20 Dish From Northeast You Must Try

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Northeast India is  eastern-most region of India. The north-eastern states have  different food habits from the rest of the Indian states. Different states of North-Eastern area have their own food culture. Their dishes are filled with uniqueness. The cuisines of north east regions are rarely known to other parts of India. Their way of preparing dishes is different and unique. There are many dishes of north-eastern India which will make you hungry more when they contains less oil and masala. Bamboo shoot is the one delicacy food eaten through all the northeastern states. Most of the special dishes are non vegetarian .

Here are the 20 must try dishes from northeast India.

1.Khar From Assam

Khar is an integral part of Assamese cuisine. The Assamese people cannot do without it. It is prepared from banana peel as well as the trunk of the banana plant. The peel of athiya or bhim kol is the best as its peel is thicker. Ingredients like raw papaya and pulses are also added. It is generally taken with sticky or plain rice.


2.Singju From Manipur

Singju is a spicy Manipuri dish that originated with the Meitei culture. It is served as evening or afternoon snacks. Its main ingredients are seasonal vegetables, perilla seeds, chana powder, salt, chilly and a special fermented fish called Ngari. It is a versatile dish that may be vegetarian or non vegetarian. Veg singju is mainly served in ritual feasts of the Meitei.


3.Jadoh From Meghalaya

Jadoh is a popular dish among the khasi of Meghalaya. In Khasi language “ja” means rice and “doh” means meat. It takes hours to get the recipe done. Jadoh is red rice cooked with meat or sometimes fish. It is generally eaten in the morning by the locals during Khasi festivals. Jadoh can also be cooked in pork blood. Extremely less oil is required to prepare this dish.


4.Iromba From Manipur

Iromba is a famous dish of Manipur. The dish is made of fermented fish.Strong and pungent is its in taste. Other ingredients are potatoes, green leaves, and red chilies. This dish contains very little oil. It’s a very mouth-watering dish. Iromba is a life-line dish for the Manipuris.


5.Tungtap From Meghalaya

Tungtap is a popular dish from Meghalaya. It is a dry fish paste or chutney dish. Fish is charred and mixed with onions, green chili and red chili to bring out a spicy flavor. It is consumed as pickles with the main course. It is mainly consumed by the Khasi and Jaintia tribes of Meghalaya.


6.Chikhvi From Tripura

Chikhvi is a typical dish of Tripura made of bamboo shoots and pork. The pork meat is sliced in sleek pieces then cooked with stir-fried bamboo shoots. Homemade herbs and spices are used to make this dish. Chikhvi is generally consumed with steam rice for lunch and dinner.


7.Zan From Arunachal Pradesh

Zan is the most popular recipe of monpa tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. It is prepared with millet flour and boiled water. It is consumed as breakfast or evening snacks. Fresh vegetables and boiled meat which is mixed with the dish can be consumed with Zan and also, with bread and tea. Herbs locally grown can also be added to this dish.


8.Gudok From Tripura

Gudok is an important dish of Tripura. It is more famous among the tribal communities of Tripura. The non-tribal communities also enjoy this dish. A popular fermented fish called Burma is added to this dish which is the main ingredient. It is a semi-solid dish. Boiled vegetables are mashed along with berma anda traditional bamboo stick. It is consumed with plainsteamed rice.


9.Sanpiau From Mizoram

Sanpiau is a dish from Mizoram. It is extremely popular in Mizoram and this dish is a reflection of their rich culture. The main ingredients used in this dish are coriander paste, onion, black pepper, tangy fish sauce, and powdered rice. Sanpiau is a vegetarian dish which is considered as very healthy. It is traditionally served as a snack. Sanpiau is a simple yet delicious dish.


10.Pitha From Assam

Pitha is an essential and popular breakfastof Assam. It is prepared with rice powder and is available in many forms. There are round pitha which is deep fried in oil then there are long pitha which is steamed. They are stuffed with sugar and grinded coconuts. Peethas are mostly prepared during the bihu festival. They are eaten as snacks with tea or on special occasions as treats.


11.Alu Kangmet From Manipur

Alu kangmet is a simple, delicious and spicy dish of Manipur. It is a mashed potato dish prepared by Boiled potatoes which are mashed in roasted dry chilies and salt with a little mustard oil. It is considered as a simple healthy vegetarian dish. It can be served with tan ngang which is a puri made of flour.


12.Phagshapa From Sikkim

Phagshapa is a traditional cuisine of Sikkim. It is a spicy and tangy dish from Sikkim. This dish is rich in proteins and it is made with no oil. Phagshapa is a strip of pork fat that is stewed with dry chilies and radish. It is a non vegetarian dish served during the summers. Phagshapa is served hot with steam rice.

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13.Awan Bangwi From Tripura

Awai bangwi is a unique dish only made in Tripura. It is made up of a special rice called Guria which is soaked overnight and then ingredients like ginger, cashews, coconuts, raisins, ghee are added to it. And wrapped in a conical shaped lairu or banana leaves. It is an important dish which is served in every special, major festival in Tripura. It is a healthy and oil free dish.


14.Mui Borok From Tripura

Mui borok is a tripuri traditional cuisine. It is a famous food among the local people of Tripura. The main ingredient is Berma, a special fermented fish. Berma is a very common ingredient of tripuri dishes. This dish is prepared without using oil mostly. Mui borok is considered as a healthy dish in Tripura. The Burma is cooked with tomatoes, vegetables and other species. Mui borok is served with steamed plain rice.


15.Chakhwi From Tripura

Tripura has many famous dishes and one of them is Chakiwi which is an important dish for the tribal communities of Tripura. The food has nutrients of bamboo shoots, green papaya and varieties of utensils. The taste of this dish increases if other vegetables are added. This dish is purely vegetarian. It also contains soda and rice powder. Chakhwi is a healthy veg dish. It is served with rice.


16.Nakham Bitchi From Meghalaya

Nakham Bitchi is a delicious soup from Meghalaya. Which is taken mainly after a heavy spicy meal. Nakham bitchi is made from dry fish with vegetables. They do not add water to this dish. Lots of chilly and other spices are added to enhance the taste of this.  The people of Meghalaya serve their guests with this delicious soup.


17.Kinema From Sikkim

Kinema is a dish from Sikkim which is made of soya beans that are boiled and fermented to attain a sticky texture. This dish is one of the popular dishes from Sikkim.  The dish gives out a pungent smell. Kinema is rich in protein. Kinema is served with rice. Kinema is popular not only in Sikkim but also in Nepal and Darjeeling


18.Pika Pila From Arunachal Pradesh

Pika pila is a famous type of pickle that is mostly made by the Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. It is made by using bamboo shoots and pork fat with a little addition of King Chilly. King chili is the hottest chili which is very common in the north eastern states. Pika pila is a favorite accompaniment of food in Arunachal Pradesh. It is served with rice.


19.Pumaloy From Meghalaya

Pumaloy is one of the most widely flavoreddishes in Meghalaya. The pumaloy is the type of rice which is “steamed”. The Pumaloy is a special kind of a rice in Meghalaya. These are the special powdered rice and a favorite of the Khasis people. This powder is later steamed and cooked in a pot called khiew ranei. It is stuffed with raw grated coconut, this delicacy reflects a unique part of the Khasi culture. The people of Meghalaya love to have it at any time. It is a simple dish, devoured with something very spicy.


20.Pasa From Arunachal Pradesh

Pasa is an interesting traditional dish of fish. It is basically a soup of fresh fish from Arunachal Pradesh. The people of Arunachal Pradesh love to eat Pasa. This dish is prepared by the locals when loca herbs are added with various flavors.. It is a dish that locals relish during the winter season.