20 Must Try Cheesecakes In Mumbai


1. The Tasting Room

This rustic cafe that’s hidden above Good Earth is so beautifully lit and offers an incredible selection of wines.  A glass of wine and the warm cheesecake here is warm enough to melt the coldest (read: cheesecake haters) of hearts.  It might not be from Chicago’s finest Mama’s little bakery, but it’s definitely the kind of cheesecake I would eat off the floor without any shame.


2. Monkey Bar

Served with some mouthwatering coffee ice-cream and ambrosial Dulce de leche, this dish nails every single component served on the plate. A cheesecake well done with some lip-smacking elements to complement it, who has the reason to complain?


3. Bastian

I could start telling you about the many elements of their cheesecake dishes, but you’d probably be done eating before I was done talking. An entire page dedicated to just cheesecakes, Bastian has reached the zenith of cheesecake innovation. If you need a reason to splurge on a delightful meal, Bastian should be on your list. It might be posh, but it’ll be worth it by the end of your meal especially if you’re ending it on a high note, with one of their cheesecakes that is.


4. LSD

I’m a baked-cheesecake-only person through and through, but a slice of their red velvet, which is a perfect hybrid between Florentine cheesecake and a crumbly red velvet cake has even me drooling. They also offer red velvet cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake and a New York baked cheesecake. Make your pick before it’s gone!


5. Salt Water Cafe

Generosity, thy name is Salt Water Café. Don’t be fooled by their portion size and price; this quaint café can surprise you with their bountiful spread. The only time I have enjoyed some coulis with my slice of cheesecake has been at Salt Water Café. A must have on any cheesecake lover’s list.


6. Cheesecake Republic

This discreet dessert parlor offers an eclectic mix of cheesecakes that go beyond your imagination. Their menu ranges from baked cheesecake pies, no bake cheesecake pies, savory cheesecakes, cold cheesecakes, and another 2 sections of baked cheesecakes. If you aren’t in awe already, they have some out-of-the-box cheesecake flavors like Irish Coffee, Tiramisu, Sun kissed (with coconut and lemongrass), After Eight, English Toffee, Paan, Gulab Jamun, Oreo de Menthe, Thandai, and about 50 more varieties. Think of cheesecake with any flavor and combinations, and they probably have it on their menu.


7. Terttulia

If you find yourself conflicted between Crème Brulee and cheesecake all the time, Terttulia has the solution. A soft, cold cheesecake topped off with a sweet, crunchy crust. The cold layer of cheesecake and a slightly hot sugary crust is sure to create a medley in your mouth. This amalgamation of cheesecake and Crème Brulee will tug at your taste buds and leave you wanting more.


8. Smoke House Deli

This European delicatessen has been around for quite a while but hasn’t lost its touch. Experience cheesecake heaven with every bite of this satisfyingly blissful dessert. You might want to savor every bite as you’ll finish it before you even realize.


9. Country Of Origin

If this picture isn’t enough to make you salivate, head to your nearest branch immediately. If you’re a fan of the sour tasting cheesecakes, the lemony New York cheesecake is all you need.


10. Pizza Express

Pizza Express knows just how to get all of its gourmet flavors spot on, be it mains or desserts; and the cheesecake here is no exception. Served with a generous quenelle of mascarpone cheese, this is a must-have if you’re at Pizza Express, far better than the other desserts on their menu.


11. One More Bite

Zahra Thakur has made her mark with her lovely cakes. Her baking talent and intricate decoration skills have won hearts of many. She offers some exciting flavors, and will customize them as per your taste and needs. Go on and order an entire cheesecake, Nutella cheesecake if you can’t make up your mind, and eat it with no guilt.


12. The Rolling Pin

The dessert haven is not to be left behind on any list for desserts. Their dessert counter is massive, and amidst all their desserts, the cheesecake might not even catch your eye. While their mousses are excellent and totally Instagram-worthy, the cheesecakes don’t fall behind. Do try their cookie dough cheesecake as it is a beautiful combination of two favorites – cookie dough and cheesecake. Yum! The service here is quite terrible, so I’d suggest you take your order to-go (Don’t worry, they’ll survive the Mumbai heat).


13. Cafe Mangii

This awkwardly simple cafe is as modest as it gets. The cheesecake is simple, light, and heartwarming. The food here doesn’t stand out particularly, but the desserts are imperative.


14. Le15 Patisserie

If the thought of an entire slice of cheesecake is putting a damper on your fitness goals, grab a bite-sized cheesecake cup to curb your cravings. These little bites come with either Nutella or some luscious caramel sauce. Get a hold of your cheesecake fix before it’s sold out (usually by evening). Although I should warn you, no matter how many of these you buy, you might still find yourself wanting just one more. Also, watch out for the annual cheesecake week at Le15 and have yourself some cheesecake macarons, a special treat from the macaron queen of Mumbai.


15. Cafe Moshe’s

Not the prettiest looking cheesecake you’ll see, but I am sure it will impress you. It’s just a decadent cheesecake, looking at you, waiting for you to devour it wholly.


16. 210

Set up at the most convenient location, next to two SoBo colleges, HR and KC, this little bakery was the go-to place for every birthday in college. And despite the fact that it remains so close to a college hotspot, their clientele isn’t just college going teens. They are known to ace all their cakes, and the cheesecakes are pretty much on top of the must-try list here. You can try their Philadelphia, red velvet, blueberry cheesecakes.


17. Masala Library

For the desi folks who can’t be satisfied with the western dessert, Masala Library took the cheesecake and made it Indian at heart. If you’re over the Jalebi caviar already, try the Ghewar cheesecake sprinkled with some pista. Think your buds can handle all that sweet?


18. Mia Cucina

If white chocolate and cheesecake are your guilty pleasures, try the white chocolate cheesecake at Mia Cucina. Its velvety and smooth texture will provide a melt-in-your-mouth sensation that is incomparable.


19. D’Bell

Recommended by the renowned Adarsh Munjal, food lover, food blogger, and food critic, the Philadelphia cheesecake at D’Bell is one of the most thoughtfully curated cheesecakes you can find. The light and creamy feel of this cheesecake will soothe you to your core.


20. The Fatty Bao Or Daniel Patisserie 

Unfortunately, the best Japanese cheesecake in Mumbai was served by a short-lived Breadtalk that has now been shut down.  If you’ve never tried the Japanese counterpart of a cheesecake, I’d suggest you try these ASAP. Japanese cheesecake, also known as cotton cheesecake, is light, airy, and jiggles like a bowl of jelly. These places might not be the best, but at least they got the spongey texture just right.