20 Delicious Street Food Places In Davangere, Karnataka

20 Delicious Street Food Places In Davangere, Karnataka

Davangere, the Manchester of India, is a place where culture and food go hand in hand. The mouthwatering Benne Dosa, Spicy Curries, Sweets will leave you hanging with a confused state of mind as which one to go first.And the best part is food in Davangere is available in low cost.


Benne Dosa

The most loved street food among the residents of Davangere, it is similar to the Masala Dosa. Ingredients used to make are Urad Dal, Rice and Methi which are served with Coconut Chutney (cold sauce);it makes you crave for more once you start eating. Benne Dosa in evening will be the best snack ever.

Vidyanagar and Ram and Co Circle are the places you will find the best Benne Dosa in town.


Nargis Man Dakki

Davangere’s second love; it is the Nargis Mandakki (puffed rice) especially eaten with hot chilly Bhaji. Nargis Mandakki will be great with some tea or chilly. You will find the best Nargi Mandakki in the Davangere market and near A.V.K. College Road.



This is also one of the mouth-watering foods in Davangere; it is a crunchy ball filled with mashed potato and completely dipped in tangy and spicy tamarind water (usually called as Paani).Vivekananda Park and J.J.M. Dental College Road are the best places to find best Golgappas in town.



Kachori were invented in Rajasthan of India,They are filled with Spices, Onions, Peas, Lentils and are served with Tamarind /Mint/Chutney. Kachori will be great with some curd.Having the snack will make you eat them again and again. Mishra Pedha and Davangere market are the best places to find the best Kachoris in town.


Pav bhaji

It is one of the famous snacks all over India. It has a vegetable Curry with Buns. The Curry is filled with all types of vegetables and the Buns have a layer of butter on them. Ram and Co circle and Dental college road are the best places to find Pav Bhaji in the town.



It is also one of the great and famous street foods all over India. It is typically one of the all-time favourite food of the people of Davangere. Ingredients used for Samosa are flour and vegetables which are stuffed and then deep fried in oil.

Samosa tastes good with Tomato Sauce and typical Indian Chutney.



In Davangere you can find a variety of Rolls. Kathi Roll, Chicken Roll, Egg Roll, Mutton Roll, Chicken Egg Roll, Paneer Roll, Vegetable Roll,Double Egg Roll and the list goes on. Rolls are made by wrapping the ingredients inside a paratha which looks like a Roll/Wrap. Once you eat any one of these rolls you will surely get addicted to it.Rolls will be great with some Sauce.The Best place to find them is J.J.M.College road.



This is a mixture made of Puffed Rice;for the spiciness tamarind juice is added. For every bite there is a crunchy taste. Bhelpuri will be great with some Tea and Chilly and some Tomato Sauce. The best place to find this in town is Ram and Co circle.



One of the Chinese food that you should not miss in Davangere, Noodles also come in various types of ingredients like Veg Noodles, Chicken Noodles, Egg noodles or mixed. Noodles will be great with some tomato sauce.The Best place to finds them are Ram and Co Circle.


Akki Roti

Akki Roti is made with Rice Flour, Onions,Green Chillies, and Carrots which are served with typical Indian Chutney or with Tomato Sauce. Best place to find them is Vidyanagar in the town.



Kesari Bhath

Made with Rave and Nuts it is popularly known as Chow Chow Bath. One of the most loved snacks of the people of Davangere, one should not miss this mouth-watering snack. Kesari Bhath will be great with some Upma.

Best place to find is the Back gate of J.J.M. College in town.



Udupi Buns

These buns made with flat breads are flavoured with Banana and served with Chutney and Saagu. It is also one of the most loved snacks of Davangere. Buns will be great with some Tea and Banana. The Best place to find it is Vidyanagar in the town.


Masaru Vades

It is one of the best foods you should not miss in Davangere; it is the Vada dipped completely in curd with some mixture on it.


Db Chicken Biryani

It is a must try food for every food-loving people and it is prepared with marinated Chicken enriched with Spices. As tempting as it sounds, it will definitely blow your mind after tasting it. Best available in P.B.Road.


Mirchi Mandakki

It is also the puffed rice served best with Chilly and Tea. The best place to find it is City Market and Aruna Nagar in the town.



It is a soft candy made with White Pumpkin, usually cylindrical in shape.

It’s one of fast selling foods in Davangere. Best available in Ram and Co Circle.

But you need to visit the place between 10 am and 12 pm, and 6 pm and 8 pm to taste it.



It is one of the Kulfis which comes in various shapes and flavor.The best place to find it is Gundi Circle. Pay a visit to get the best Faloodas in the town.It often feels good during the hot weather conditions.


Angel Fish Fry

It is one of the Spices fried and served with Rice.This dish will surely make you addicted to its taste. The best place to find it is Vidya nagar Park and Ram and Co Circle.


Aloo Pakora

It is baked Aloo Balls served with Aloo & Curd. Though it has some of the qualities of Dal-Batti It is normally different in the way it’s prepared.


Dal Ghugni

It is made up of yellow dried White Peas and is filled with Tomatoes, Onions and Green Chillies. Flavoured Lemon Juice is added and it is a perfect snack. Best to find the Dal Ghugni in the places of City Market and Bamboo Bazaar.