20 Different Ways Of Having A Pizza

20 Different Ways Of Having A Pizzaa

What is a pizza? A normal bread with the same old red sauce and few vegetables here and there and lots of cheese, is that all?
Obviously not. Pizza is heaven; the only heaven that man can make on earth and deliver it to you at your doorstep if you don’t know how to make it. It is a perfect slice that you can ever have. It can lighten up your mood, be your saviour when your boyfriend is away, the only go to person after breakups that’s what a pizza is and how would you feel if you got to know that pizza could be eaten in various ways? Excited? You should be because here are 20 ways in which a pizza can be eaten.

1.Cracker Pizza

You might not be really up for trying this but you can replace your regular bead with a cream cracker biscuit and lather it with the pizza sauce, a little cheese, and a few vegetables (olives if you like them) and cheese and cover it with another biscuit (if you feel like). 


2.Zucchini Pizza

Are you a fitness freak and don’t want to put on carbs? Looking for a carb detox? Try these delicious zucchini pizzas for a healthier and a still satisfying taste of pizza. You can replace the tomato sauce with zucchini sauce or you can substitute the bread with a zucchini.


3.Pizza Soup

Are you a foodie? Do you like to experiment? Then this is your thing, it might sound strange but don’t disregard it. It’s just a tomato soup with a few extra flavours and you can have it with cheese breadsticks.


4.Pizza Salad

Do it the healthy way. Toss in a few vegetables, mix it with the pizza sauce and little cheese and croutons, and you are ready to have your healthy pizza salad.


5.Pizza Fries

Don’t believe it? Yes, you can do this, world’s the two most comfort foods can be mixed and turned into a new thing. Don’t take our word for it, go try it out yourself.


6.Taco Pizza

Bored of the bread? Taco is there for rescue. Another new Tex-Mex dish meets the Italian cuisine. Layer the tortilla chips with a garlic cream sauce, jalapenos, olives, bell peppers, and onions or any other vegetables you prefer. This is another recipe for people who want to give a personalised touch to their pizza according to their taste.


7.Pizza Rolls

Yes, you can do this. Just roll your dough and the ingredients and fry it and you are ready to have the best rolls ever.


8.Pizza Frittata

Nothing is more simple or satisfying than a frittata. This is an exquisite baked egg dish that you can throw just about anything into. You can add some pepperoni, mushrooms, and tomatoes in, to get that pizza vibe can be eaten at breakfast or anytime as such.


9.Bell-Pepper Pizza

Looking for a quick snack to impress your grown up (or not-so-grown-up) guests? Try these stuffed bell pepper pizza. Can be served as a side snack or at hi tea.


10.Eggplant Pizza

Want something healthy as well as yummy, try these eggplant pizzas. Just slather the eggplants with the red sauce and toppings here and there and a little-grated cheese and bake it.


11.Pizza Wraps

Looking for a different take on spring rolls? Try wrapping the cheese, bell peppers, mushrooms, and other toppings as per your wish in egg roll wrappers. Deep fry it for a few minutes and go bananas with the dipping sauces!


12.Pizza Puff

Tired of the same old veg puffs then try something new. Change the filling and a few olives and peppers with lots of cheese and deep fry it. This is for all those foodies who don’t mind to put on a few carbs because pizza is bae.


13.Pizza Paratha

Tired of having the same old Aloo Paratha in your tiffin that your mom makes then try this new paratha. Just alter the potato stuffing with cheese and red sauce and few vegetables and make your paratha and your good to go.


14.Mushroom Pizza

Want a new starter dish for all your get-togethers? This is exactly what you need. Just stuff your mushrooms with cheese and vegetables and bake it.


15.Khakhra Pizza

This is for all the Gujaratis out there. Just toss anything and everything on the khakra and grate with pizza and you leave the guests begging for more. This again can be one of the things to munch on and not worry much about putting on carbs either.


16.Pie Pizza

For this Chicago-inspired dish, you need a pie tin and some butter or non-stick spray. Put the tin in the oven for 20 minutes, then start digging into the delicious pie pizzas!


17.Pizza Burritos

All you need is a tortilla, your favourite ingredients and then roll the tortilla and bake it for 350ºF/180ºC until the cheese melts after that you are all set to dig into your pizzarito.


18.Pizza Cake

This might seem unreal, something you might have never even imagined could be possible but guess what? It is possible and the most wonderful part is that your next birthday cake maybe a Pizza, just in the shape of a cake. Best invention ever isn’t it? Don’t believe me? See it for yourself.


19.Cone Pizza

Putting a scoop of ice cream is too clichéd so, let’s try something different, shall we? Cone pizzas. Yes, they do exist.


20.Risotto Pizza

Want to try something new? Try the risotto pizza. It’s simpler than you may think. You just have to be careful of the Arborio rice as it cooks and then you can add your favorite pizza toppings.