20 Best Restaurants For The Gen Z Near Golf Course Road

20 Best Restaurants For The Gen Z Near Golf Course Road

Golf course road is the prime location of Gurgaon, adopting its name from the DLF Golf Course. It cuts through the centre of Gurgaon. Quite lengthy at 9.61 km, known for its opulent apartments and properties, it is also home to many restaurants, 20 of which Generation Z would enjoy. Generation Z are the people born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s, who keep up with everything trending!

1.Hans Kitchen

A Korean cuisine restaurant, it is a perfect place for youngsters who love trying out new dishes, especially from other cuisines. A famous cuisine amongst teenagers these days is Korean cuisine which includes well-known dishes, for example, ‘Ramen’ and ‘Bibimbap.’ Located within DLF One horizon centre, this place has a relaxing ambience and a dark academia aesthetic which Gen Zs are guaranteed to love.

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2.My Tea Chapel

A quick-service restaurant which Gen Z usually happen to prefer. It focuses mainly on promoting a modern and healthy interpretation of an old Roman pizza recipe. Their main dishes are Pinsa pizzas and a variety of Waffles. Known for its modern atmosphere built with bright paintings, it becomes a cute spot to take pictures with friends for one’s Instagram. This restaurant is located in the South Point Mall and is the best place for Gen Z.

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3.Sticky Rice

A casual dining place fit for all ages, a place Gen Z will love because of its simplicity and its food, focusing on authentic Pan Asian cuisine with the most spectacular miso ramen one could try. A cosy restaurant where a bunch of friends, especially teens, could relish a great meal or introverts can relax with no anxiety of having to socialise, with the luscious food as a bonus.

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4.Café Amaretto

A calm and cosy place with the most illustrious art to build the ambience, this café is known best for its cheesecakes and pasta. Located in the south point mall, it is one of the best places for youngsters to enjoy a mouth-watering Italian meal. The café is adorable on its own and a perfect place to take pictures to spice up your Instagram.

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5.Ping’s Bia Hoi

A restaurant including Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine, is a breath of fresh air with its atmosphere and flamboyant décor. Once again, a good place for elevating every Gen Z Instagram feed, something most wish to do. With neon lights, many picture frames and a cool atmosphere, this restaurant is a dream! The Baos are a must-try!

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6.Another Fine Day

A reading room and a café, it is the ideal place for all young bibliophiles to hit up with their best friends or even alone. So, pick up a new novel and enjoy their tasty pancakes or waffles. They have it all, mezze platters, burgers, desserts, coffee, board games and BOOKS! Cosy and cute, go ahead and visit this café for the best books and the best food.

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7.Spice It

Located in the IBIS hotel, cuisine ranging from Asian, Continental, North Indian and even fast food, this lively and vivid restaurant is a way to brighten up a youngster’s day with the company of finger-licking food. They even have a buffet! The scintillating décor is enough reason for the youth to visit.

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8.Town Hall

A classy Asian cuisine restaurant, which is perfect for a fancy dinner which Gen Z can rather enjoy. Maybe dinners for joyous occasions (birthdays, or even Christmas!) or date nights. With a highly attentive staff and well-presented meals, this restaurant is the most impressive at One horizon centre. The Sushi is most certainly the best seller.

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An exciting place for all things fast food! A trendy place to hang out with friends and even bring along your furry friends, this place is the ultimate restaurant for all those wishing to take your dogs out with you for a quick meal. Located at the one horizon centre, it has a great vibe and even better cheesy nachos!

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10.Café Reed

A cosy café with a fusion menu and a bookshelf, it is quite popular amongst youngsters. With a great ambience and adorable hanging lights, its décor and food find themselves on Instagram stories reasonably a lot. The croissants and pizzas are ravishing dishes. A welcoming restaurant located on the first floor of the Two horizon centre.

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11.Going Bad

A lively restaurant with a dance floor, it focuses on sustainable cuisine and follows a hip-hop vibe. One of the funkiest restaurants on Golf Course Road because of its neon led lights, celebrated celebrities’ picture frames, and roaring live music. Fitting for Gen Zs looking for something refreshing and different from usual classy restaurants. The menu consists of a variety of meals ranging from appetizers to desserts.

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12.Delhi Clubhouse

Located within the one horizon centre, this is immaculate for all kinds of outings. With its chips dip and loaded nachos perfect for a casual outing or the chilli basil chicken with rice and a variety of noodles/pasta/pizzas fit for a heavier meal, it has all you can ask for. This restaurant is always lively, and the food is appetizing to another level. Delhi Clubhouse remains one of the top restaurants at Golf course road. It is suitable for all youth, looking forward to a luscious meal.

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13.Brick N Bean

An adorable café at south point mall, best known for its décor, soft music, and astounding food quality. A great place to click Instagram-worthy pictures! It has everything; pizzas, salad, shakes, desserts and more. The current youth would prefer the cosiness of this café and the interior truly is appealing to the eye and aesthetic which the youngsters adore.

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Perfect for those wishing to eat some modern Indian food (and with dishes from other cuisines) with an exceptional butter chicken. The restaurant is by Michelin star chef Atul Kochhar with thoughtful food every Gen Z is bound to love. Amazing ambience with live singing during the day to accompany your meal. The décor is wonderful! Perfect for festivals and other occasions.

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An authentic Italian restaurant known for its pizza is a spectacular place for Generation Z to visit and relish a meal. The food is heavy with flavour and perfect for a casual lunch! The restaurant is bright with its colourful décor and that Italian touch is visible, even through the interior. The food is ideal for the youth with its taste and presentation!

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A famous restaurant known for its sumptuous food, it is popular amongst all young people living in Gurugram, elevating its crowd by being in the DLF horizon centre. You can go there for lunch, dinner or for an amazing hot chocolate during the blaring cold. The place is always buzzing with energy with top-notch service. It is classy and well deserving of all the hype it has received.

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17.Striker Skybar

A place best for a night out with one’s friends, with an exceptional view from its balcony, it is the spot for youngsters wishing to have fun and take pictures for their Instagram. Along with the great ambience comes the delightful food, enough to fulfil every gourmand’s heart. A good place for teenagers to party as well.

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18.Whiskey Samba

A restaurant with elevated gastropub cuisine, flawless for a good night out with friends! It’s trendy and upbeat with dancing you are bound to fancy. The elucidation of the food is always on point and perfect for social media posts. It’s chic but also classy, a good excuse for dressing up! The dim sums are a must-try!

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19.Caffe Tonino

A delightful place to appreciate some authentic Italian cuisine. Popular amongst teenagers seeking a casual lunch or dinner. It’s aesthetic and the ambience is glorious with a good crowd. The food is always up to expectation and presented in the best possible way, pleasing the eyes of Gen Zs.

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20.Clock Tower

A gastropub restaurant, whose interior is wooden, has the ideal homespun vibe, making it a brilliant restaurant for casual outings. It is the perfect place for youngsters wishing to chill and hang out. It is a beautiful place with a beautiful view, homely with its picture frames and cosy atmosphere. A bestseller would be the chocolate stout!

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