20 Best Spots For Vada Pav Cravings In Mumbai

20 best spots for vada pav cravings in mumbai
20 best spots for vada pav cravings in mumbai

Vada pav is a Maharashtra-based vegetarian fast food which is now pretty famous street food all over India. It has a similar appearance to that of the burger. Vada pav contains a deep-fried potato dumpling placed inside bun which is cut in half through the middle, also to add some tangy flavor various chutneys and green chili is used. Being a famous dish in Maharashtra, it is almost served in every shop or restaurant; selecting from them, we bring you the top 20 favorite spots for vada pav in Mumbai.

1.Jai Maharashtra Vada Pav

It is one of the oldest and best vada pav joints in Andheri West, Mumbai. The vada pav here is mesmerizing in taste and also looks different from the usual one as it is flat. You can try misal and usal pav here too. The cost of each vada pav is Rs18. They also accept online payment through Paytm.

Jai Maharashtra Vada Pav

2.Nandu Vada Pav

This vada pav shop is more than 30 years old in Chembur, Mumbai, and the taste and quality are still the same. You will mostly find this place crowded because of its popularity among people. The price is totally worth the quality and taste. You can choose to take away the order or dine as per your comfort.

Nandu Vada Pav

3.Parleshwar Vada Pav Center

This outlet is in Vile Parle East in Mumbai. It is a favorite go-to place for most people in Mumbai for vada pav cravings. They have a wide variety of vada pav available, from normal vada pav to cheese vada pav and what not. Among all the types, cheese burst vada pav is the yummiest. The chutney served here is also worth tasting.

Parleshwar Vada Pav Center

4.Subhash Vada Pav Stall

It is a stall in Bandra west, Mumbai serving the delicious and tastiest vada pav in the entire area. The popularity of this place is quite visible from the fact that people buy even 100 vada pav for their office. The price at this place is just Rs.10 for each vada pav.

Subhash Vada Pav Stall

5.Borkar Vada Pav

This vada pav shop in girgaon serves tempting vada pav filled with cashew and nuts. Even the size of vada pav is quite large, almost the same as that of a burger. There is no parking problem, and you can enjoy your favorite dish in the evening time with your family or friends.

Borkar Vada Pav

6.Stop Eat Repeat

This is a well-maintained small outlet in lal Baug serving tempting and innovative food items. If not a lover of too spicy food, the chef will ensure that the dish is according to your taste. It is a highly recommended place for someone searching for vada pav without onion and garlic. The site is not much expensive and totally worth it.

Stop Eat Repeat

7.Shiv Vada Pav

It is a very famous place to visit for breakfast. It is situated opposite Qberoi mall in Malad east. They serve delicious vada pav with buttermilk. The price is reasonable, and also a comfortable place to sit is also provided. It is a good spot for a breakfast outings with family and friends.

Shiv Vada Pav

8.Shree Vithal Vada Pav

The specialty of this place is that the vada pav is made here on a wood-fire instead of gas, and this wood fire gives a totally a different taste to the vada pav. They provide batata vada, dal vada, and a Mirchi bhaji with pav just for Rs.15. This place is very crowded, yet you will definitely have a great time here.

Shree Vithal Vada Pav

9. Bhau Vada Pav

This place is quite famous in Ghatkopar. The vada pav here is nice, crispy, and the filling is delicious. The best thing about this place is; the dry orange chutney which has grated coconut in it, the chutney is quite different from the usual one, makes the vada pav taste even more delicious. The cost of each vada pav is Rs.20.

Bhau Vada Pav

10.Dhiraj Vada Pav

This place is situated in vile park west, Mumbai. The unique thing about this place is that they use coal fire to cook food. They serve various fast food items, vada pav being the best among them. The quality and taste both are worth the price. This is a perfect place for a quick bite while hanging out with friends.

Dhiraj Vada Pav

11.Sanjay Vada Pav Stall

This is a simple small stall in Andheri east serving vada pav that is worth tasting and is highly recommended. The chutney served with vada pav is also very tasty; the price is worth it. They have other items too included in their menu and also deliver the order at your premises.

Sanjay Vada Pav Stall

12.Sangam Vada Pav Centre

This place is a good option for quick bites in the evening with friends or family. The vada pav at this place tastes pretty well and costs just Rs.10. it is a simple stall with no sitting arrangement so, you can simply take away and enjoy the taste wherever you want. It is located in Saki Naka, Mumbai.

Sangam Vada Pav Centre

13. Famous Katkar Vada Pav

It is among the most famous vada pav centers in Mumbai, having three branches. This place is an absolute treat to true vada pav lovers. The vada pav and chutney served here are damn flavourful. This particular outlet is situated in nagpada. It closes at 10 pm, so make sure you are there before that.

Famous Katkar Vada Pav

14. Vidarbha Vadapav

It is just a perfect place for vada pav cravings; they taste so good that you will crave for more and end up ordering again. This is a small place, yet hygiene at site has been well maintained. The taste of their chutney is very tempting and unique. This place is located on Nehru road since 1972.

Vidarbha Vadapav

15.Anand Vada Pav

This place is located near Mithibai college. You get one of the tastiest and flavoring vada pavs here. There are varieties of vada pav available, and the guest coming here range from students to the richest of Mumbai.  The butter grilled vada pav and cheese grill vada pav are must-try.

Anand Vada Pav

16.Ashok Vada Pav

This place is very famous among the locals here. It serves some delicious vada pav with authentic flavors. The Chura vada pav here is very famous which is filled with chutney. The price is Rs.25 and is worth the quality, and taste. You might have to wait for 10-15 minutes due to the long queue.


17.Graduate Vadapav

This place is quite famous and old in Byculla east, serving appetizing vada pav. They serve the various unique types of vada pavs like Mexican mayo wafer pav, schezwan mayo wafer pav at Rs.25 and 35, respectively. The service and quantity both are appreciable.

Graduate Vadapav

18.Laxman’s Om Vadapav

Are you Maggie and vada pav lover? What if we tell you about a place where you can enjoy both the things simultaneously? This place in Ghatkopar east will give you both the flavors in one dish called Maggie vada pav. The preparations here are hot, and fresh and the quantity is also appreciable.

Laxmans Om Vadapav

19.Babu Vadapav

It is an ancient place and famous in the Andheri east. The vada pav is hot and crispy served along with dried ghati chutney. The portion size is also appreciable with a delicious filling. The delivery is also speedy. They don’t have any dine-in option so, you can take away from here and eat in your car or anywhere you feel comfortable.

Babu Vadapav

20.Jumbo Vada Pav

This vada pav outlet is situated in Goregaon west, Mumbai. They have 3-4 variations available in vada pav and combo offers. The price is quite reasonable, the quality and quantity both are good. You will have a good time here enjoying your snack.

Jumbo Vada Pav