Best 20 Local Foods To Be Tried In Sikkim

Best 20 Local Foods To Be Tried In Sikkim


It is the Tibetan delicacy which is more popular in Sikkim than other places. It is dumplings formed of flour dough. The dough has stuff such as meat, cheese, and vegetables. The perforations in the three tier apparatus allow the flavor of tomato soup to rise to the dumplings. The soup is boiled in the lower compartment of the utensils. Chili sauce and soup acts as the side dish for momos.



It is the famous local food available in road restaurants. It is just the noodles made along with the vegetables. Egg noodles enhance the flavor and taste of Thukpa. The red meat adds the spiciness to the dish. Garlic, chopped onion, and green chilies add spiciness to the noodles.



The pork fat is the key ingredient for the Phagshapa. The radishes and red chili accompany the pork fat. The fat pork strips are cooked separately, and it gets stewed with the radishes. The spiciness of the dish is because of the usage of the red chilies.


4.Sael Roti

Since Sikkim is nearby Tibet and Nepal, the Sikkim’s used to cook both the Nepal and Tibet cuisine. Seal Roti is from the Nepal background. The water and rice mixed in the form of the paste. The rice paste is the chief thing in the dish. The oil boiled and rice fried in the hot oil. Most Sikkim restaurant serves the famous Seal Roti along with the Potato Curry.


5.Niguru With Churpi

It is the local food available in all over Sikkim. It is the household dish, and it is irresistible to those who taste it. Churpi is the Cheese, and it cooks with the fiddlehead fern.  It is the fermented food.


6.Gundruk And Sinki

Leaves of the radish, cauliflower makes the Gundruk. Mustard oil adds the taste to the dish. The leaves dried and cooked with the spices and tomato sauce. The tap roots are the main ingredient of Sinki. Fermentation is the process carried out during the preparation of Sinki, and it gives the sour taste.



Millet is the foremost item in the Sikkim’s Thomba. Thomba is the other name of Chang. It is the fermented form of Millet and yeast helps in performing the fermentation process.



The origin of the Thenthuk, is Tibet. It is the form of Noodle soup made of vegetables, meat or mutton, and wheat flour. Several people serve vegetable Thenthuk, and it is more healthy than others. Some restaurants use Chili powder to make the soup spicier.  It is the favorite dinner for the Sikkim’s.


9.Kinema Curry

It is the favorite of Sikkim’s taken with rice. The flavor of the Curry is unique, and it is protein rich food. Soybean after fermentation used to make the Kinema Curry. The soybean when dried under the sun gives the different taste to the curry. Flavor enhancers like turmeric powder, red chili, onion, and tomato are fried before adding the fermented soybean.


10.Chhurpi Soup

It is the soup made of cottage cheese, and it is one of the traditional foods served to the visitors of the Sikkim. The cheese gives the sour taste to the soup, and the texture is soft to eat. Paanch phoran is the next foremost thing gives the special soup taste. Garnishing over the soup with coriander leaves makes the soup attractive and delicious.


11.Bamboo Shoot Curry

The staple dish of the Sikkim’s is rice, to which they use varieties of Curries based on their favorites. They use fermented bamboo for cooking delicious Curry. This bamboo shoot curry is also known as the Tama Curry. The turmeric powder is the major thing used to cook this curry. The usage of turmeric powder removes the bitter taste of the shoots.


12.Sikkim’s Tea

The tea is famous in Sikkim since they use to make tea from the tea garden named Temi tea garden, established in Sikkim. It is the traditional local dish available throughout Sikkim. They used to serve tea in the traditional cups which draw attention towards Sikkim’s tea among other local dishes.


13.Gya Kho

This is one of the mouth watering local dishes in Sikkim. It is the Tibetan cuisine and adopted by Sikkim because of its extraordinary taste. It is the Chimney soup. As the soup serves in the bowl and the bowl resembles chimney, the name of Chimney soup arrives. It has the special as it gets cooks under coal with a lot of delectable ingredients in it.


14.Shimi Ko Achar

It is one of the local dishes made of the String bean. String bean is the local vegetable named as Shimi. It also has the important flavor enhancer’s sesame seeds. It better accompanies with the seal roti. Sliced green chili adds the spiciness to the pickle. The lemon juice adds the sourness and flavor of the pickle to the string beans.


15.Shya Phaley

Shya is the meat, and the Phaley means bread. From this, we can guess that Shya Phaley is the dish made if stuffing the meat in the bread. Most street side hotels serve this food in Sikkim. It is the form of Momos, but the size of Shya phaley is little greater than normal momos.


16.Kodo Ko Roti

It is the local Nepali cuisine adapted in Sikkim as the favorite local food. Tomato Achar and the Kodo KO roti is the better combination than other side dishes in Sikkim. Finger Millet is the main ingredient and used to make the pancake. It can also serve with varieties of the pickle. The pancake also has the sweet taste which added to the millet flour.



It is one of the local traditional beverages in Sikkim. There are several varieties of Jaanr available in Sikkim. Bhaate Jaanr, Makai ko Jaanr, Gahun Ko Jaanr, Simal tarul ko Jaanr, and Jahun ko Jaanr are the several varieties  of Jaanr, and the names vary due to the usage of various raw material like maize, wheat, barley, and cassava root.


18.Masauyra Curry

The Masaurya Curry is analogous to the Punjabi famous Wari. It is also the Nepali cuisine and now regarded as the favorite local dish of Sikkim. It is the spicy condiment, and it looks like the ball and the main ingredient in the formation of the Curry are fermented Black gram.


19.Chhrupi-Ningro Curry

One who visits Sikkim; they should experience the taste of Sikkimese cuisine. Chhrupi-Ningro Curry satisfies the visitors by providing delectable taste. It is the combination of Cottage cheese and bamboo shoot. Turmeric powder, chili, and Ningro are the ingredients add the spiciness and flavor to the dish.



Mesu is the irresistible curry taken more willingly by Sikkim people. Its foremost ingredient is bamboo shoots. It is the form of pickle which made of the fermented bamboo shoot with the pork. The taste of the mesu is sour and acidic. The Mesu is resultant from the Limbu parlance.