20 Dishes from Kashmir

20 Dishes from Kashmir

Kashmir is a land of breath-taking views and snow capped mountains. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful state in the India and even throughout the world . And with the beautiful valleys and hills, Kashmir also has a lot to offer when it comes to good hearty food. Here are the list of the 20 Kashmiri food:

1. Rogan Josh

The spicy red curry based mutton dish is perhaps the most popular Kashmiri dish in India. And it rightfully deserves the no1 spot. It’s fiery red, the mutton is tender, the dish can be eaten with roti, naan, rice, etc. It’s a versatile dish that would satisfy the meat lovers from anywhere and it’s unbelievably delicious. And if you’ve ever wondered to yourself ‘Why is the Rogan Josh so Red in colour, what do they put into it?’ Here is a little secret, the vibrant red colour is achieved by using Kashmiri red chilli powder. Another wonderful colourful spice from the beautiful valleys of Kashmir.


2. Tabak Maz

If you like ribs, then this is the dish for you. A dish made from the ribs of lamb which is braised in yoghurt with spices, then deep fried or shallow fried in hot oil. It is served without any gravy or broth. A wonderful piece of meat that is perfectly cooked. A dish that needs to be given a try by more people because it is simply that good, unless you’re not a mutton fan.


3. Goshtaba

Meat dumplings are made from mutton  and cooked in yoghurt. And why is it so good? First of all, the dumplings are not as simple as it looks, the lamb meat and the lamb fat are pounded together till it reaches that consistency of a paste, only then the dumplings are shaped into balls and then cooked in a yogurt spiced curry. This technique of making the dumplings allows the meat to absorb the wonderful gravy and spices and also keeps the meat moist, juicy and fatty.


4. Rista

It is prepared almost the same way as a Goshtaba, except for the curry or the gravy. Rista is a dish that has dumplings or meatball in a red spicy gravy. It looks like the red version of Goshtaba but it tastes different because of the gravy which is prepared by using various spices without any yoghurt or curd.


5. Kashmiri Haakh

Haakh is the name of collard greens in Kashmiri. As the name of the dish suggests, Kashmiri Haakh is a dish made of collard green in a Kashmiri style using some spices. A healthy choice of food for anyone who likes eating healthy.


6. Kong Phirni

Phirni is basically a Kheer that is flavoured with saffron, thus giving the dish a golden yellow colour. It is a sweet dish made from rice and nuts. The nuts are fried in ghee, then the rice is added followed by sugar and milk. A dish made for royalty and the sweet lovers.


7. Khubani ka Halwa

This is a Halwa made from apricots. You can have it after a hearty meal of muttons and chickens etc. What we need is another hearty desert to cool our stomachs and this is where this Halwa comes into scene. Unlike Carrot Halwa, the Apricot is slightly sweeter and has a chewier texture. A flavourful Apricot Halwa to end the feast.


8. Kashmiri Chaman

Paneer is also called Indian cottage cheese and this dish does justice to the vegetarians who are looking for a good Kashmiri vegetarian dish. The texture of the paneer in this dish is interesting because the paneer is first fried till the outer part of the paneer becomes a little hard. After that, the spices are added and cooked with a little bit of yogurt.


9. Kashmiri Saag

If you like Saarson ka Saag, you should probably give Kashmiri Saag a try too. Made from Saarson or local mustard leaves, this dish is refreshing and healthy.


10. Khatte Baingan

Khatte Baingan is a dish made from aubergine or eggplants. It is a simple dish that is easy to prepare and even better to eat. Traditionally cooked without any onions, the eggplant is chopped and soaked in a basin of water. The spices are fried in oil to release their flavours, once the spices are tempered the eggplant is added and cooked till it becomes soft.


11. Dum Aloo

Potato is one of the most versatile and most consumed vegetables in the world. And this dish does the vegetable its justice. The dum aloo is a actually a sweet and creamy gravy based dish unlike the spicy versions that you may find in some restaurants. It’s a wonderful and unexpected dish because of the sweet taste instead of the more traditional spicy tasting Kashmiri food. But it is a dish that you’ll probably come back for.


12. Nadru Yakhni

Although the Kashmirs are non-vegetarian, they also have quite a number of vegetarian dishes, as seen above, that are equally as good as the other regions of India. Nadru Yakhni is a popular and traditional Kashmiri vegetarian dish made from lotus stem which is cooked in yogurt. It is spicy, it has a good texture and it is quite satisfying. So give this dish a try.


13. Chicken Pulao

Chicken Pulao is a popular dish all around India and every place has its own variation of preparing this dish. However, to enjoy a nice plate of authentic Pulao, one must try the Kashmiri Chicken Pulao. It is no secret that the Mughals and the Persians were the first to prepare and eat Pulao. And a lot of Kashmiri cuisine is derived from the ancient Mughals and Persian cuisine. So if you want to have some authentic, tasty, fragrant Pulao, come and try the Kashmir version.


14. Doodh Ras

Another lamb curry cooked in milk. However, this dish has a very aromatic flavour, almost sweet like scent, due to the given nature of preparing this dish. The lamb is cooked separately in boiling water with spices, once tender, the lamb is then cooked with milk and other spices. This unique combination of milk and lamb gives this dish a wonderful yet uncharted volume of taste and flavour.


15. Waza Palak

I personally call this the Non-vegetarian version of Palak Paneer given the look of the dish which is green in colour. Waza Palak is a dish made with minced mutton balls and lots of spinach. The spinach makes this dish green in colour and the spices makes it aromatic and a mouth watering treat.


16. Tamatar Chaman

If  the  Kashmiri chaman is a little dry for you, no worries, try the tamatar chaman. Cooked in the same way as the Kashmiri chaman by frying the paneer first and then cooking it with spices later. However the difference in this dish is the gravy, a thick tomato based gravy, which is spicy and creamy and colourful.


17. Tamatar Wangan

A vegetarian dish made from eggplants in a tomato based gravy. This dish is for the vegetarians who are dying to try some authentic Kashmiri food. If eggplants are in your list of vegetables you love, than this dish will set the right tone for you.


18. Gogji Razma

A simple dish made from Red beans and turnips or radishes. The Gogzi Razma is a staple dish of the Kashmiris much like the Rajma Chawal is a staple for many Indians. The dish is made with the humble red beans and turnips with assortments of spices. This dish is a mild yet beautiful tasty dish.


19. Kashmiri Muji Gaad

So far on this list we have had mutton and chicken and now we have on our list a Fish dish. The Kashmiri Muji Gaad is a spicy fish and radish dish prepared by deep-frying the fish and radish and then cooking it with a spicy gravy. There are some variations in which the lotus stem is added to the dish.


20. Noon-Chai

We all love drinking Tea and the Kashmiris loves their tea sweet. But, they also like it salty. And last on list is the Noon Chai, which means salted tea. At first glance, the tea looks beautiful due to the colour which is pink. The colour is achieved by adding a pinch of baking soda. The tea taste like a regular tea but without any sweetness you get the hint of saltiness which actually makes you drink more. However, If drinking sweet tea is your thing, it is still advisable to give the Noon Chai a try, you might just love it .