20 Delicious Street Food Places In Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

20 Delicious Street Food Places In Chandni Chowk

The chronicled capital, Delhi is a foodies’ heaven. From street food to worldwide cooking styles, Delhi, or as we affectionately call ‘Dilli’, can take your breath away in each region. You can encounter ordinary (read exhausting and tasteless), celebrate or you can naturally give your magic a chance to administer and eat up the mouth-watering kinds of road nourishment in Delhi. The capital has some astound landmarks, top notch restaurants, shopping markets and some ravishing lip smacking road sustenance to offer! The following is a rundown of the best twenty street nourishment places in Chandni Chowk, Delhi which makes it one of a kind of places to make your taste buds longing for additional!


Parathe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk

Situated in the Chandni Chowk zone of New Delhi, the Parathe Wali Gali is famous for the delicious paratha served there that is a browned Indian flatbread. Note that the parathas are entirely vegan! The parathas are exceptionally of reasonable price and you can eat to your taste buds content!Assortments incorporate extraordinary fillings like cashew-nuts, almonds, and many other dry fruits, Mix Parathas, rabri, khoya paratha, Gobi paratha, etc. The paratha is typically presented with a sweet tamarind dips, mixed-vegetable pickle, one paneer item and a aloo sabzi, and a sautéed crush of sweetened pumpkin squash. Also delicious lassi, regularly served in Kulhads, is likewise a forte of this spot.


Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala

It is a spot that really characterizes the road sustenance of Delhi. The shop is situated in the insides of the world renowned Parathe Wali Gali. You will discover different encircled daily paper articles on the mass of this little shop highlighting the gestures of recognition of its kachori sabzi. The Kachoris are decent and not very thick. It is the aloo sabzi that transforms it into an absolute necessity attempt road nourishment from Chandni Chowk territory. All in all, this should be a piece of each foodie’s list of things to get.


Bishan Swaroop Chaat Corner

One of the shrouded diamonds of Chandni Chowk is Bishan Swaroop. Situated on the boisterous side boulevards of Chandni Chowk, this spot is absolutely justified regardless of the exertion put in discovering it. The regular expense for two is a small Rs.50 for two individuals! The organic product chaat and aloo Kulla is absolutely mouth-watering. He is a very celebrated person and a portion of all nourishment strolls in Delhi-6. Aloo chaat and other natural fruit product chaat are the ones to kick the bucket for and moreover you can ask for him to tune the masalas according to your wish. The nature of masalas and spotlight on cleanliness has not lessened regardless of his prominence. Must visit.


Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar

This very particular chaat stall serves a tempting choice of a variety of chaats. The administration is inviting and the nourishment offers great quality for cash. It is one of the numerous gastronomic delight that the antiquated region of Chandni Chowk brings to the table. This roadside chaat slow down can’t be missed as it serves true Indian road chaat that is set up in immaculate ghee utilizing the best and crisp fixings. They offer things like Gol Gappa, Dahi Bhalla, Samosa, Kachori, Pao Bhaji, and tikki and so forth. The newly arranged organic product chaat is one of the most famous things served here. The costs are very reasonable that makes this spot worth no less than one visit.


Khan Omelette Corner

The Khan Omelette Corner’s slow-down is tremendously prevalent minimal joint at breakfast time working on full swing. Great parathas with spiced egg filling, with satisfactory measure of flavour, green stew, modest bunch measure of coriander and tangy mango pickle. The Best time to grab their awesome egg paratha is either in the Morning or afternoon on the weekends. Location: Naya Baans, Chandni Chowk.


Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala

Located in Chandni Chowk, inverse to Paranthe Wali Gali, this shop offers Delhi’s best Dahi bhalla. If you’re a keen lover of Dahi Bhalla then this corner suits you just fine. It is popular for its unusually fresh crisp bhalle, aloo tikki and Dahi and tastiest chutney added over it. A better than average shop serving since 1940, arranged on the primary Chandni Chowk street. The spot is constantly full with foodies, the cost is sensible however the taste is good. This one is highly recommended.



Kanwarji’s name is considered as a part of the religion spots of Chandni Chowk and he, whoever, has spent his/her adolescence around there knows the significance of this spot in the lives of the general population of Chandni Chowk. When you are going towards Red Fort this shop can be found soon after Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala, on the inverse side of the street. Most Amazing Dal Beeji, Anarse ki Goli and different namkeens. Their Velvety dhokla is to pass on for, the cutlets, samosa, pyaz kachori are especially good, gulab jamuns are just yum.


Mahalaxmi Misthan Bhandar

Brilliant spot for some decent breakfast at whatever time of the day. The poori alu and the kachoori’s are something to bite the dust for at this old beguiling spot at Fathepur. Must attempt place for snappy snacks and pocket well-disposed rates.



One of littlest and finest Bikanervala is situated exceptionally close to Fatehpur chowk, Chandi Chowk, in the Delhi. Serving all thing in its unique Bikanervala style, it is a great place to visit for at least once. However they need sitting plan, despite the fact that they have standing space inside the shop.


Kedarnath Prem Chand Halwai

This shop is located exactly opposite to the well-known Jung Bahadur Kachori-Wala in Maliwara. On the off chance that you are befuddled about the area of this spot then simply get inside the Parathe Wali Gali and continue strolling until you see their stall. The super delicate lal mohans and syrupy lassi of Kedar Nath is much the same as what tops off an already good thing. They offer lassi in Kullhar which upgrades its taste and is hygienic also. They are likewise well known for their bedmi poori and aloo ki sabzi.



Bhikharam’s is a one of the most seasoned Namkeen shop situated in Chandni Chowk. Its presence is extremely old since Bikaner Wala and Haldiram does not by any means exist. Little matar samosa is marvellous additionally one ought to attempt Fafede (Gujrati) nibble with green chillys. Rasgullas of this spot are simply great. Flavourful, delicate, yum.


Tewari Bros Confectioners, Chandni Chowk

This confectionary shop offers best motichoor ke laddoos in entire Delhi. They have been serving here for a long time and in celebration times one needs to sit tight no less than 30-40 min for having their desserts. The best part is that their laddoos melt in the mouth with the aroma of desi ghee striking your nose. They have as of late redesigned their shop also. Feeling is great, beautiful, and similar to a well-known fast food court. It is a small shop, however, modest bunch measure of sitting arrangements.


Old Famous Jalebi Wala

Located in Dariba Kalan, Chandni Chowk on the main road, near Sis Ganj Gurudwara, this is one of the most well-known shops specially known for their pure desi ghee’s piping hot and juicy jalebi’s. Their unmistakable flavour and soul-fulfilling jalebis are something you can’t discover anyplace. It’s honestly modest and costs 400/Kg (exceptional Desi Ghee Jalebi) Option of having jalebi with rabdi is available too. There’s no seating available so be ready to gorge on their amazing jalebi’s and samosa’s right on the road, like many other prominent places of Chandni Chowk. Since they always have a mad rush please do not expect Service, just pay, find a place to stand and eat.

Whenever in Chandni Chowk, do try out their jalebi’s.


Ashok And Ashok Meat Dhaba

Ashok and Ashok has unique taste of masala gravy in desi ghee. It serves North Indian (Mughlai) non-veggie lover dishes. The nourishment here is very reasonable and costs Rs 250 for two individuals. It serves mutton just on Wednesdays and Saturdays, It is expensive, 550 bucks for just 4 pieces with unlimited rotis, which are smaller but better than the usual ones. But the taste and texture is worth it all. Go have it if you are a Mutton lover. They offer only chicken and mutton curry and small tandoori rotis. Rotis are unlimited for a plate of curry for one person. Made of pure ghee and spices purelymouth-watering. You would want to have it repeatedly. Rotis are also a speciality. Rates are also quite economical.The Ashok Meat Dhaba stays closed on Tuesdays.


Giani’s Di Hatti

The place has multiple offerings. Gianni’s di Hatti is the first and the father of the considerable number of Gianni’s outlet that we see all around the Delhi. Arranged near Kakke Di Hatti, Chandni Chowk, the shop likewise serves different sorts of Halwa like moong and Daal Halwa, badam Halwa, suzi Halwa and a variety of lot more. The Daal Halwa of the shop is highly recommended, the taste is legitimately kept up with great measure of dry organic products added to it.

It’s best known for the Rabri faluda. Lovely, lip smacking and really sinful. The place also have a little sitting arrangement made. At just ₹50-60 per plate, almost all their food items are gigantic favourite locally.


Babu Bhai Kabab Wale

Eminent relentless chatpata dhaga kababs in a perfect and clean minor is something that is not worth a miss –the kababs here really deserve a standing ovation. Located near Masjid Sayed Rafai, Chitli Qabar, Chandni Chowk, It’s a ‘small time appear’ – Shakir Bhai, as he is known there, sits on a small stage with a slick and clean metal barbeque grill and offers what he calls ‘dhaga kababs’. Likewise obliges Marriages and gatherings in which case the offering extends – mutton sheekh kebab, afghani kebab, Shami kebab, chicken malai tikka, paneer and fish tikka, chicken and fish broil, and additionally rumali roti. Needless to say, the kababs are exceptional. An unquestionable must visit food place at every opportunity.


Haji Tea Point

The uncommon Chai at Haji Tea Point is arranged in Old Delhi at Matia Mahal, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk. The tea is made with just milk, undiluted with water. It’s called “Doodh-Ki-Patti” or ‘milk-leafed tea’. The steaming hot fried fluffy puris presented with a dish of potato curry and Semolina Halwa (dessert) make for a complete dinner. The nourishment is served throughout the day from 5 AM-5 PM. It’s a hot most loved by local people. Other popular dishes like Suzi Halwa is served.


Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar

It’s on the main road next to haldiram. Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar also known as Radha Swamy Chaat Bhandaar serves Gol Gappa, Dahi Bhalle but is mostly famous for their delightful Papdi Chaat served with sweet and sour chutney that is Unique in taste. Ideal Place for a quick refreshing break in Chandni Chowk. Also Deal in Take away Services.


Shri Bhujia Bhandar

This is a mithai and namkeen shop famous for their fafda, Khaman Dhokla, and Bhujia, in the following path to Parathe Wali Gali. They have a tremendous assortment of namkeens and their bhujiyas, which are their forte, are truly pleasant. Likewise, other than the customary mithais like laddoos, barfi, and so on, they additionally do some unique regular things like lauki barfi, and gajar barfi.


Al Jawahar

A foodie’s involvement in Delhi is fragmented without a visit to the shanty swarmed paths of Jama Masjid or Chandni Chowk. The meat served here is essentially astounding, Al Jawahar is one of a such numerous diners that deck the road. Stroll through Urdu Bazaar inverse Gate No. 1 of Jama Masjid, you’ll locate various sellers who set up their ovens around late evenings. For all your meat longings, you’ll discover your fix here. From Mutton Barrah to Tikkas, you can eat until you burst while never attempting one thing two times unnecessarily. Al Jawahar has especially been my top pick. From their mutton and lamb rarities like Gurda Kaleji, Biryani and Korma to Chicken Changezi, you’ll be snared.