Top 20 Hill Station Cafe’s In India

top 20 hill station cafes in india
top 20 hill station cafes in india

The Hill Stations are one favorite tourist destinations for most people worldwide. The thought of vacationing at hill stations is always so refreshing and, it is the best way to spend time with nature and get lost in the hill and heights. Flavors of authentic food and the aromas of flavourful cuisine make us mad over the meal offered by cafes of the hill station.

So if you are planning to get lost in the divine beauty and caffeine aromas of hill stations, here is a list of the top 20 hill station cafes you must visit with our dear ones.

1.Drifters’ Cafe

Location: Drifters’ Inn & Cafe- BAR Restaurant in Manu Temple Road Manali.

Drifters Cafe 2

A perfect place to relax, Drifters’ Cafe offers a cozy floor sitting arrangement with most board games to have fun. They serve delicious American and Continental dishes. Foodies can also give a try to Indian meals. Must try Expresso with brown sugar here. This is one of the best hill station cafes in India.

2.Cafe Sol

Location: C/O Hotel Combermere, The Mall, Combermere, Shimla, Opposite Tourism Lift

Cafe Sol 2

Cafe Sol is a tender place with a range of delicious food items. They are well-known for authentic Mexican and Italian dishes. This restaurant offers a great ambiance and is most loved in Shimla. Grilled fish with spicy finger chips and roasted veggies are also a good option for those who love seafood.

Must-try Classic Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken served with fresh lettuce and parmesan cheese.

3.Rinchen Cafeteria

Location: Khardungla Pass, Ladakh

Rinchen Cafeteria 2

At a breathtaking elevation of 5,602 m (18,380ft), and the largest Cafeteria in the world. This is an excellent thing in itself to visit here. This Cafeteria was named after Col. Rinchen for seizing Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. They offer the best Maggi in India. Besides Maggi, you can try steamed momos, a warm cup of tea, and Coffee.

The food is not only the USP but also the view is sensational. This cafe is surrounded by snow-covered scenes of Ladakh.

4.Cafe 1947

Location: Old Manali Near Bridge, Enroute Manu Temple.

Cafe 1947 2

Cafe 1947 is named to celebrate Indian Freedom. It is being recognized for exceptional Italian Dishes like Pizza, Risotto, Brushetta. They have both Cozy indoor seating as well as outdoor riverside seating.

Must try Burger of Bodom, Vegeta, UFO, The Slayer Pizza, and Metallica Pasta.

5.Wake And Bake Cafe

Location: Near Mall Road, Summer Hill, Shimla.

Wake And Bake Cafe 2

Cafe Wake and Bake have an enormous menu of tempting dishes, including Italian and Middle Eastern Delicacies, fast foods, and plenty of beverages. It is one of the well-known places where we can initiate a good conversation with strangers, read a book, play or listen to music. This cafe attracts a lot of tourists.

Must-Try dishes are Crepes, Hummus, Pita, and Waffles.


Shanti Cafe

Location: Chalal, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Shanti Cafe 2

They are known for breathing hashish. People enjoy being there and love to puff hashish. Non-smokers also enjoy the lip-smacking cuisines served in the cafeteria. The unique terrace arrangement enables visitors and nature lovers to experience grand views of valleys, rivers, and snow-clad mountains. Coffee Lovers should not miss visiting once at this place.

7.Moonpeak Expresso

Location: Temple Road, McLeod Ganj, Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh

Moonpeak Expresso 2

The place overstates a fantastic sunset view. Coffee served here is meant to be the best in town. With the unforgettable sunset view and flavourful meal, travelers love the place. Must-try Himachali Thali, Apricot Mutton, Iced Hibiscus.

8.Ramana’s Organic Cafe

Location: Laxman Jhula Road, Tapovan, Rishikesh.

Ramanas Organic Cafe 2

As the name suggests, they serve most organic food. This cafe is famous for homemade soups, salads, vegetables, and freshly baked foods. The vegetables and fruits for preparing meals are grown in their surrounding gardens.

Must-try Kale Lasagne and Pumpkin Ravioli

9.Shivas Cafe

Location: Near Bhagsunag Waterfall, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

Shivas Cafe 2

Shivas Cafe is a place with amazing vibes and magnificent views of the mountains. It is so famous among tourists. The cafe offers delicious authentic Tibetan Cuisine. The thing that makes this cafe more astounding is the constant sound of Bhagsu Waterfall which perfectly compliments the food. Must try Hakka Noodles, Hash brown potatoes, and Tibetan delicacies.

10.Cafe Chica

Location: Prasada Bhawan, Oak Park, Above Academy Training Institute, Nainital


The Cafe Chica is a famous cafe in Nainital for Italian, Asian, Grill, Indian, European, British dishes. They offer an immense menu. Tourists and food lovers can dine under the stars and enjoy the beautiful view.

Must-try is Ham and cheese Croissants and baked chicken.

11.Landsdowne -Travel And Trip Cafe

Location: Devikhal Bus stop, Landsdowne

Landsdowne Travel And Trip Cafe
Landsdowne Travel And Trip Cafe

The central location is near the highway. This place offers a small, cozy seating arrangement. One who loves to read books can enjoy and spend quality time there. This cafe is perfect for travelers passing by the highway. There are a lot of Quirky Pictures in the restaurant. Must-Try Dishes of the cafe are Pomegranate tea and Chicken Sausage.

12.Stone Garden Cafe

Location: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Stone Garden Cafe 1

It is a perfect mix for those who love food and music. The place seems to be more attractive because of the Trippy Music. The great ambiance and the music surely win our hearts. The restaurant offers round-the-clock service and specializes in Israeli, Himachali meals. The tourists can enjoy flavored Hookah here.

13.Little Llama Cafe

Location: London House, Picture Palace, Mussoorie

This would be an excellent suggestion for those who love the scenic view of landscape and mountains. Here we can spend a lot of time sipping the Hibiscus Ice Tea and munching on a variety of salads. Must-try meals of the cafe are Pork Ribs and Berry Shake.

Little Llama Cafe

14.Cafe Rudra

Location: Near Heritage Market, Solan District, Kasauli

Cafe Rudra is a small cafe in the primary market of Kasauli. The restaurant presents you with some delicious snacks and a steaming cup of coffee. This cafe is the most trusted place in Kasauli to have a quick bite. The main attraction of the cafe is soft music and tempting dishes.

Cafe Rudra

15.Kalsang Friends Corner

Location: 88A Chander Lok Colony, Rajpur Road, Harthibarkala Salwala,


Kalsang Friends Corner

A squad of funky guys from North East owns this cafe. The restaurant keeps up with Chinese and Tibetan themes. The ambiance of the restaurant is so astonishing. They provide quick service, soothing music, and mouth-watering food. Must-try Tibetan dishes.

16.Cafe Live And Loud

Location: Tibet Road Gangtok, Sikkim

Cafe Live And Loud

Cafe lives and loud is a must-visit cafe. Here most of the tourists like Chinese and Indian Dishes. The best thing about the place is the Myriad of colors and Groovy music. They have a great ambiance. Must-try dishes of this cafe are Momos, Chilli Chicken and Kare-Kare.

17.Hot Stimulating Cafe

Location: Lebong Cart Road, Richmond Hill, Darjeeling

Hot Stimulating Cafe

This funky cafe is surrounded by natural beauty all around. The restaurant offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes that are worth ordering. One of the best things you get here is Masala Chai. Travelers love this cozy and funky place, perfect for enjoying with friends. Must-try Momos and Tea.

18.Cloud Street Cafe

Location: PT Road, Bazaar Road, Kodaikanal

Cloud Street Cafe

This cafe is run by a family, offering great food in a relaxed and friendly environment. They have many varieties in their menu, but the most popular thing they offer is Italian cuisine.

The Must-try dishes are Woodfired Pizza, Baked Fish in Mustard Sauce.

19. Glenary’s Bakery

Location: Nehru Road, Chauk Bazzar, Darjeeling

Glenarys Bakery

One of the best and most popular bakeries in India is Glenary’s Bakery. There is a perfect view that Darjeeling offers. This cafe has amazing sweets and mouth-watering snacks. Have a hot cup of tea with your dear ones.

Must-try dishes are Chicken Chilli and Sausage rolls.

20.Willy’s Coffee Pub

Location:  Kcr Arcade, 1st Floor, Walsham Road, Walsham Road, Ooty

willys coffee pub

This cafe is a perfect place to spend time and is being loved by tourists and youngsters. The restaurant houses a small library. One can read good books, which is an ideal pair to filtered coffee.

The must-try dishes of the place are Filter Coffee and Chicken Cutlets.