20 Types Of Kheer Preparations In India

20 Types Of Kheer Preparations In India1

It’s mandatory to eat “kheer” when you are ditched by your “heer”! Solution to all aching bones and breaking hearts, this bowl full of sweetness is all that is necessary! Desserts have a tendency to make everything better, don’t they!? The best part about kheer is, to its milk and sugary base, we can add whichever ingredient we please and it still tastes like heaven. Surely dares the experimenter in you!
Here are 20 types in which kheer can be prepared in India.

1.Rice Kheer

Traditionally a South Indian wedding dessert, rice kheer or Paal Pasayam is something everybody enjoys after a good spicy meal. Milk and sugar are simmered for a long time along with overcooked rice, till its whitish -pink in colour. Grab a spoon or drink it straight from the bowl! Hotness personified, literally.


2.Apple Kheer

It’s the Indian version of what the westerner’s call custard! The yummy, crunchy, wholesome bits of apple with hot sweetened milk is just texture apart. It’s got a Mughlai origin, and yes apple pies are not the only things to make from apples!


3.Paneer Kheer

On hearing about paneer, all the dishes that come to our mind are spicy, barbecued or gravy intensive! Well, think again! Presenting paneer kheer, a mild textural pleasure eclectic dish! Served cold straight from the freezer and topped with your favourite dry fruits is a summer must have.


4.Orange Kheer

This awesome bowl of dessert makes your eyes pop as your taste buds go crazy, having the sweetness of the milk and tanginess of freshly cut oranges! This amazing combination of flavours when starring right at you, it’s your duty to then wipe the entire bowl clean with your tongue!


5.Vermicelli Kheer

Vermicelli or Seviya is again a dish loyal to the South Indians. No occasion is complete without it. These long strands of seviya are cooked slowly along with milk, sugar and a few strands of saffron for colour! Soothing your insides, this kheer truly touches your soul!


6.Poha Kheer

Flattened rice aka poha is enriched with carbohydrates and is really great to be eaten in winters! Combining this goodness of poha with sweet milk and making a lip-smacking kheer dessert is something to watch out for. Poha makes the rice family desserts extremely proud!


7.Wheat Kheer

All the diet freaks who cannot resist kheer, we have come to your rescue! A kheer using bulgur wheat, low-fat milk, and sugar is what should on your list! It’s heart and waist-line friendly, outing an end to all your worries. Eat in small proportions you, or not!


8.Soya Kheer

Fastest to make out of all kheers, it is something especially the vegetarians should frequently have to meet their protein and calcium needs! Soya is just extremely healthy, and you can’t ask for better dessert satisfying your body requirements. So-yeah!


9.Strawberry Kheer

People who love pink or love strawberries and in general all the kheer lovers, you’ll have to make this amazing strawberry kheer at home! It’s absolutely a party must have and will make your guests not want to leave, ever! Strawberry syrup made designs on top make it even more exciting!


10.Green Peas Kheer

I love it when spicy food ingredients are used to make sweet dishes! Astonished people then find this dessert even tastier. The boiled green peas simmered in sweetened milk takes people to paradise in every spoonful! For brave hearts and unusual taste buds!


11.Dudhi Kheer

Dudhi or lauki kheer is used in a lot of desserts and is a winter favourite. All the health freaks have to try this. Bottle gourd or dudhi is a low-fat vegetable in itself and when cooked with low-fat milk and less sugar using cardamom makes it perfect for heart patients, bring the calorie count noticeably.


12.Sabudana Kheer

Indians and their fasts! Sabudana (Tapioca) kheer is best suited for those days! These soft balls of goodness when served with sweet milk makes everybody’s mouth water. Navratri nights, bring this on!


13.Rava Kheer

When bored at home and want something sweet to eat, all you have to fetch is some Rava (semolina), ghee, milk and sugar! Combine all these simple ingredients and make the most amazing kheer ever! Put on a movie and comfort yourself with a bowl full. On cooling down it tastes good with a chopped banana on top.


14.Pineapple Kheer

Everybody is familiar with the commonly eaten pineapple desserts like pineapple raita, pineapple ice cream and so on! Adding to this list is our innovative pineapple kheer! The chunky fruit pieces and sweet milk concoction gives the kheer a unique and a fresh flavour. I wish pineapples weren’t seasonal!


15.Makhane Kheer

Makhane is an Indian name for lotus seeds. Nutmeg is added to simmering milk to make makhane kheer extremely unique! It forms a very creamy dessert. You just can’t keep the bowl down once you start!


16.Lychee Kheer

Lychee is a seasonal favourite. It’s mild and tender sweetness makes you want to eat at least 10 of them at once. These small balls of happiness when transformed into a kheer dessert, just keeps us astonished. If the fruit is not available, canned lychee can also be used instead!


17.Malai Gulab Kheer

A dessert well suited for gardeners, especially those who have rose shrubs! All you need to make this kheer right are putting in some rose petals while simmering the sweetened milk! Rose petals enhance the kheer’s flavour and colour to an extent which we cannot resist!


18.Khus Khus Kheer

This recipe is as innovative as it gets! Made with the crushing of khus khus (poppy seeds), rice and your favourite nuts, this kheer consists of coconut milk which is sweetened! It’s an appropriate dessert for all occasions with a name that sounds almost filmy! Khus Khus Hota Hai!


19.Methi Kheer

Soak Methi (fenugreek) seeds overnight. Add them along with sabza (falooda seeds) to hot steaming milk! Sugar and cardamom are sprinkled according to one’s taste! As weird as adding methi, a green leafy vegetable seed to a kheer sounds, it tastes absolutely amazing!


20.Moong Dal Kheer

Moong dal is famous for its chai time favourites like pakodas and dosas and so on! But moong dal kheer is the new black! Healthy and easy, the starting process of what you would do to prepare your normal dal remains same, just add this cooked dal to your milk simmer and watch it transform into an eye popping dessert!


~Happy kheer winter you~