20 Dishes You Can Make From Your Leftover Rotis!

Dishes From Leftover Rotis!

Rotis are basically “Wheat” that you “Heat” and then “Eat”! See what I did there?! In many parts of India, these are eaten as staple. More so, some households love them so much, they don’t mind having these for breakfast, lunch and dinner consecutively. It’s round and always comes around!
Here are 20 delicious dishes you can make from your leftover rotis. They are just too healthy to waste!

1.Crispy Chaat Roti

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Easiest yet tastiest, it’s just not fair! If you have a fight with your mom, and can’t ask her for food, you can always crisp a roti. Spread oil on it and sprinkle some salt and chaat masala! Give it to your mom and see the anger vanish!


2.Crispy Masala Roti

It’s the Punjabis’ favourite variation to masala papad. Serving a big crispy roti sprinkled with oil, salt, chaat masala and topped with chopped onions, tomatoes and coriander is just what you need at the start of a wonderful meal! Does really get your taste buds going!



Typical to Maharashtra, is one of healthiest snacks eaten at breakfast! This is rather a filmy sounding dish. It is made by crushing a few rotis, adding chopped onions, coriander and groundnuts to it and lastly giving this mixture a nice tadka. Don’t pack this for lunch, or you’ll have to share!



Roti Nachos

All the dips in your fridge, time to bring them out because presenting “roti nachos,” is the healthiest chips in town! Nom nom nom! Just cut some rotis into small triangles and deep fry them, sprinkling with some salt and voila! Cheese on top and Italian salsa on the side just does wonders. So basically “chips and dips,” things that rhyme are best to dine, don’t you think?!



Every Indian’s must have dessert, none other than ladoos. These healthy treats too can be made from rotis! Just crush some, add jaggery and ghee and make as big a ball as you like! Get some fat on this winter and be protected from the cold. Eat ladoos…buh-bye Achewws!


6.French Roti

Sounds so fancy! Wait sounds just about familiar too! Oh yes, this is very similar to a “French Omelet.” Dip pieces of roti in an omelet batter and shallow fry. Let’s all save the efforts of separately eating an omelet with a roti by its side!



Evening time chai is most enjoyed with these pakodas made from rotis. By similar procedures, dip pieces of roti in a pakoda batter and shallow fry yet again like a cutlet! With small bytes of goodness popping in your mouth, it’s a race as to who eats these hot snacks the fastest. You know the law, the faster you eat the more you eat!


8.Potato and Roti Pattice

So you see the entire mainstream and goodness filled food items can be made even with rotis! This one just another such item. Mix mashed potatoes and crushed rotis forming small patties. Shallow fry these and eat with our very own tomato ketchup!



This is where it gets interesting. To make these lip-smacking Punjabi treats, we use leftovers to the fullest. Pull out your previous night’s potato sabzi and your rotis of course! Fill half side of the roti with the sabzi and hold the other half on it! Heat it in a pan till it is crispy. Then all there’s left to do is dig in, with loads of butter on top!



Now that we are done with French, it’s time to go Italian. Moreover time to make an Italian pizza as desi as we can! Take a roti topped with onions, capsicums etc. with an overload to melting cheese! Heat this goodness in a pan or a grill or a microwave! Fancier the machine, better the pizza!


11.Roti Samosa

How many times have guests come to your place unannounced, and you have been told by your parents to go and get Samosas from this sweet’s shop your family adores?! A lot, right! The next time this scenario appears, roti samosas should come to your rescue. Put a roti on a wet muslin cloth to moisturise it, so that the samosa’s shape can be formed by the roti easily. Add potato or pea filling inside and deep fry! These yummy and healthy samosas will make your guests not want to leave.


12.Sweet Paratha

This one’s a grandma favourite, who likes making everyone and anyone fat! It’s a winter delight, made by putting delicious stuffing between two rotis and heating in a pan till crispy! The stuffing consists of tossed sesame seeds, tossed groundnuts, jaggery and cardamom making this paratha the healthiest.



For all you lazy people out there, this is just what you need! People having a sweet tooth, just spread some chocolate jam on a roti, roll it and eat it. And for one’s who want spicy, make an omelette, put it on a roti, spread some ketchup and there you have the yummiest roll! Just Roti, Something and Roll!



Frankly, franky is the new black! They have and will never go out of style! With varied fillings and sauces placed carefully inside a roti pocket and heating till crispy is all that is there to this recipe! It’s a sleepover must have. Also, you know Franky is pretty frank and won’t ever betray your stomach!


15.Sweet Bytes

You know those people who eat when bored. These roti sweet bytes are most suited for them. Something one can constantly hog on and it yet being healthy, happens rarely. All you have to do is cut small pieces of roti, deep fry them and sprinkle castor sugar on top once they are out of the boiling oil. They are sweet things for your mouth!


16.Varan-Fal with Ampty

With love, from Maharashtra, this is something one can actually serve for lunch as well as dinner. Just add boiled pieces of roti to spicy tadka dal. Let the boiled roti bits (Varan-fal) marinate in the tadka dal (Ampty) till steamed off. What’s interesting is that this dish can be served hot with freshly made rotis! Coincidence? May be not!


17.Varan-Fal with Varan

For the ones who cannot tolerate spicy food, this is the variation you must try. It is exactly similar to “Varan-Fal with Ampty” just that instead of spicy tadka dal, plain dal without any tadka (Varan) is used to marinate the boiled roti pieces (Varan-Fal).



Again Maharashtra brings to you: Korke. Maharashtrians eat rotis basically every day, hence a lot of roti dishes come from here. Those being said, don’t expect this particular one to be at all fancy! Korkes are just a variation to Gujarati Khakras, made by keeping rotis to dry out completely and then eating them with different chuttneys or just onion once they become naturally crispy!


19.Crispy Fried Roll Ups

Now for something complex. Wait not really! Okay, you decide! Crispy fried roll ups are multi-layered. Put a roti on a wet muslin cloth for it to moisten. On top of the roti spread some pakoda batter, followed by placing of a few spinach leaves. Repeat this procedure once again and finally roll the roti and its fillings very tightly. This roll is then cut into small circles and deep fried! It’s hotness you have to try.



I know right, saved the weirdest and yummiest for the end! Going desi-Italian yet again, we can certainly make pasta out of rotis. And you thought I was kidding. Cut rotis into small pasta shapes and give them your own names, not just calling them Penne or Fusilli! Creative, oh yes! Boil these roti pieces and add salt and other Italian spices which you please! Pour ravishing white pasta sauce on top and serve hot!


~Be Innovative And Save As Many Rotis As You Can! ~