20 Best Restaurants in Imphal

20 Best Restaurants in Imphal

1 Blue Chilli

In one of the most beautiful states of India, this befitting restaurant is just too good. As the name says it, the weather of Imphal is always cold and calm, and Imphal is full of natural beauty. And in such kind of weather we love to have Chinese, Thai and of course our Indian cuisines and that’s exactly what the restaurant offers.


2 Naoba’s Chakhumang

If you are an adventurous traveller or a passionate food lover then you will love this place. It offers the most authentic food of Manipur at its capital, Imphal at the most affordable prices. Beginning from Koukha Bora to Thangjing Iromba which range from deeply fried to using less oil in dishes, it offers wide range of dishes. Enjoy healthily and mouth watery dishes which are such a beautiful blend of traditional dishes with a modern twist.

Naoba’s Chakhumang

3 A-to-Z Fast Food

They boast of their quality even in their name. They say it all. They are prompt and ultimate delicious meals. They have quick service, and it is undoubtedly popular with locals. You can grab something quick and yummy before you start your day. It surely makes you happy. And that’s what they intend to do, make you happy.

A-to-Z- Fast-Food

4 Adventure Cafe

It is for people who love adventure and visit the state for adventure. They dedicate this restaurant to them. They offer an outspread range of cuisines which they reinvent in their way and they do it very well. Quick service and beautiful ambience make it a fine choice. Good food is surely the motivation one needs and Adventure Cafe wants to do just that.


5 Luxmi Kitchen

It is the place for Manipuri Thali. It offers nothing but the best traditional Manipuri meals which includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You will surely visit this place often if you stay or plan to lodge in Manipur. Everyone at Imphal has once been here. it is a must visit place.


6 Fry’s restaurant

It’s all about sandwiches and deep fried delicacies. It is the most loved place of the state. It is always crowded because of its service and of course the yummy treats. The deep fried chicken, the sandwich, it is just perfect. It is a must visit place before you set on your tour. It is surely a good way to begin your day.


7  Hot Pot Family Restaurant

This spot gives you the quality time you need to spend with family. It’s a family place which caters the need of a full family. This place is warm. Tasty food, friendly staff and nice ambience. Enjoy a dine-out with family and with Christmas around the corner, it is perfect place for family gathering.


8 Pollito’s

it is one of the famous food chains in India. It is well known for their chicken and Mexican dishes. It is a perfect place for food lovers. It is appreciated because of its amicable staff and the fun ambience. This place has an energetic feel which makes you feel active and good.


9 The Palace

Enjoy a lovely evening with your near and dear ones. With New Year knocking at the door, get together with your loved ones and create some December moments. As its winter and it sets rather sooner at Imphal so go there, drink it up, have a beautiful evening.


10 Hotel Yaiphaba

Enjoy luxurious food spread as you enjoy your stay at the hotel. It is one of the best hotels cum restaurants in the state. You will enjoy your stay there as they have excellent service. Beautiful rooms, so is the delicate presentation of meals. If you are travelling, you must not miss the opportunity to enjoy their offers.


11 Nikheel Cafe

This place is paradise for Chinese food lovers. It is very delightful place. It has cozy ambience. Superb food. You have got to go there once to enjoy their Momos and Fried Chicken. The Noodles, the Dumplings are all that you need to make your day. And price you ask? Your pocket won’t complain about it at all.


12 Big Chill

love non-vegetarian food? Come over to big chill and enjoy big time. You must try Chicken Wings, regular customer’s recommendation. Go there with your big gang of friends or family and have a splendid time. Price? Starts with just 200 Rs for two people! Isn’t that just pocket-friendly? You have just got to be there.


13 Azad Hotel

Best food at unbelievable price. Yes it’s just 150 Rs for two people at Azad hotel. It is much visited place of young people specially the foodies. You won’t get such good food at such a low price. It is a must-go place for the Chinese food. Eat to your heart’s content.


14 Chakluk Hotel

Imphal is not just about chicken but equally about fish. If you like fish then you will appreciate their creativity with fish. They give their own marked touch to fish culinary. They make it fascinating. The way they design the plates and serve you, it’s intriguing. Must-try.

Chakluk Hotel

15 Classic Cafe

Take out your special someone on the perfect dine-out location or perhaps celebrate that special occasion at this luxurious and spacious which is elegant. Relax, your food will be served in just a bit in just the way you like it or perhaps even better. And as for the quality of food, well it could not be any better.


16 Uptown Cafe

Searching for an apt place to socialise with friends? You are most welcome at Uptown Cafe. Talk, gossip, discuss as you sip you hot coffee in the chilled evening with your friends at this cafe. Thinking of your first book, grab your tea and the chicken munches as you think about it. It’s a delightful place to go and hang around.


17 Rita Cafe

It is a fancy, stylish cafeteria which caters to your continental food cravings. It has a comfortable, cosy and relaxing feel to it. The staffs are dedicated, very organised. The time and money is worth it. It is a perfect for a weekend get together and long chats. Enjoy it!


18 Sumo’s Hotel

It is one of the luxurious hotels which has a fabulous restaurant. It is perfect for your classy food taste. You will love the roasted meat with salad. It will fulfil all your food fantasies of Manipuri and continental cuisines. The service is elegant. You can see their dedication and passion by the way they attend you and garnish their food.


19 Gopal Pizza Restaurant

It is one of the first Pizza joints at Imphal so you can feel the craze and the responsibility on the makers. And they have lived up to the expectations. Youngsters love this venue. It is their place at the weekends. They have a vast range of pizzas which are just the best at every bite.


20 Rote 39

Last but not the least Rote 39 makes good food all the more fun with live music. It is just the right place for the weekend evening. Just be there. Enjoy the continental and the bliss of local food at the most affordable price. Eikhoi chatlasi!! Happy stay at one of the most beautiful states of India.