Jagannath and his devotees, Khaja, a sweet dish is quite a famous dessert of Orissa. This is abundantly available in Puri, one of the top tourist place of Orissa and the city where Lord Jagannath resides. Taste it once.



A very healthy dish of Orissa, this is a recipe made with mixed vegetables and lentils. This tastes best when served with steamed rice. You can find this dish at each and every Oria restaurant as it defines the culture of Orissa.


Enduri Pitha

This is another type of Pitha which is usually prepared during Prathamastami. The occasion is meant for the long life and well-being of the first child in a family. These Pithas have an immense taste and a unique way of serving. Rest? Try it once and get the answer.



Dahibara is the most famous dish of Orissa and can be found at any street and at any time. This is the common and favourite roadside food of each and every Oria. The taste gets better when served with Aloo Dum. A must try!



Khata, means Sour. This is a typical Oria chutney which is usually found in Oria households after the noon meal. It includes tamarind, date palms and lots of love. Not that it tastes typically sour, it gives you a sweet break even.


Kankada Jhola

Generally known as Crab curry, this is the delicious non vegetarian dish when you taste it in Chilika. Well, the dish is famous in Orissa but the speciality comes from the bird sanctuary of Orissa named, Chilika. This is something you must not miss at any cost.


Poda Pitha

Yet another Pitha meant for another occasion named, Rajo. An auspicious festival of Orissa remains incomplete without the Poda Pitha. A sweet treat for all, this dessert calls for an one time try at least to cherish its taste.


Chenna Poda

The other name of this sweet dish is Milk cake. Literally, Chenna Poda means Burnt cheese in Oria.

This is made out of fresh cottage cheese, sugar, nuts and is baked for hours till the aroma spreads and it turns into brown. A must try for all.



The dish is specifically cooked in mustard and is another important Prasad being included in the Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath. This tastes heavenly when taken with the entire Mahaprasad.


Arisa Pitha

This Pitha doesn’t needs an occasion to be cooked. It is the favourite among all pithas and adds a heavenly sweet taste to your taste buds. The main ingredients are grained rice, jaggery and other condiments, which are then deep fried and served hot. Delicious!



Last but not the least and as usual starting with the dessert and ending with it. Kheersagar is the most favourite sweet dish of every Oria household and I bet you won’t be denying it after you taste this once. Try this and remember me.

Orissa is definitely known for  tourism, temples, but the Oriya cuisine is something you must try at least once. Hope your next visit to Orissa arrives soon and you get the chance to try these lip-smacking dishes for once in a lifetime.