20 Different Types Of Samosa In India

20 Different Types Of Samosa In India

The samosa is one of the favourite savouries among most people of India. Ranging from the simple pavement onion stuffed pastries to the recent luxuriously adorned starters, the samosa always manages to get us wanting more! This snack obliges to be one of most delectable street foods and one of the most luscious appetisers in posh eateries all over India. To everybody’s pleasure, this delectable foodstuff has grown into being cooked in more than a hundred varieties! So, if you are a samosa lover, don’t hold back. Here is a list of the best samosa types ever. Go on, binge on these delicious treats.


Chole Samosa

The Chole is an important constituent of every type of chaat food in India. It is prepared with a stuffing of chick peas prepared in the most aromatic spices and seasoned with coriander. The crunchy exterior of this type of samosa is in blatant contrast to the lip-smacking filling and will make you go on a samosa binge, for sure!


Keema Samosa

For most of us out there who like to call ourselves purely non-vegetarians, a samosa might not be that appealing. But what transpires when you season it up with a bit of keema? Who can reject a succulent tartlet bloated with keema suffused in cumin and cinnamon? The taste of this is simply heavenly and will indeed take you to heaven and back.


Chocolate Samosa

Bet you were shocked to see this on the list. As unbelievable as this might sound, this pastry is unequivocally wonderful and is any choco-fanatic’s imagination come true! If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a light and yummy snack, the chocolate samosa is your choice.


Pasta Samosa

Pasta is heaven on a plate for every food lover. Pasta samosa might sound a bit peculiar, but the palate is outstanding. Making this samosa could be a bit tricky. You need to remember to make sure to make the pasta really dry and prepare a denser kind of the pasta sauce in the filling.


Cheese Samosa

The one single constituent that serves fit with every food is cheese, the much-loved coating, filling and enhancer at every table! Cheese Samosas especially are found in almost every street food vendor’s cart in India. Be it the Indian paneer, feta cheese or the mozzarella, stuffing made from cheese will make you want to have this snack everyday!


Egg Samosa

The egg samosa is yet another spectacular savoury. The samosa is stuffed with chopped boiled eggs or scrambled eggs stuffed and then fried to make tasty little treats. Have this with tomato sauce or rich mint chutney. It will be totally worth it!


Jam Samosa

Now, that is something new! Get ready to be flabbergasted because this snack is going to taste like heaven in your mouth. The sweet jam oozing out of that golden brown facade will make you want this day and night.


Chowmein Samosa

Yes, this might be a bit shocking, but it is lip-smacking wonder. Petite samosas satiated with chow mein whether it is Indian, the Hakka noodles type or Asian will make for a perfect snack and is absolutely a must try!


Fish Samosa

Many of us love fish and have a constant need to add fish to everything. This samosa is stuffed with a filling of poached fish along with herbs, seasonings and some mashed potato. Without a doubt, this assortment of samosa is going to be your favourite snack from now onwards!


Khoya Samosa

This is a crossbreed between a snack and a sweet. This treat is made with a filling of khoya or coconut milk along with dry fruits and nuts. They make for brilliant sweets at festivals or get-togethers as well!


Punjabi Samosa

Punjabi samosa is more of a delicacy rather than a snack. This relishing dish is simply stunning in taste and flavour. It is made with spicy cinnamon, full black pepper corns, cloves, green cardamom, little bit of cumin, fennel seeds, coriander seeds and dry pomegranate seeds. The dish is as healthy as it is tasty. The potato and green peas filling make it absolutely relishing. Have this with any kind of tea for a refreshing evening.

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Tandoori Paneer Samosa

The tandoori flavour is an exceptionally unique one and when paired with paneer it only becomes a better combination. This spicy type of samosa has a vibrant appeal regarding flavour and taste. This type of samosa is made from fresh small onions, paneer cubes, low-fat cottage cheese, water, fresh spring onions and fresh coriander.The delectable and tangy Tandoori Paneer Samosa is a delight for all paneer fans out these.


Cauliflower Samosa

Cauliflower Samosa also called as Phulkapir Singara, a delightful Bengali variety of the samosa is prepared in almost all sweet shops. The hot, fiery and tangy cauliflower filling tested with flavours brings heaven to your mouth with each bite. You can serve these samosas with a side of ketchup or tamarind chutney for a better combination.


Mushroom Samosa

This samosa is simply spectacular. It can be made with white button mushrooms, onion, tomato, green chilli, garlic cloves, ginger and coriander leaves. Crunchy and tender Mushroom Samosa makes a delightful tea time food that can be prepared in an instant. The tender consistency of the mushrooms makes it taste as marvellous as chicken samosas.


Corn Samosa

This tasty and velvety samosa with luscious cheese filling is a wonderful delicacy for all the cheese lovers out there. Made from pepper, corn kernels, coriander, and green chillies, this treat is invariably healthy. Just deep fry the pastry in oil and serve with tomato sauce or ketchup.


Onion Samosa

This type of samosa is found everywhere. In fact, most of you must have already tasted this type of samosa before. The very famous onion samosa is found at every street shop all over India and is undeniably one of the best kinds of snack.


Carrot Samosa

The samosa is made from carrot, green peas, amchur powder, turmeric powder, mint/pudina and green chilly. The taste of this is simply heavenly and will indeed take you to heaven and back.


Chicken Samosa

These crusty and piquant Chicken Samosas are an extremely prevalent non-vegetarian snack popping with tempting flavours. It is made with ground chicken, frozen peas, onion and pepper sauce/chilli sauce.


Shrimp Samosa

The shrimp samosa is yet another spectacular savoury. The samosa is stuffed with shrimps and then fried to make tasty little treats. Have this with tomato sauce or rich mint chutney. It will be totally worth it!


Tuna Samosa

There are only a few snacks that you can prepare with canned Tuna (Tuna is a big fish residing in warm seas). If you are interested for a deep fried food (but eat it moderately) the Tuna Samosa is the perfect choice. Also it is a great starter when you hangout with friends!