20 Best Restaurants of Himachal Pradesh


1. Evergreen Restaurant

Flora and fauna are what attract the tourists most. It is well known for its Chinese and continental fare, housed in the hill town. Located in Kunihar, Kasole, Parvati Valley, it is known for its amazing scenic view. It satisfies the needs for food and also relaxes the mind by giving such calming scenery view to the viewer. Included in top 10 restaurants in Kasole, it worth a visit.


2.  Café Simla Times

Ranked as the second among 109 restaurants in Shimla. It has the best food and is one of the oldest coffee shops in Shimla. It has fascinating interiors and many handwritten posters and pamphlets pasted all over the walls. It gives the fascinating view of Shimla to the viewers.


3. Goofa Ashiana

It serves delectable Asian and Indian meals. It has cozy ambiance with the beautiful setting. It has the best fast food offerings for all of its guests. It has famous hot Gulab Jamun, samosas, sandwiches,pakodas, cakes, patties and many other mouthwatering delicacies. It also has book reading session in it.


4. Cecil Restaurant

The Mexican, Chinese, Continental, Thai food will leave you speechless. It has colonial era elegance. It has a strong menu of curries from all over Thailand and India. There are curries and soups on the menu.It is a must to visit a restaurant.


5. La Plage

Now immensely popular, this restaurant was once hole-in the wall. It has unforgettable mushroom curry that capitulates this place into such fame. The chilled lassie at La Plage is a huge hit. It has a huge range of uttapams and thorans. It is the perfect place to eat at with friends on a typical windy evening.


6. Hotel Deyzor

It has a fine North and South Indian vegetarian fare, plus beautiful dining room decorated with paintings and carvings inside high-rise behind the Air India building. In this place, buffet lunches and dinners are also served on the other side of the same block. It also supports the medical programs for the poor and needy people.


7. Adarsh Restaurant

The candlelit tables, flower bowls, wood carved pillars, silver palm-shaped plates with the seafood, non-veg, veg in a light version will mesmerize you in a way like no one else did. It is a food paradise with a serene ambiance. It is away from the hustle-bustle of the town. If one would get tired from the rafting at Manali, then Adarsh restaurant is the one where you should head.


8. Moonpeak

This restaurant has an unending view of the temples. It has best Thali system. It is around the Dalai Lama’s temple path. It offers marvelous espresso café and is the best place to relax. In addition to a gorgeous courtyard, pools and especially served traditional dinner. The evening glow of sparkling candles adds a magnificent touch to this royal palace.


9. Himalayan Café

It is one of the excellent destinations because of its well-known dishes. This place is an ace when it comes to Indian food. It purely gives a serene look to the lake as they are covered with the hills around. It will give you pleasant perspective lasting throughout the year.


10. Lazy Dog Lounge

They have an astounding international cocktail and wine list. One who would love to explore the natural beauty, should visit this place covered with all greenery. This is the place with the best food in the laps of nature one should visit.Set in Mountain view with best interior decoration. Fancy chair and lighting make every ogling at it continuously.I hope you got it?


11. Rasta Café

Attached to Acharya Villa in the Kullu Valley in Shanti village, it has the combination of foreign and India is found right here. Italian-inspired menu with the authentic recipes of organically sourced ingredients is what this place is all about. It has a wonderful variety of veg as well as non-veg pizzas. It will give you the pleasure of being in Himachal with its traditional village made seats.


12. Nick’s Italian Kitchen

It serves classic Tibetan food. It provides pliable momos and fresh juices will give your taste buds a fresh start to your tour. Enjoying the soft music while sitting in cozy chairs is an ideal way to end the day. And that’s how its perfection can be spelled out. This is an experience that one should not miss!


13. Woeser Bakery

It is the best breakfast place, located on the Jogiwara Road. It will provide you the morning caffeine so that you can enjoy your tour. They will provide you with the excellent homemade cappuccino with the chocolate sauce and the pancakes. Closed on Mondays, it will even greet you with the yummy carrot cake in it.


14. Norling

It is a tiny and excellent place for those who love spices. It serves best Tibetan food and chicken momos which will give you goosebumps. Located in McleodGanj, it is a must to visit a place. It provides a palatable, panoramic and peaceful view to its guest.


15. Khana Nirvana Community Café

It is on Dalai Lama Temple Road, founded in 1997 by the international volunteer team in Dharamsala. This place only serves organic food free from super sanitary and chemical preservatives. It is flights up of stairs of you have buck yourself up for reaching this place.


16. The Chocolate Log

It is a peaceful place with world’s best cup of joe and brownie. It serves the best quality of chocolate, and all the chocolates are naturally prepared. Best sizzling hot chocolates are waiting for you. Hurry up!


17. Carpe Diem

A place to completely soothe yourself with the view of the city and the tantalizing food. It is a rooftop restaurant which will serve you with the best view of mountains and oven-baked warm pizzas in the chilly evening. Their chocolate cake will take you to the next level of enjoyment. The benefit of this restaurant is they provide you with the comfy old cushions to rest.


18. Lung-Ta Japanese Restaurant

It is the best sushi restaurant in the world, located in the hillside village on Jogibara Road. It is a vegetarian place and best for the sushi and miso soup lovers.


19. Hotel Panchavati

It has the best food and is a family restaurant with the calm environment in it. The staff is very kind and generous. Its seating arrangement is very nice and is the most romantic place in Himachal. It is must visit.


20. The Lake View Restaurant and Bar

This is the best restaurant to give you serene feeling with its serene view. It is a hotspot for the young lot. Best moonlight romantic dinner can be relished here in its dim light.