20 Best Types of Monginis Cake

20 Best Types of Monginis Cake

1 Mava Veg Cake

Mava cake is a delicious cake made with wheat flour and it’s a pure vegetarian cake.It doesn’t contain any egg. Ingredients used are wheat flour, sugar, water, edible vegetable oil, sweetened condensed milk, milk solids, humectants, iodized salt, and leavening agents. It costs 80 rupees.


2 Choco Lava Veg Cake

Choco lava veg is a cup cake. It is made with molten chocolate in the center which makes it beautifully delicious. It’s a chocolate cup cake that melts in everyone’s mouth. It costs 65 rupees.


3 Mango Mousse Cake

Mango mousse is a delicious fruit cake. It’s in mango flavor. Mango mousse cake is an eggless sponge layered cake with mango mousse, a glaze of mango gel is on the top, and it’s garnished with chocolate. It costs 500 rupees for 500 grams.


4 Black Forest Heart Cake

Black forest heart cake is the most demanded cake of Monginis. The flavor is rich in its ingredients and its loveable heart shape is beautiful. The cake contains a red or chocolate bushy sponge and has layers of creams. The decoration has chocolate curls. It costs 350 for 500 grams.


5 Shimmer Cake

Shimmer cake is a beautifully decorated cake with a delicious Dutch chocolate flavor. It’s a surprise cake as they say it’s the best gift for loved ones for their special occasion as it has dark chocolate and white chocolate garnishing which makes it amazing. It costs 700 rupees for 1 kg.


6 Gulliver Gold Cake

Gulliver gold cake is a beautiful tempting gulliver gold flavor cake. The cake has a red or dark sponge, and it is covered with rich Dutch Ganache which gives chocolate in every bite. The cake is decorated with chocolate glaze and garnished with crunchy almonds and chocolate shavings. It costs 500 rupees for 500 grams.


7 Alpine Rocks Cake

Alpine rocks cake is a lagoon of chocolate giving extreme indulgence in every bite of it. The cake is decorated with a coating of rich chocolate ganache, and it is garnished with dark chocolate flakes. It costs 500 rupees for 500 grams of it.


8 Blueberry Cheese Cake

Blueberry cheese cake is a beautifully decorated cheese cake with blueberry flavor. The delicious cake has buttered biscuits on the base of it and layers of blackberry mousse and cheese frostings. It’s a classy dessert for any occasion, and it costs 500 rupees for 500 grams.


9 Morning Dew Cake

Morning dew cake is a beautiful special delicious cake with Dutch chocolate. Morning dew cake is filled with dark chocolate. This cake will leave the taste buds with an unbelievable chocolate experience. It has a classical layer of chocolate and nougat. It costs 1000 rupees for 1 kg of this cake.


10 Peach Apricot Cake

Peach apricot cake is a square shaped cake with a premium flavor. It consists of fresh vanilla sponge cake with a smooth base of the cake. The cake is smoothened with peach flavored cream. It costs 800 rupees for 1 kg.


11 Mango Kesar Cake

Mango Kesar cake is with the goodness of Kesar which makes it the most traditional combination of cake. The cake is beautifully made with fluffy sponge cake base with smoothened mango flavored cream. It costs 800 rupees for 1 kg of it.


12 Photo Cake

Photo cake is a customized cake with a photo of your choice with alpine chocolate flavor. The cake is made up of delicious Dutch chocolate delight or with Swiss chocolate ganache. The cake costs 1800 rupees for 2 kg of cake.

photo cake

13 Raspberry Fudge Inspirational Cake

Raspberry fudge inspirational cake is a delicious, beautiful raspberry flavored cake. The cake offers a pure delicious flavor of chocolate and raspberry. The cake is beautifully decorated, and it looks awesome. It costs 1000 for 1 kg of it.


14 Fig and Honey Cake

Fig and honey cake is a premium flavored nicely decorated cake. It looks really pretty and classy. The cake has delicious, combination of fig and honey. The cake consists of vanilla flavored sponge and layers of cream and figs with cream toppings. The cake costs 800 rupees for 1 kg.


15 Rainbow Veg Premium Cake

Rainbow veg premium cake is a beautiful cake with bright colors. The cake has three colors – pink, orange, and yellow, and also has cream in between the colored breads. The cake is called rainbow because of its bright colors and premium flavor. It costs 350 rupees for 500 grams.


16 Dutch Chocolate Cake

Dutch chocolate cake is a yummy cake rich in Dutch chocolate flavor. This cake is a maddening treat because of its chocolate delight. The cake has a soft chocolate sponge base with Dutch chocolate covering. It is garnished with dark chocolate. It costs 600 rupees for 1 kg of it.


17 Grape Orange Cake

The Grape orange cake is a premium flavored cake. This cake is very unique flavored delicious cake. This cake consisted of vanilla sponge base covered with orange cream and also garnished with smooth orange glaze. It costs 800 rupees for 1 kg of this cake.


18 Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake is a classy premium cake with premium flavor. The cake is smooth as velvet sponge that contains rich sponge and layers of pure cheese cream. The cake is a real slice of heaven. This cake costs 450 rupees for 500 grams.


19 Retro Music 3D Cake

Retro music 3D cake is premium beautifully made Dutch chocolate flavored cake. This cake is a party cake as it gives a party theme. The delectable cake consists of chocolate layers coated with imported marzipan. This cake costs 4800 rupees for 4 kg of this 3d cake.


20 Tim and Jolly Cake

Tim and jolly 3D cake is a premium 3D cake with Dutch chocolate flavor. It’s a famous cartoon centric 3D cake. It’s the best cake for children to make their day. This cake costs 3600 rupees for 3 kg.