19 Best Rooftop Restaurants All Around

20 Best Rooftop Restaurants All Around

Enough of the monotonous set-ups of the dinning! Get up as it is time to enjoy your surroundings and your meal. Moreover, intake of fresh air helps in digestion also. So, enjoy your dinner with the stunning view of the city.

Here are the best rooftop restaurants from all around.

1.Café Terra

This elegant rooftop café in Bandra (Mumbai) has a European look. Enjoying the soft music while sitting in cosy chairs is an ideal way to end the day. The turquoise and white color shades will make your day even better. Try out the cheese balls, Biryani, and nachos. You will never be disheartened.



Even if the meal was free, one would have definitely paid for the ambiance at Dome. The crunchy popiah rolls, vegetable bonsai, and the Sushi defines the fine dining experience in literal terms. The breathtaking view of the top floor and the Queen’s Necklace at Marine Drive (Mumbai) will surely give anyone an amazing view.


3.Persian Terrace

It is often synonymous with cafes. They have top level of Afghani as well as smattering of Lebanese. Situated in the Malleshwaram (Bangalore), this place is a popular spot for Japanese and Korean spread. When live music is played, it adds to the mood.


4.Kylin Sky Bar

It is the winner of Times Nightlife Award for two consecutive years. It is a brilliant amalgamation of aesthetic and culinary skills. It is a piece of art in Vasant Kunj (Delhi). It is one of the finest terrace restaurants in the capital city. If one is fed up of the shopping and want to stuff the face with fancy Asian food, this is the place on the terrace of the shopping mall. And that’s how it’s perfection can be spelled out.



This is the most famous rooftop restaurant in Mumbai. It is country’s the highest fine dining restaurant on the 34th floor. It has bonus like one will get the torches when it gets too dark and shawls if it gets chilly. This is an experience that one should not miss!


6.Smoke Shack

It gives you the break from the rush of the city. It is a poolside lounge in Kolkata which gives you the opportunity to make your day best with the cool and fresh breeze of water on side.   



A place to completely soothe yourself with the view of the city and the tantalizing food. It is a poolside restaurant in Chennai with the perfect ambiance for fun evening.



The lit rooftop will make anyone’s heart melt. Situated in Mumbai, it is a paradise for vegetarians. Watching the sunset with a few sips against the backdrops of Mumbai will surely cheer your mood.


9.Sheesh Mahal

It gives the panoramic view of Lake Pichola and the old Udaipur city. This place will leave you in serene and has the ability to melt even the hardest of hearts.



To glance at the Mumbai’s skyline, this is the perfect place to visit. Situated on the 40th floor, this place knows how to set the mood as it is on great height from the city. If you want dining in a romantic set up, Asilo is the place to be. Make sure you try the Jumbo Prawns, and the Dumpling.



With elegant furniture and minimal décor, it provides a fun place to spend an evening with friends. Located in the Pune, this exotic place will leave to spellbound with its decoration.



Going on a date? If you can’t decide on how to charm the love of your life, take her out on a candle light dinner in Candies. It has amazing desserts with Lasagna, Sandwiches, Cupcakes which will not disappoint you. You will be awed, when you finally reach the top. It used to be a bungalow and later got modified into a restaurant. Situated in the Pali Hill (Mumbai), the candies of this place is a maze.  


13.Dramz Whisky Bar

Situated in the Mehrauli (Delhi), this place has the impressive list of whiskies including the Woodford Reserve. One can enjoy their dinner with the stellar view of the Qutub Minar. Summer and scorching heat are back, so just enjoy the evening with the glass of wine.


14.High Ultra Lounge

Spread across 10,000 sq. feet, this place offers finger-licking food with the breathtaking view. Its theme is the things that never go out of vogue timelessness. It fulfills everyone’s expectation with great drinks and kind hospitality. Located in the Bangalore, it gives its guest the literal feeling of being at the top of the world.



The Pink Room

What a free enjoyment? So, just wear pink and enjoy free drink at the Pink Room restaurant. Its walls, menu, interiors and even the lights are pink. This is the best place in Delhi, if you want to do something behind-the-back and enjoy.


16.The Marina Rooftop Café

It is located close to the Taj Hotel (Mumbai), giving the awesome view of the Gateway of India. The sea makes the entire view even better when you sit tied to have a nice conservation with your close friend.


17.Lodi- The Garden Restaurant

The courteous staff, the mouth-watering meal and the beautiful outdoor setting make this restaurant a winner. It will give your eyes a visual treat and your taste buds a ride of multiple foodgasms.  (Delhi)



If you are looking for the fusion in terms of food, then this is the place in Mumbai. The Arabian Sea gives the perfect view to this restaurant. Make sure you try the Naan Platter, Mushroom, and the Beetroot Galouti.


19.The Crown

Cool waters, rocking live music, and the view of the city’s skyline, are all things that you will find in this restaurant. Located in Chennai, it will give you the 360-degree experience for all your senses.