20 Best Street Food In Gurgaon

best street food

1. Tandoori Fish at Pappu fish corner, Old Gurgaon

An authentic marinated white fish that goes with catfish, orange roughy and tilapia. It consists of vinegar, ground coriander, thick catfish fillets, garlic cloves and add salt to taste. People use red pepper and lemon juice to add taste to it. If you visit Gurgaon and you are a non-vegetarian or fish-lover then you must enjoy it.


Chole Bhature at Balji Restaurant

Football sized bhature makes the dish heavy and results in half emptied stomach by just having a look  at it. Rest of the  stomach is filled by eating chole-bhature. Chole are made spicy and sour which makes the people lick their fingers and to provide an unending taste to the customers. The place is found in the main market of old Gurgaon.

chole bhature

3. Pakoda’s at Gandhji Pakode

A heavy snack served with tea or green chili sauce. A wide variety of pakodas are made and served daily to its customers.  Pakodas like gobi pakoda, paneer pakoda, palak pakoda, pyaaz pakoda, aaloo pakoda etc.  spiced with garam masala or chaat masala. The price of pakodas are reasonable. It is located in the market of old Gurgaon.


4. Dosa at Annapurna Vihar

A fine roll of rawa with the stuffing of potato and onion to make it authentic. It is served with the thick gravy of mixed vegetables like pumpkin, beans, brinjal, tamarind, curry leaves, mustard seeds and some flavouring spices. It is located in the market of old Gurgaon.

doasa5. Kathi Rolls At Nazim’s

Kathi roll’s base is made of refined flour. It is filled with stuffing of two kebabs, onions, spinach, tomatoes, coriander leaves, chili sauce, garlic paste. The taste is very authentic. Once you have a bite of it, you will never want that moment to end soon. The outer base is cooked in vegetable oil and the stuffing is rolled inside the base.


6. Bhelpuri at Sector 57

The sweet and salty taste of this dish attracts the person to have a bite of it. It is made of puff rice, Namkeen, Coriander leaves, tamarind sauce, chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumber, chopped onions and some spices to make it spicy.


7. Cheese Momos at Central Arcade Market

A very cheese food for cheese-lovers. The taste of cheese inside the momos make it happening. The cheese inside every momo adds a very good flavor to other ingredients stuff inside the momos. The momos are steamed and served with mayyonese and garlic sauce to add a little flavor to it.


8. Shakes at Sector 22 Market

After the heavy and spicy fast food, one must have a glass full of juice. A full glass of juice is enough to fill the empty stomach of a person. There is a variety of juice available at this shop. Fruit shakes like banana, kiwi, strawberry, grapes, chiku, chocolate shake etc.


9. Jalebis at Sardar Jalebi

The very sweet and crunchy Jalebi made only at Sardar Jalebi in the market of old Gurgaon. They are very crunchy and thin, one can’t back out from eating it. There is essence of saffron and cardamom in Jalebi which attracts the people from distant places too.


10. Kulfi’s at Kings Kulfi

A very sweet product made of milk and flavouring agent ate after the course meal. It is a dessert of summer season loved by every age group peoples. There are some dry fruits like raisins, almonds, and pistachio used in adding taste and healthy agent of the dish. It is served frozen.


11. Tandoor chaap’s at Sector 14

A very healthy food item made of soyabean. It is baked in tandoor to add smoky flavor and baking it. There are variety of Chaap made at this junction and served to the people. Variety of chaap like masala chaap, malaai chaap, pudina chaap, masala cream chaap etc.


12. Rupa Tikki with Chole

A very old and all time famous dish of every Indian is Tikki. A very famous place in Gurgaon known as Rupa tikki is famous for making this special dish. It is served with chole and some garnishing items like chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, some spices etc. Tikki is made of fried potatoes dipped in tamarind sauce and curd.


13. Chinese Food at Sikkim

Authentic food served at Sikkim Chinese food corner in Gurgaon. This place is famous for serving hot and chili Chinese food at reasonable prices. The menu of this place consists of chow mien, fried rice, Manchurian, momos, honey chili potato, grilled sandwich, spring rolls, chili potato, egg noodles, egg roll, veg roll etc.


14. Chaat and Golgappe at Bhola Chaat Bhandar

A light evening snack served at bhola chaat bhandar in Gurgaon. This dish is mostly liked by girls because it has mouth-watering taste. These water balls are served with the liquid element which adds taste to the balls, and it is served with finely chopped potatoes and namkeen. The liquid is sweet as well as sour.


15. Chole Kulche’s at Rajesh Sector 15

A refined flour bread served hot with chole at Rajesh kulche wala. People can enjoy this dish at as stall opposite to the gate of Sector- 15(I). People from different areas come here to  enjoy this dish. To add more flavor, lemon juice is poured in choley to make it sour and tomato puree is used as a paste on kulche to add some more taste.


16. Kulfi’s at Manchanda Kulfi

A very sweet product made of milk and flavoring agent ate after the course meal. It is a dessert of summer season loved by every age group peoples. There are some dry fruits like raisins, almonds, and pistachio used in adding taste and healthy agent of the dish. It is served frozen.


17. Chole Bhature at Civil Lines wala

Civil lines wala is a small but famous restaurant on the main road near clarks inn which serves everything but is famous for chole bhature.


18. Bahadur Omelet at Sector 15

Most liked dish of winters by many people. It is served hot and spicy with added masala, chopped green chili and lemon juice. Omelet is available in two different variants, one is Butter Omelet and the other is Vegetable Oil Omelet. Both the omelets are available at reasonable prices and the service is really good.


19. Pav Bhaji’s at Sector 15

A dish of breads and mix vegetables served hot at the gate of Reliance Fresh of Sector-15. This stall is famous for its good service and authentic taste. The butter adds an additional flavor to the bhaaji and lemon juice makes it more sour and it varies from person to person.

pav baji

20. Litti – Chokha

A traditional dish of bihar and Jharkhand served near the M.G Road metro statation near the Central Mall. The dish is very delicious and it is available at reasonable price. It is similar to Baati of Rajasthan.