20 Crazy Flavors of Ice Cream Around the World


Everybody loves ice cream. It’s hard to find a person who might dislike it. We love the usual flavors like chocolate, strawberry, mango, and many more. How many does your favorite ice cream parlor or brand offer? Thirty? Forty? Well, in fact, there are hundreds of other flavors that need to be tried or at the least, need to gain attention.
Here’s a list of 20 crazy flavors of ice cream that you must try:

1.Ice Cream

If you are a person who loves ice cream, then this flavor is the best option. The ingredients used are whipping cream, castor sugar, dark lager, powdered milk, honey, and egg yolk. Ice cream is prepared and sold in many countries. The most famous ice cream is served in Cestr, a restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic.

Beer Ice Cream

2. Parmesan Ice Cream with Prosciutto

For adding Parmesan flavor to any cold dish, the Parmesan ice cream is the best way. You can replace any cheese meal with this ice cream which can also be used as an appetizer. The ingredients used are Parmesan cheese, egg yolk, heavy cream, skim milk, salt, gelatine, and Prosciutto.

Parmesan Ice Cream with Prosciutto

3. Cucumber Ice Cream

A combination of a vegetable and ice cream might sound weird but adding cucumber to the ice cream is quite refreshing. It is subtle, creamy, and cool. The ingredients used are cucumbers, sweetened condensed milk, salt, and heavy cream. The ice cream somewhat tastes like a melon.

Cucumber Ice Cream

4. Sardines Ice Cream

Sardines Ice Cream is an unusual flavor from Japan. Since fish is used in almost every dish in Japanese cuisine, it should not be a surprise to include it in ice cream too.

Sardines and Brandy Ice Cream

5. Caviar Ice Cream

The French Phillipe Restaurant specializes in Caviar ice cream. It constitutes about 60% of white sturgeon Alverta Royal Petrosian caviar. This restaurant also ships orders overseas in special packaging which keeps it cold for up to 72 hours.

Caviar Ice Cream

6. Jalapeño Pickle Ice Cream

Jalapeño Pickle Ice Cream is the best way to shock your loved ones. To prepare this, you need jalapeños, honey, pickles, and cream. It is little spicy and salty and has a sweetness like a frozen dessert.

Jalapeño Pickle Ice Cream

7. French Toast Ice Cream

People might add ice cream to their French toasts, but how about French toast ice cream flavor? The producer of Baskin and Robbins had turned this into reality. They introduced a flavor called “gooey maple bread pudding”, where you can get the sweetness of breakfast for dessert.

French Toast Ice Cream

8. Black Licorice Ice Cream

Licorice ice cream is unusual not for its flavor, but for its color. The color of your lips and tongue are will be stained and changed for the rest of the day. They are available in Fosselman, an ice cream shop in Los Angeles only in the month of October.

Black Licorice Ice Cream

9. Mushroom Ice Cream

Mushroom Ice Creams are made up of candy cap mushrooms. These taste like maple syrup and mushrooms are added to give it a flavor. They are crushed into a powder or just give flavors to custards, ice creams, or ice creams.

Mushroom Ice Cream

10. Tomato Ice Cream

Tomato Ice Cream might sound weird but there are many websites that give its recipe. The easiest one requires ingredients like ripe tomatoes, orange liquor, sugar. Make the puree of tomatoes and add fresh cream, orange liquor, and sugar. Pour the mixture into the bowl and cover it with a wrap. Keep it in the freezer and stir in between two or three times until completely frozen.

Tomato Ice Cream

11. Durian Ice Cream

Durian Ice Cream is considered the most popular ice cream flavor in the Philippines. People who like soft and delicate taste might not like it as Durian fruit is pungent and has an overwhelming aroma.

Durian Ice Cream

12. Garlic Ice Cream

Garlic Ice Cream consists of honey or vanilla and cream as a base, and garlic is added. In a restaurant called ‘The Stinking Rose’, they treat this ice cream as a “sauce” to go with the items like steak. It can also be consumed as a dessert.

Garlic Ice Cream

13. Mustard Ice Cream

Mustard is often overshadowed by ketchup, but now it had its ice cream flavor. It has Pommery grain mustard and sugar as its ingredients give a sweet and salty combination.

Mustard Ice Cream

14. Salad Ice Cream

Salad Ice Cream hails from Japan. All the dieters in Japan tend to love this flavor. It includes ingredients like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and lettuce. They are easily available in supermarkets with other varieties like squid, curry, and horsemeat.

Salad Ice Cream

15. Carrot Cardamom Ice Cream

Carrot Cardamom Ice Cream is nothing but a frozen ‘gajar ka halwa.’ The ingredients are the same- milk, shredded carrot, butter, nuts, and sugar. Adding cardamom adds a sweet and floral flavor to this dessert.

Carrot Cardamom Ice Cream

16. Sweet Corn Ice Cream

Sweet Corn Ice Cream flavor constitutes cream, sugar, sweet corn, sea salt, caramel corn, and is topped with mascarpone whipped cream. It is popular in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

sweet corn

17. Sichuan Pepper Ice Cream

To make this flavor, you need whole milk, Sichuan peppers, double cream, salt, large egg yolks, and sugar. People who like Sichuan Peppers will definitely love its avatar.

Sichuan Pepper Ice Cream

18. Eel Ice Cream

Eel is a summer delicacy in Japan. The local ice cream producers have started selling this flavour in the market. The taste is palatable and has a smoky and creamy texture. It can be considered as a Christmas appetizer, as it is elegant and special. This flavour might be weird for us, but it is surely not for the Japanese people.

Eel Ice Cream

19. Lavender Ice Cream

Lavender Ice Cream is introduced by the French. They prefer their ice cream flavors to have local aroma and taste. This includes a lot of flowers like rosemary, violets, thyme, jasmine, and poppies. This flavor is quite popular and tastes delicate and gentle.

Lavender Ice Cream

20. Spinach Ice Cream

Parents whose kids hesitate to eat spinach might thank the person who introduced this flavor. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone by making them eat vegetables as well as a dessert at the same time.

Spinach Ice Cream