20 Budget-Friendly Restaurants In Bolpur

20 Budget-Friendly Restaurants In Bolpur

Bolpur is a place with diversity. Thousands of students come to Bolpur for studies. There are plenty of restaurants to provide everyone with their desired food. The restaurants in Bolpur are budget-friendly and provide good quality food. The restaurants are distributed throughout Bolpur, so one can easily find a place to satisfy their hunger.

1.S.k. Restaurant

K. Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Bolpur. It provides good quality food at a very reasonable price. Many people’s first choice for food is at S. K. Restaurant. The ambiance is excellent and there is plenty of space to sit. They have many food items like fried rice, chili chicken, butter masala, nun, and many more.

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2.Canteen 4 (c4)

Canteen 4, or C4 is a recently opened restaurant in Bolpur. It is a fantastic restaurant with excellent reviews. C4 is a wonderful place for small parties and celebrations with an incredible environment and tasty food. C4 serves butter nun, chicken tandoori, mixed fried rice, paneer butter masala, mutton handi, chicken biryani, chicken 65, palak paneer, and drinks like a blue lagoon, jal jeera, and lime soda.

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3.Khori Mati

Khori Mati is an incredible place in Bolpur. Khori Mati is a restaurant as well as a hotel. Khori Mati has an extraordinary ambiance and is a beautiful place. Khori Mati has a garden, a pond, statues, and wall paintings which makes the place even more attractive. Khori Mati provides food Thali like Bengali Thali, Veg Thali, non-veg Thali, chow mein, chili chicken, and many more.

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4.Mohur Kutir Resort

Mohur Kutir is a place with excellent facilities for food and accommodation. The big area and swimming pool make Mohur Kutir a fun place to stay. Mohur Kutir also has a fantastic restaurant, which has many delicious food items like fish fry, kabab, biryani, hakka noodles, a nun with chicken butter masala, paneer butter masala, fish fingers, spicy baby corn, mutton masala, and a lot more.

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5.The Park Guest House

Park Guest House has an incredible view and an incredible interior. Park Guest House has many facilities, including rooms and parking facilities. Park Guest House has a nice ambiance and mesmerizing lightning. Park Guest House serves food items like crispy baby corn, chicken popcorn, butter chicken, mutton masala, nun, chili chicken, tandoori, puri, aloo dum, fried rice, fries, and lots more.

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6.Sitaram Roll Corner

Sitaram Roll Corner is a well-known fast food stall in Bolpur. In the evening, Sitaram Roll Corner remains crowded with all the students and office employees. People are a huge fan of the food at it. Sitaram Roll Corner sells chicken rolls, egg rolls, chicken lollipops, spring rolls, chow mein, and chicken pakora.

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7.Club Central

Club Central is an authentic restaurant with outstanding ambiance and interiors. Club Central is an outstanding restaurant with good service and a wide range of food items. Club Central also can be booked for events like weddings or parties. Club Central serves items like biryani, pizza, tandoori, nun, chicken butter masala, lollipops, paneer items, chow mein, puri, cutlets, and many other cuisines.

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Shakuntala is a restaurant with an old village-type ambiance. It is a Santali-themed restaurant. It serves its food on burnt clay plates and bowls. Shakuntala has fantastic greenery and trees all around. The interior designs of Shakuntala are fabulous. Shakuntala has many items like Bengali Thali with rice, aloo dum, dal, and many more. Shakuntala is a must-visit spot to taste Bengali cuisine.

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9.Green Chilli

Green Chilli is a restaurant for meals at any time. Green Chilli has well-decorated interiors. It has fabulous service, and the foods have incredible taste. Green Chilli has many cuisines and authentic tastes. Green Chilli serves pokora, chili chicken, pulao, fried rice, chow mein, sandwich, puri, ice cream, and many more.

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10.The Creek Boutique Resort

A fantastic restaurant in a fantastic location is Creek Restaurant. The restaurant Creek is quite nice because of all the vegetation. Creek has good amenities and a tidy setting. Additionally, Creek includes a swimming pool with a sizable area. Creek’s interior design is stunning. Paneer masala, pizza, chow mein, fried rice, fries, fingers, nun, rice, butter chicken, kabab, ice cream, and a variety of other foods are available at Creeks.

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The orchid’s atmosphere is pleasant and the space is photogenic. Orchid is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal. Also, the Orchid area is intended for parties or celebrations that require speakers that are available for use on a freelance basis. The Orchid has food items like chicken lollipops, fish fingers, chili chicken, butter nun, tandoori roti, Schezwan chicken, Kashmiri pulao, tandoori chicken, and cold drinks. Orchid is a wonderful place to visit with loved ones and spend time with them.

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12.Hotel Emblic

The Hotel Emblic is a Bar and a restaurant. Hotel Emblic’s food is exceptional and the ambiance is wonderful. It provides effective service and enjoyable interior design. It has a variety of food items. The hotel’s diverse menu of food is what makes it the ideal place for any type of food. It offers Bengali dishes like Thali, cutlets, fries, chicken components, chow mein, pulao, mutton khoya, Pokora, and more.

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Apanjan is a budget-friendly restaurant. It’s a well-structured area, and the food quality is exceptional. The residents of Apanjan are considerate and well-mannered. It’s pleasant service and is a wonderful place to consume more food for a lower cost. Apanjan primarily provides food like thalis, non-thalis, chickens, rice, and other items. Apanjan offers several types of cuisine that are both aesthetically pleasing and nutritious. It’s an ideal locale for a date, a family celebration, or simply to spend time with friends.

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HCF is ideal for people who enjoy burgers. In Bolpur, HCF is the most popular location for hamburgers. It’s a diminutive locale, but it has a lot of features. It’s the most effective place for evening desires. It has different types of food like Pizza, burgers, and chicken wings. Burgers include the aloo tikki burger, paneer burger, extra cheese chicken burger, desi kebab burger, barbeque flaky burger, and the double patty chicken burger. Also, Hfc has a lot of pizzas like chicken burger pizza, butter chicken pizza, and additional varieties. Hfc also features pakora, wings, chicken popcorn, and other items.

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15.Mud House

Mud House is a well-kept restaurant that offers a wonderful interior. It is a restaurant that specializes in the Kaccha style. All of the tables and chairs are designed to resemble traditional home furnishings. Mud House is enjoyable and has a beneficial atmosphere. Mud House also has paintings on the walls. The area around Mud House is full of greenery and flowers, this increases the aesthetic value of the area.

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16.Cafe Midori

Midori cafe has a great interior and offers a pleasant atmosphere. Midori coffee gives great flavor to various food products. It also has nice lighting and is a great place to take pictures. Midori coffee is aesthetically satisfying. It offers a wide variety of items including Black Coffee, Cold Coffee, Darjeeling Tea, Egg Bread, Chicken Bread, Sausage, Mushroom Dishes, Cheese Chips, French Fries, and more.

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17.Ebong Bagaan

Ebong Bagaan is a wonderful restaurant with greenery and flowers making it easy to see. The structure of Ebong Bagaan is very artistic and looks great. It offers mocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, teas, coffees and other beverages. In terms of food, it offers a variety of dishes such as tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, chicken kabab, assorted soups, Chinese food, crispy chicken wings, chicken pakora, Hakka noodles, fried rice and many more.

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18.Ghore Baire

Ghore Baire is a restaurant dedicated to Santiniketan culture. It provides a nice atmosphere and excellent service. At Ghore Baire, you can choose to dine al fresco or sit inside. The interior of Ghore Baire is beautiful with many artistic scenes. It is a great place to visit and enjoy the area. Ghore Baire serves dishes such as Mutton Curry, Mughlai, Schnitzel, Chicken Reshmi Kabab, Rice, Paneer Butter Masala and Shrimp.

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19.Ramesh Hindu Hotel

Ramesh Hindu Hotel is a restaurant known for its very good food. Each person should visit Ramesh Hindu Hotel at least once. It provides fast service and high customer demand. It offers a wide range of products such as Chilli Chicken, Chicken Butter Masala, Paneer Butter Masala, Aloo Paratha, Rumali Roti, Fried Rice, Biryani and Chana Masala.

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Kasahara is an excellent place to hangout and enjoy food. The food is delicious and the ambiance is pleasant. They serve many food items and the quality of food is excellent. They have enough space for people to sit. They serve food items like chili chicken, rice, sandwiches, pasta, rolls, and many more.

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