Shree Karpagambal Kabali Sweet Stall


Having a good food is nothing short of stimulating … and as far as food is concerned Chennai knows how to satisfy the taste buds of those who are ever willing to try something different. Well, there are many places in Chennai that cater to the “foodie” needs of the people. Be it Anna Nagar or Vadapalani or Mount Road or Mount Road, Chennai has places that is a foodie’s dream come true. Now let us specifically look at Mylapore.

Mylapore is not only famous for Kapaleeshwarar temple but also for its authentic Tamilnadu cuisine.

The busy locality is surrounded by many road side shops that are sure to satisfy your taste buds and shopping spree spirit. So now, let me share with you one of the best snacks shop located in Mathala Narayanan Street in Mylapore. I am sure many of you would have guessed by this time!!Yes it’s the popular “Shree Karpagambal Kabali Sweet Stall,” which has been in the place for more than four decades It shines like star even today with its first class quality that makes the shop crowded with people around.


The aroma of Onion Pakoda, Mint Pakoda, Medu Pakoda and Onion Samosa will tempt you to buy and have a bite without moving further. Once you taste it, I am sure you will flatter in its taste and ask some more.The deeply fried onions when munched in hot tastes crunchy and arouse the taste buds. One of the must try dish when visiting this stall is their well-known mint Pakodas. Never miss them!!


Not only Pakodas even the sweet bolis that are available in two varieties like Paruppu Boli and Coconut Boli are a lip-smacking treat to the sweet lovers. Adding to the list are Jangiri, Badusha, Mysore Pak, Omapodi, and Mixture.

There are regular customers for this shop who come here on a daily basis to purchase their mouth-watering snacks. They always come back to the shop, because the quality of serving from the beginning till the recent has not changed even a bit. The standard is maintained.
So, if you are on a trip to Mylapore never miss to stop at this spot “Shree Karpagambal Kabali Sweet Stall” to enjoy your lovely snacks that makes your trip worthy.


: No:13, Mathala Narayanan Street, Mylapore, Chennai-600004