20 Types Of Cakes Available In Banasthali

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1 Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake originated from Germany. The Black colour in the cake consists of chocolate. The forest of chocolate is the Black Forest Cake. The cake is very rich in chocolate. In Banasthali the black forest cake is available which is eggless. The cake is loved by the chocolate lover. The cake is full of wiped cream. It is kept in the fridge to keep its temperature normal.


2 Pineapple Cake

Pineapple Cake is very famous cake available in Banasthali. The pulp of pineapple is filled in it, and the toppings are also made up of pineapple. The cake consists of small amount of bread and a large amount of cream. The cake is normal sweet which can be eaten by all.


3 Ice Cream Cake

The Ice Cream Cake is three layer cakes which consist of Ice Cream between every layer. It is always kept in the fridge. The cake is stuffed with full ice cream. It can be of any flavour according to the demand of the consumer. The most sold cake in Banasthali is Ice Cream Cake.


4 Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake is the refreshing cake of all time. The stuffing is made up of the strawberry and bread. The toppings are also done with the strawberry. It is also available in the form of pastry. The strawberry can be mixed with the batter or can be filled inside. It is also frozen and served cold.


5 Chocó Chip Cake

This is a cake which is famous worldwide. And it is most favourite of the entire chocolate lovers. It consists of the ingredients like Chocó chips, flour, milk, baking powder, etc. The cake can be served hot or at the room temperature. The Chocó chip cake is very demanding in Banasthali. In almost every birthday it is ordered.


6 Egg Less Truffle Cake

Usually Truffle Cake consist of egg but in Banasthali the truffle is egg, less because the things available here is pure vegetarian. The Truffle Cake consists of the melted dark chocolate. The cake is loved by the dark chocolate lovers. The burst of dark chocolate is served at the room temperature.


7 Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake is very rare but loved by the coffee lovers. The stuffing of coffee cake is made up of milk and the dark coffee powder. The topping of the coffee is like that of the coffee powder sprinkled over. Then it is served at the room temperature.


8 Chocó Cake

Chocó Cake is the famous chocolate cake which is favourite of all the chocolate lovers. The Chocolate Cake is made up of the ingredients like flour, milk and melted chocolate. The toppings are also done with the chocolate. It is a three layered cake; between every layer the chocolate is filled melted or frozen. The cake is very famous in Banasthali. It is also available in the form of Pastry and served chilled.


9 Mango Cake

Mango Cake is made up of the mango stuffings. It is eggless three layer cake which is prepared by mixing the flour and the mango pulp. It does not consist more sugar because the fruit mango is already sweet in taste. The crush of mango is used to make the cake garnish.


10 Oreo Cake

The well-known Oreo Cake is made up of the Oreo biscuits. The cake is new in the markets of Banasthali. It is available in some bakeries. It is the cake which is served at the room temperature. The cake is made up of the ingredients like flour, crushed Oreo and milk. It is baked less than other cakes because the stuff is cooked already.


11 Banana Cake

The Banana Cake is the cake which is liked by rare people. The stuffing of cake is done by the pulp of banana. The crushed banana is mixed with the batter and then it is baked. The cake is healthy and it consists of less sugar. The banana gives the taste like the Mava Barfi. It is served at the room temperature.


12 Blackberry Cake

The fresh blackberry pulp is stuffed inside a cake is known as Blackberry Cake. The cake is very special and of the colour purple pink. The cake is garnished with the fresh blackberry which is very beautiful. The blackberry cake is also served as the pastry.


13 Dry Fruit Cake

This is the rich and the expensive cake of all the time. The stuffings and the garnishing are done by the dry fruits. The cake is made up of the ingredients like apricot, anjeer, kaaju, badam, chironji, etc. It also consists of the ingredients like milk and flour. Then the cake is served chill.


14 White Chocolate Cake

White Chocolate Cake is the rare cake which is not available everywhere. It is just same as the chocolate cake, but the main difference is, it is filled with melted white chocolate. The chocolate comes out while it is cut. It is also a three layer cake consisting of white chocolate between the layers.


15 Butterscotch Cake

The Butterscotch flavoured cake is filled with the Butterscotch essence and the common ingredients of all cakes. It is an egg less cake and can be cooked in the pressure cooker. It is very commonly available in every canteen. The cake also consists of the peanut which gives the taste of nuts in the Butterscotch.


16 Cheese Cake

The Cheesy Cake is very delicious. The cake is little sweet and little salty. But when it is cut in small pieces the melted cheese comes from inside. No one can resist to eating the cheese cake. It is served at the room temperature so that you can eat the melted cheese.


17 Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake is the cake originated from the Sothern part of Asia. It is basically the chocolate cake which is red in colour, and the red chocolate is spread over it to make it more attractive and beautiful. The cake is three or four layered; between each layer the Ice cream are filled. It is served chilled.

red velvet

18 Swiss Roll

A Swiss Roll is the roll which is filled with the wiped cream and jelly in it. The shape of Swiss Roll is just like the roll, but its texture is like cake. The ingredients are wrapped in the roll and baked. Then it is served at the room temperature by cutting it in slices. The packed Swiss rolls are also available in the market. And it is also available in different flavours.


19 Layer Cake

Layer Cake is made up of the fruits layers. It can be of maximum layers like two, three or five. Every layer is made up of different crushed fruit. The cake is very beautiful and colourful. Between every layer the cream is filled and frozen, then it is served at the room temperature.


20 Coconut Cake

Coconut Cake is the coconut flavour cake which is originated from the Southern part of the country. The cake is filled with the stuffing of grated coconut. The Coconut Cake is made up of the ingredients like grated coconut, milk, milk powder, flour and the dry fruits. It is garnished with the grated coconut only. It is served at the room temperature.