20 Most Loved Thai Dishes We All Love!

20 Most Loved Thai Dishes We All Love!

1. Tom Yum Goong

This is one of the most common soups you’ll find casually placed in a Chinese menu, but actually, happens to be a spicy prawn soup. The dish is cooked with authentic Thai ingredients. The dish is prepared with Chillies, Lemongrass, Lime Juice and Fish Sauce. Also, a paste of shrimp is added along with mushrooms. Sauted prawn bits are also added.


2. Som Tum

This dish is a dramatic dish, by all meanings. It is prepared with a combination of many elements distinctive of their Thai backgrounds. Garlic, Chillies, Cherry Tomatoes are added with raw Papaya in this dish. Green Beans are also further added. There are many variations of this dish. Certain versions use Peanuts, Crab Meat or Shrimp.


3. Tom Kha Kai

This is a variation of Tom Yum soup with certain differences. How it differs from is by use the use of Fiery Chillies. Usually Lemongrass, Chicken and Shallots are also added. Finally, Coconut Milk is added, and the soup is garnished with Lime Leaves. This is creamy infusion which is amazing in taste.


4. Gaeng Daeng

This is an authentic Thai dish that is prepared with Meat, Coconut Milk and in red curry, which gives it the essential Thai feel to the dish. The dish is finally garnished with Kafir Lime Leaves to incorporate that lemony taste into the dish. This dish will surely make you a fan of the cuisine.


5. Pad Thai

This is one dish that should not need any explanation at any corner in the world. Wherever you go, Pad Thai noodles are just the best. Usually, all Thai dishes are cooked in a wok, which is how most of the dishes are named with Wok. To make this dish, noodles are crispy fried along with Egg, Sprouts and a few other additives. The additives can be Sugar, Fish Sauce, Peanuts and Chilli Powder. Usually, in India the dish has been altered to have a desi rendition of itself.


6. Khao Pad

Much like the Pad Thai noodles, this is a fried rice dish which is prepared with Thai ingredients. The dish is a rice version of the otherwise popular dish Pad Thai noodles. The boiled rice is stir fried with Onions, Herbs and Egg. You can add a dash of lime, along with Cucumber slices. Usually, chunks of Meat of Chicken or Crabs are also added. You may add leftover vegetables too.


7. Pad Krapow Moo Snap

This is known as the one plate meal and is one of the most favourite Thai dishes, known to one. This dish is cooked in a classic wok, with legendary Thai ingredients. The dish is prepared with Basil Leaves, Chillies, Beans, Soy Sauce, Sugar and Chicken. You can even choose to add an egg to the dish if you want to.


8. Gaeng Keow Wan Kai

This dish is prepared with Chicken and Eggplants. Bamboo shoots are added to the amazing combination of Eggplants and Chicken. Add chunks of Coriander and Basil to make that glorious Thai dish even better. To make the greenish curry, add Thai green curry paste along with coconut milk. This forms the base of the curry. It is usually served along with a bowl of rice.


9. Yam Nua

A Thai salad of sorts, this dish will take you for a ride. This salad is made with a bunch of ingredients such as Coriander, Lime, Chillies, Meat, Onion and Thai condiments. So try this healthy dish, already!


10. Kai Med Ma Muang

This is a dish with stir fried Chicken. It has a lot of contrasting textures which reflect the cuisine in flavours and ingredients. The Chicken is fried along with Carrots, Chillies, Soy Sauce, Cashewnuts, Pepper, Mushrooms, and Honey.


11. Khao Na Pet

A simple Thai dish, which reflects essential Thai flavours. The dish is a boiled rice dish, where the roast duck is served alongside with a broth with Duck Meat, as well. A side of Chillies in Soy Sauce is also served. This dish may seem one with simple flavours but is actually a power-packed dish with a burst of flavours.


12. Khao Phat Kaeng Khiao Wan

This is a classic Thai dish, that we see often. Our favourite green Thai fried rice is the simplistic definition of this dish.


13. Khao Tom

This is a boiled rice dish, which is served with a light broth and is usually eaten for breakfast. The broth usually contains chicken or fish.


14. Khao Sui

A mixture of two types of noodles: crispy fried and boiled are served, in a bowl of Thai curry. Chicken of Crab Meat can be added to the dish. This is the Thai alternate to the much love Vietnamese dish known as Khao Suey.


15. Chim Chum

A Thai dish where Meat, Mushrooms, Noodles and Vegetables are cooked in an earthenware along with a broth. Thai spices are added to enrich the dish with local flavours.


16. Kaeng Khiao Wan

This is a coconut based curry which is prepared with Green Chillies and Basil. Usually, Fish Balls and Chicken are added.


17. Kaeng Mastsaman

This is a Thai interpretation of an Indian style curry with a Coconut Milk base. Usually, Chicken is added to the dish along with roasted dry spices.


18. Tom Khlong

This spicy and sour soup will surely enrich you with a burst of contrasting flavours. The sourness is from the Tamarind. It also uses Smoked Fish, Mushrooms and Tomato.


19. Tom Som Kraduk Mu

Another sour soup, where Tamarind is used for sourness. This dish is prepared with both Lime and Tamarind juice. Seafood and Vegetables are added along with them. So instead of the usual boring soups, you have always been attempting to make, try this out of the world recipe for once.


20. Lap Kai

This dish is prepared with a mix of two types of Meat: minced and cooked. Further, spice is added along with Lime juice and Fish sauce. Herbs can be added to infuse freshness in the dish.