Sounds Bizarre! These Bengali Vegetarian Dishes Can Make Your Mouth Water More Than What Meat And Fish Curry Does

Sounds Bizarre! These Bengali Vegetarian Dishes Can Make Your Mouth Water More Than What Meat And Fish Curry Does


Ghugni fills in as a nibble, as a backup to bread, luchi, chapati and every so often as a chaat. Produced using dried white peas and with basic flavours, it’s particularly lip-smacking when presented with crude onions and some spices. From the hot form sold by merchants to the marginally less fiery ones made at home, ghugni, individuals will state, is a disposition lifter of sorts.


2.Lau Ghonto

If you have found out about Kolkata summers, you may have caught wind of ‘laughonto’ as well. It’s a light dish produced using bottle gourd and singed lentil dumplings. Regularly, ground coconut is added to liven things up a bit more. It’s sweet and salty, likewise a fun play of surfaces between the delicate vegetable and the crunchy boris.

Lau Er Ghonto 15


Literally, THE BOSS. This jumble of vegetables is cooked carefully, ideally in mustard oil. Pumpkin and potatoes are an absolute necessity in this and one for the most part includes carrots at some point cauliflower to it as well. A saag – famously called pui yet whose English name is Malabar/Ceylon spinach – is additionally a critical fixing. What you get an endearing, sweetish, zesty vegetable dish immaculate to run including khichdi to plain rice.


4.Chhanar Dalna

This thick oniony sauce with a liberal measure of tomato should be made with chhena dumplings. One can easily make these balls sear them and afterward make this sauce. Be that as it may, nowadays one makes due with paneer as well. Yes, this makes paneer eatable. Need we say more?


5.Echorer Dalna

We will leave this at the revelation this is the most flawless jackfruit curry you will ever eat. Attempt it once, you won’t challenge our cases.


6.Thorer Ghonto

The crunchy white centre of the banana stem is slashed into minor pieces and made into this daintily fricasseed dish. Its sweet and varieties of the dish may incorporate a sprinkling of ground coconut and mustard seeds. In spite of the fact that the green nippy is an unquestionable requirement and making it a delicious dish, again intended to be eaten with plain rice.


7.Postor Bora

These are wastes produced using poppy seed glue. This is more or less basic – poppy seed, green chillies and onion, blended made into patties and browned off. You can’t stop at one.


8.Mochar Chop

Oh, they eat the banana bloom as well. (Do you even recognise what it would appear that?) So, the banana bloom is cleaved into fine, little pieces, ground and afterward spiced it to give it a divine look and a luscious taste.


9.Mochar Ghonto

It’s a dry curry produced using banana bloom and potatoes. Include a sprinkling of ghee top and you’ll need to make it over and over, despite the fact that it’s an arduous procedure.



Alubhaate truly means potato and rice. Obviously, you can bubble them independently. The bubbled potatoes are then pounded. Mustard oil, slashed green chillies, finely hacked onions are added to the squash. What you get is the least demanding backup that at any point existed for plain rice.


11.Begun Pora

This is similar to baingan ka bharta yet less the unglued singing and flavours. It’s quite recently the tissue of simmered brinjal, pounded well and enhanced with mustard oil, green chillies, onions, tomatoes and so on. Solid, and intended to be eaten with rice. In any case, hello, you can likewise eat this with rotis, bread and as a plunge for tortilla chips.


12.Sadaalu Chorchori

This dish is simple yet tasty and much prevalent in Bengal to be eaten on daily basis. If at all you are planning to visit Bengal then your trip is incomplete, without eating this dish. This will definitely make you revisit Bengal again and again.



Shredded potatoes, browned off. Simply THAT. Also, super yummy. This is a very simple dish which can be made in a short span of time. It saves time as well as provides you a complete satisfaction.



This one is a clashing soup of vegetables that Bengalis begin their suppers with. Its fixings incorporate sharp gourd (karela), potato, drumsticks, brinjal, hyacinth beans (famously called “sheem” in Bengali), and green banana. To add some surface to it, bori – a singed lentil dumpling – is additionally added to it. The outcome is a gently seasoned stock spiced with entire flavours and fixed with the decency of vegetables. You’ll require some rice to blend with the dazzling sauce and eat.


15.Dhokar Dalna

Dhoka is a lentil cake produced using two sorts of dal. The dals are steamed into a kettle after that. The resultant cake is then cut into flawless little pieces and singed, with the goal that it’s crunchy outwardly. The mob of flavours and surfaces is simply so dribble commendable.


16.Begun Bhaja

Begun Bhaja translates into ‘broiled brinjal’ and it is precisely that. Roundels of brinjal are marinated in somewhat salt, turmeric, bean stew control if necessary and a squeeze of sugar. At that point they are singed off till the outside is crunchy and dark colored.



Nobody cherishes potatoes like Bengalis do. It’s a basic curry produced using poppy seed glue and kalonji as the prevailing seasoning components. This one makes each Bengali, extremely cheerful. Or, on the other hand yearning to go home, on the off chance that they have no simple, reasonable access to it.


18.Dhonepata Bata

This glue is produced using different sorts of ingredients. It’s intended to be a backup yet you can spot individuals eating it simply like that. Just by adding a little pudina to it, you have a champ of a plunge.



Again, simply broiled parwal. Straightforward rotisserie sustenance cherishing individuals, these Bengalis. This dish can tempt you within no time, Bengalis make this dish in various ways, there are several varieties of bhaja, and each one of them is mouth-watering.



This is delicately broiled parwal in a curd-based sauce. Spiced with entire garam masala this is light on the sense of taste however a blasted of flavors.