20 Best Smoothies For Morning Breakfast


Breakfast is undoubtedly an essential meal of the day. But, unfortunately, we tend to ignore it the most. In the mornings, hurry to leave our houses makes us starve every morning. This leads to a tiresome day.

We have some smoothie recipes for you that would get you out and about in the morning in only five minutes:

1. Yellow Smoothie

This is a perfect smoothie to start your day when you feel a little gloomy or tired. Add half a cup of pineapple juice; you can also go for orange juice. Then add half a cup of Greek yogurt, go for a plain one to boost the protein levels. Now top it with fruits like mango, banana, and pineapple and blend till everything liquefies. There, you have made yourself a sunny yellow smoothie to illuminate your day.


2. Chocolate Protein Smoothie

This is my go-to the smoothie for real, it takes only five minutes to prepare. I put in a cup of milk in the blender and add my chocolate flavored protein powder. I add one full scoop that is around 25 grams of protein. I also add a ripe banana and blend it all in, but if I am really hungry, I add a bowl of oatmeal and blend it. It is one of the most filling smoothies to get through the day.


3. Banana Yogurt Smoothie

This smoothie is super refreshing and quite simple. Add fresh or frozen bananas to the blender, a cup of yogurt, a pinch of cinnamon and a spoonful of peanut butter. You can also go for almond butter if you like. Blend it all out and drink this wholesome goodness packed with nutrients.


4. Purple Smoothie

This is an antioxidant smoothie. In the blender, add half a cup of pomegranate juice, some vanilla flavored yogurt, some frozen blueberries and some fresh red cherries. Add few cubes of ice and blend it all in. There, you have an all the energy boosters to boost a mundane morning.


5. Peach Chai Smoothie

Who knew chai could turn into a smoothie, right? For this drink, pit three dates in black tea for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, add a peach, a cup of vanilla essence, milk and ice to the blender. After 10 minutes, put the soaked dates in the blender and blend it out till you get your smoothie. This drink would taste like summer in a glass.


6. Kale Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie is high in fiber and low in calories. First, put a whole cup of kale, chopped and de-stemmed in your blender, then put in some milk and yogurt into it. Add a cup of ground flax, vanilla extract, and banana. Put it all in and blend to get the perfect Kale smoothie.


7. Mocha Latte Smoothie

This smoothie kicks in a bit of much-needed caffeine in your morning breakfast. In a blender, add a cup of milk, a banana, a shot of espresso, a chocolate protein powder, and a little bit of maple syrup for sweetness. Blend it and drink your breakfast and coffee, all in a glass.


8. Sunshine Mango Smoothie

This smoothie is dairy free drink. In a blender, add half a cup of chopped mangoes, half a banana, some pineapple chunks and half a glass orange juice. Blend it all together till you see no chunks. Then add a handful of chia seeds for protein power. Season the smoothie with some strawberries, and it would look just delectable.


9. Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

This is the smoothie to ward off all the Monday blues. Add some almond milk, frozen blueberries, dates, oats (to make your smoothie thicker), almond butter and cinnamon to a blender and mix it all out. The outcome would be a beautiful purple smoothie that would taste as good as a blueberry muffin.


10. Ultimate Green Smoothie

This smoothie is great if you are planning on losing weight. This will blend all your leafy greens to get you into a lean shape. In a blender, add water, celery, mind, spinach, lime juice, cucumber and a bit of fresh parsley, blend it all till all the ingredients are well combined. Cut all the vegetable in large chunks for easy blending. Drink this smoothie every day and get closer to your weight goals.


11. Mango Tango Smoothie

It is the best smoothie for summers. To your blender, add watermelons and mango chunks, some lime juice and ice cubes. Blend all of this together and viola, you have the perfect summer fruit drink. Its color is also a perfect yellow that reminds me of summers. What better way to welcome this season?


12. Green Tea Avocado and Ginger Smoothie

This smoothie is best for pre-workout breakfast; it increases your metabolism, helping you burn more calories. In a blender, add a cup of green tea, a little piece of avocado, a banana and a spoonful of honey. Also, grate a little piece of ginger on the top. Now, blend it all out and give your system a kick before hitting the gym.


13. Peanut Butter Jelly Smoothie

This smoothie just tastes like a peanut butter sandwich. Add a cup of black coffee, some frozen berries, some peanut butter, a pinch of cinnamon and some protein powder in the blender and blend it all out. This drink works as wonder in boosting your immune system and gain muscle power.


14. Detox Smoothie

This recipe is completely dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free. It is great for days when you feel a little low on energy. Add a cup of mango, a cup of cucumber, half a cup of avocado, some spinach, some almond butter, and oatmeal with chia seeds in a blender. Put in some water for easy blending. This smoothie is creamy, delicious and full of healthy fats, proteins, and carbs.


15. Raspberry Mint Mojito Smoothie

This smoothie is perfect for a post-workout session. Add to your blender, a cup of Greek yogurt, coconut water, a scoop of berry flavored protein powder, some fresh or frozen raspberries, and lime juice. Whizz all of the ingredients out and add a teaspoon of pancake syrup from the top to add some sweetness to the smoothie. Season it with some mint leaves and treat yourself with a reward after a good workout.


16. Cookie Smoothie

This smoothie is the goodness of cookie and milk rolled into one. For this drink, you need a chocolate cookie, Oreo for instance, in a blender, add three Oreos, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, some vanilla ice-cream, and some almond milk. Blend all these in a blender to get a smoothie that will keep you full ahead of a long day.


17. Dark Chocolate Smoothie

This smoothie tastes more like a dessert than a smoothie. Dark chocolate is a great ingredient to have as it helps regulate hear the beat and also fights cancer. Add some black coffee, chunks of dark chocolate, protein powder, banana, some almond milk and a spoon of peanut butter in the blender and blend it all out. Enjoy the decadent taste of this sweet and healthy smoothie.


18. Cinnamon Bun Smoothie

Cinnamon is a boon to diabetic people as it helps to bring down sugar levels. In a blender, add some oatmeal, walnuts and pulse them in till they become dust. Then add some milk, a banana, maple syrup, vanilla extract and a whole lot of cinnamon. Blend all the ingredients and drink your cinnamon bun in a glass, quite literally!


19. Pineapple Coconut Smoothie

Pineapple is such an exotic and extravagant fruit. Its sweet taste just brightens up this smoothie. In a blender, add some chopped pineapple, a cup of desiccated coconut, some frozen blueberries, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and some almond milk. Blend all the ingredients and enjoy the tangy yet sweet taste of this smoothie.


20. Apple Smoothie

Your mother would be really happy if you ate an apple each day, but why don’t you try drinking it when it tastes so much better. In a blender, add half a cup of milk, a scoop of vanilla flavored protein, an apple sliced into pieces, cinnamon and some spinach. Pulverize the apples and blend all the ingredients in to make this drink. You will never miss eating an apple every day after tasting this smoothie, right?