20 Best Traditional Dishes of Rajasthan


Rajasthan is known for its exotic style and pleasing guest strategy. It is a royal land. Rajasthan, mainly famous for its enamel and Kundan jewelry (an art of precious stone) has an artistic tradition of rich folk culture which reflects its ancient Indian way. Also it is the home of wildlife as well ascolorful and unique cuisine. Rajasthan, fortunately, has an inexhaustible list of the vegetarian cuisines that are straight away served from the stove into your lap. So, let’s look at some of the best traditional dishes in this beautiful place.

1. Shahi Gatte

They are made from the yogurt, besan, little spicy curd, and gram flour. Moreover, the chefs enhance its flavor of vegetables by adding the whole aromatic spices, cream, and ginger. It will give a kick start to your taste buds. It is an essential part of Rajasthan cuisines consisting of cloves, cream, milk (crucial ingredient) eaten with simple roti.


2. Rajasthani Kadi

All of us have had Rajasthani Kadi from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Maharashtra. It has a spicy and pungent version, and it goes well with rice. It has the curious way of bringing the smile on any foodie’s face. Also served with roti, it adds rice platter to the already gastronomic delights.


3. Ghevar

It is a disc-shaped sweet, included in top 50 delicious foods. Made from flour, Kewra, Milk, Butter, Almonds, Pistachio and cooked in pure ghee till it gets crispy. It is the best delicacy and loved by all. It has its origin from Teej festival of Rajasthan only. It is easy to cook and is a light food that makes all your worries and troubles vanish.


4. Gatte ke Pulaoo

The spicy taste of this plain Basmati yellow rice gives the dish another direction when potatoes are added in this Rajasthani cuisine, making it exceptionally yummy. It is a version of Biryani also sold as the street food in lanes of Rajasthan.


5. Lal Maas

Talking about specialty, this non-vegetarian dish is proudly served in all parts of Rajasthan. One only needs to dig his teeth into this richly succulent cuisine because later its effect will remain all over heart and mind.


6. Mawa Kachori

It is one of the finest cuisines to be listed in the breakfast. This sweet dish with hot serving masala is a richer and thicker variant of simple kachori. With the wonderful fragrance, it adds the warmness to the winter morning when served with hot tea.


7. Methi Bajra Poori

Made up of flour. It makes happy combination when paired with chana or potato curry. It is the easiest and speedy meal for a lazy day. Served with a mixed pickle, it makes the satisfying meal. It is also the most famous vegetarian meal served during the festive season. It has thousands of variations, and it depends upon from region to region.


8. Balushahi

Frequently consumed as breakfast with the dahi, it is the prominent dish of Maharaja era. It is richer and thicker variant of old jalebi. With its fragrance, it adds the warmness to the winter morning when served with kachori.


9. Churma Ladoo

Churma Ladoo, is considered as the best Ladoo and most authentic of all. It originated in Rajasthan and is considered as the simplest, but the most wonder delightful sweet of all. With the wonderful fragrance of pure ghee, this dough ball adds the warmness to the winter morning when eaten with pure ghee, jaggery, and tea.


10. Pyaaz Kachori

One of the finest cuisine listed in the breakfast. This spicy dish with hot serving masala tea will give you the goosebumps as well as with the energy to travel every corner of this royal place. It has its origin from Jodhpur. This glorious delicacy is deep fried with stuffed with onion filling.


11. Badam ka Halwa

Rajasthan has some irresistible flavor in terms sweet which cannot be resisted. A trip to Rajasthan will remain incomplete unless you add this royal cuisine in your mouth. It has a sublime attribute of dissolving in the mouth in a blink of time give it the not-so-ordinary term in the food dictionary. The fragrance of Almond lends a considerable degree of love to the atmosphere.


12. Aam ki Laungi

It has a tangy taste. It is served as a pickle, made from the raw green mangoes pieces with spices, sugar, fennel seeds, and nigella seeds. It is also famous as Rajasthani chutney. It gives protection to the body from heat.


13. Boondi Raita

It is a minute recipe and can be paired with either Aloo parantha, biryani, or any other rice recipe. The main ingredients are yogurt, spices, and salty boondi.


14. Dal Bati Churma

Believed to be the creation of Rajasthani chef, Rajasthan is incomplete without this dish. It is popular in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. It can be prepared using urad, tuvar, chana, mung, or mothdaal. Baatis always served dipped in ghee. A platter of spicy Dal, semi-sweet Churma, and deep-fried Baati is the best traditional combination.


15. Dil Khushal

It is a traditional sweet of Rajasthan, made from gram flour. It is commonly known as Besan ki chakki. It is a royal cuisine that dissolves in the mouth in a blink of time. It is something hard to resist when you enter Rajasthan. It is famous sweet at the time of festivals.


16. Gatte ki Khichadi

Rice Biryani or Ram Pulao is a common cuisine of the Jodhpur. But this dish uses a thin rice called kaima with unique fragrant. It also uses dough and charcoal above the lid. It is basically masala rice and is an authentic dish with flavorful rice preparation.


17. Ghujia

Stuffed with khoya, this royal delicacy drizzled with luscious cashew coconut sauce is must eat dish in Rajasthan. Its richness lies in a variety of dry fruits mixed in it.


18. Kalmi Vada

It is a gram dal deep fried crispy balls. Served with chutney, it is a great appetizer. This is just a proper go-to snack that will satiate your taste buds as well as the stomach. This crispy delicacy is so delectable that you will be bound to become the regular customer of this appetizer. It is one of the best snacks of all the time.


19. Ker Sangri

It is a combination of dried beans and berries cooked with masala and yogurt. It is there on every Marwari wedding menu. It has a dull green appearance and a tangy taste. It is a good traveling food. Serving it with raw onion as a salad and coriander chutney, adds a toothsome taste to this cuisine.


20. Mohan Mas

It is a non-veg dish. It is a royal Maharaja cuisine of meat dish. It has a flavor of khus-khus, cardamom, and lemon. Cooked with milk and spices and is best served with bajra rotis. It can serve as a good companion with plain rice also.


These were some of the mouth-watering cuisines from the state of Rajasthan. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the tour with all the tantalizing, delicious cuisine from the state.