25 Varieties Of Spicy Fish Curry Which Every Foodie Must Taste

25 Varieties Of Spicy Fish Curry Which Every Foodie Must Taste

Fish curry is one of the favorite spicy and delicious curries taken by most Indians along with the rice. Fish is a source of protein. Spicy fish curry gives a delicious taste which enlarges our interest towards a rich protein food.  Salmon, cod, Ilesha, King Fish, Gobies, billfishes, grunts are several varieties of fishes which when cooked in a spicy curry gives different taste.

1. Red Hot Chili Fish Curry

This is hot and spicy fish curry which is not for fainthearted. Only spicy lovers can have it. The redness of the curry gives a spicy taste when we just look at it. It is a Malabar dish made of kokum, coconut oil. Curry leaves, mustard and fenugreek seeds and loads of red chilly makes it more and spicier.


2. Ilesha Fish Curry

Bengali style Ilesha fish curry is the best companion for steamed rice. Ilesha is a queen of fish, and its tenderness flesh gives immense taste to the curry. Mustard oil gives the unique taste to Ilesha fish curry. Mustard oil, coriander leaves, red chili powder, yogurt, onion and mustard paste are the ingredients to make an effortless and delicious famous Bengali dish.


3. Assam Fish Curry

Assam is famous for its week night sour and spicy dinner. Spanish mackerel cutlets, hot and spicy red chili, lemongrass, curry leaves, tamarind paste, tomato makes a spicy and tasty Assam fish curry. It is healthy and spicy as lot of vegetables added to it. Tamarind gives its unique taste which also provides some sourness to the curry.


4. Chettinad Fish Curry

Yummy authentic Tamilnadu (Karaikudi) chettinad fish curry is a famous and delicious side dish from southern India. Chettinad curry has a thick consistency which delivers a unique taste to one who takes it. Shallots makes the Fish curry differ from others. It has been prepared with Seer fish, the king fish. It is usually served along with Dosa or Rice pan cake.


5. Barracuda Fish Curry

It a spicy Kerala style fish curry. Barracuda fish is called the tiger fish in the sea. Bekin, another name of Barracuda is easy to cook and it tastes better when made as curry than fried. It is famous for its cooking in the clay pot with coconut paste. This fish has more flesh than other fish which gives more taste to the curry.


6. Seychelles Fish Curry

It is traditional curry which flavored with star anise and local Seychelles paste. Red snapper and Monk fish used for the curry makes it piquant. It is just a three minutes recipe which uses sunflower oil to make the curry special and tangy.  The main ingredient in this curry is coconut milk which makes it unique from other fish curries.


7. Goan Fish Curry

Orange color gravy tempts anyone who loves seafood. Goa is not only famous for its beaches and surfing, but also its Goan fish curry is the one which draws the people towards Goa. It is mostly available in Goa hence the named derived from Goan fish. The blending of fish and coconut brings out a mild sweetness in the fish. It can serve with the steamed rice.


8. Raw mango Fish Curry

It is an authentic South Indian recipe which can accompany with any variety of fishes. It is spicy and drool-worthy. A special thing to consider with this curry is no coconut been used while using mango in it. Aroma and taste of the curry would be enhanced when raw mango added to it. Raw mango is the flavor enhancer of this type of fish curry.


9. Chepala Pulusu

Spicy Chepala Pulusu is famous Andhra fish curry which originates from Nellore. This dish is delicious as the fish is carried in Tamarind sauce. The color of the dish even makes it spicy and tomato juice added to it gives it the tanginess. It is spicy and Tangy too. Pepper, when added to Chepala Pulusu which adds earthiness to the dish.


10. Fish  Molly

It is a combination of fish and coconut which makes the dish more delicious. It preferred as fish in coconut milk. Spiciness in masala is reduced in Molly. It is simple, delicate side dish given for appam or idiyappam in Kerala. It is an Indian food which spreads to South-East Asia during the time of British Empire.


11. Meen Kuzhambu

It is a name given in Tamilnadu for the spicy and delicious fish curry. Dindugal style fish curry is famous in Tamilnadu. The dish would be delicious with a single bite which tempts us to eat again and again. Gingili oil adds the flavor for the tasty and spicy South Indian Meen Kuzhambu. Fried masala paste and small onion give the spicy aroma of the dish.


12. Sanpiau

It is a very popular Mizo snack, regarded as a Queen of Curry which is native for Manipur. It is cooked with white fish. It is also tried with Salmon fish which adds flavors. The fish has oil content which provides the tart and hot flavor to the sauce.


13. Iromba

It is originated from Manipur. They use fermented fish for cooking Iromba. It is famous for its strong and pungent taste. Shrimp is fermented for making iromba. Ingredients used here are not used in other fish curries. Potato, mushrooms are ingredients which give different aroma in this dish. The onion spread on the curry looks it amazing and tempt to eat immediately.


14. Malvani Fish Curry

Malvan is part of the Konkan coast which uses Surmai fish present more in India can be used to cook Malvani fish curry. Pomfret and Mackerel fish can also be used to make this dish. Grated fresh coconut or frozen unsweetened coconut is used to enhance the taste of the curry. Malvani fish curry is standard for Maharastra and Goa. Even some Karnataka tries Malvani dish. The fiery seafood curry made by malvani masala makes it too spicy and quite tasty.


15 Bengali Doi Maach

It is fish in yogurt sauce originated in Bengal. Freshwater fish is marinated to cook the dish. To marinate the fish, it is mixed with turmeric powder, chili powder and mustard oil to enrich the taste of the dish. The dish has delicate sourness and spiciness by adding curd and spices to it.


16. Fish Gassy

It is a Mangalorean fish curry which gives tangy and spicy taste. It is loved by children since it has light spiciness. Gassy masala has been used by non- Indians to make their food dishes tasty. Jaargey, the exterior of fruit in Mangalore, is soaked in water for six days which turns water to pale yellow color is when added to the dish gives you tangy taste.


17. Dhaba Style Fish Curry

Boneless catla fish submerged in tangy tomato gravy and several delicious and tasty spices added to it to make it extra spicy. 30 minutes of time is enough to make a delicious and tasty Dhaba fish curry. Every fish lover should try Dhaba fish curry with paratha which is the best companion.


18. Bamboo Steamed Fish Curry

It is an easy and authentic dish which called as Naga style curry. If anyone is in hurry while cooking fish curry, they can try this fish curry. It is a dish which can prepared in 15-20 minutes. Bamboo shoot juice has been used to induce the flavor of the dish. The curry is packed with amazing depth of flavors.


19. Rohu Fish Curry

There are several recipes for rohu fish curry from various places like Bengal, Kolkata, Bihar, Kerala, Andhra, etc,. Rui Maacher Jhol is Bengali style Fish curry which every fish lover must taste. Bengali Masala and sweet water fish Rohu is the best combination. Coriander leaves, mustard and cumin seeds, garlic flakes. Kalonji, raw mango, Kashmiri and red chili make the spicy and tempt any foodies to taste more and more.


20. Smelt Fish Curry

Smelt is the small fish which gives more taste to the curry. We can also get surprised how this tiny fish can give more taste. As the fish is too small it should not be mixed while cooking  the curry which may leads to the scattering of the fish. Taste of the fish increased by adding Andhra Masala, since the dish is mostly famous in Andhra. ‘Bommidayalu Fish’ curry is the name given to smelt fish curry in Andhra.


21. Pomfret Fish Curry

Kerala which is the place for making of delicious and spicy fish curry is also famous for mouth- watering gravy which even looks spicier. Spicy red gravy can prepared using Pomfret fish. Before marinating pomfret fish it must be cleaned with cold water. Pomfret fish piece cooked with hot and spicy Kashmiri red chili and ordinary red chili which makes it spicier.


22. Alleppey Fish Curry

This dish relish the taste of Kerala in which ingredients are taken from backwater city. Mango and grated fresh coconut make the dish more delicious. People who love orange color curry must taste it once.  Fish prepared in this curry is different from others since it is rubbed evenly with salt and turmeric powder and set aside for few minutes.


23. Fish Makhani

It is the dish in which fish immersed in thick, delicious and creamy sauce. Fish having white and firm flesh tastes better for Makhani. Vegetarians who wish to take fish can taste Makhani first. Fish marinated for one hour with lime juice, red chili powder and salt which makes it tasty and spicy and tangy. It is accompanied with boiled rice, naan, and can take as a salad.


24. Fish Curry With Lotus Stem

It is favorite dish prepared by Kashmiri people. The main thing makes it different from others is the usage of Kashmiri Vadi in the curry. The blending of garlic, onion, red chilies, and cinnamon, black cardamom, green cardamom, ginger powder and black cumin seeds makes the heart of this curry. Vadi masala and lotus stem added to enhance the taste of fish.


25. Amok Trey Fish Curry

It is the National Fish curry of Cambodia. Amok is the term used in Cambodia which represents cooking in Banana Leaves. Banana leaves are used to steam the coconut curry which embedded with fish.  Makrut lime leaf and lime juice have been used to provide sour taste in this dish. It makes the dish too spicy. The aroma of the coconut comes out of the banana leaves which tempt to taste the curry often.