20 Dishes Made With Yogurt

20 Dishes Made With Yogurt

1. Spicy Salmon Taco With Yogurt

This dish is spicy and full of yogurt. The Taco is stuffed up with Salmon and Yogurt. It is cooked up in olive oil and common spices are added up for taste. The speciality of the dish is the Salmon which is cooked separately and then added to Taco and topped with yogurt.


2. Greek Yogurt Cookies

Greek yogurt cookies are made up by adding the yogurt to the mixture of cookie batter. Yogurt is used instead of cream. The yogurt not only makes the cookies soft are also adds to the flavor of the cookies. These are yummy and crunchy cookies but soft from inside.


3. Blueberry And Pear Pancakes With Yogurt

The yogurt is firstly blended and then added to blueberry and pear paste. This sweet yogurt then gets its flavor from the fruits and is a delight for yogurt lovers. These pancakes are easy to cook and delicious to taste.


4. Frozen Banana And Strawberry Yogurt

Banana and Strawberry Yogurt has both the flavor of strawberry and goodness of Banana. The frozen Banana is mixed up with the Yogurt and kept aside. Fresh and juicy Strawberries are then cut and diced and added to the Yogurt. The Yogurt is thus thick and creamy and Strawberries make it luscious. Sugar is added to make it sweet. Creamy can also be added to soften the thickness of the Yogurt.


5. Creamy Cucumber Yogurt

Cucumber and Yogurt go well with each other. They are the best foods for summers. The cucumber is grated finely and added up to the Yogurt. Salt or sugar can be added up to this yogurt as per once taste. This creamy and smooth yogurt is full of energy and taste.


6. Caramelized Apple Yogurt

The Apple is first caramelized with sugar until it becomes golden brown. This apple is then added up to the cold yogurt. The smoothie and rich texture of the yogurt absorb the flavor of the caramelized apple and is a good dish, which can be used as up dessert.


7. Baked Potatoes With Yogurt Sauce

Baked potatoes with Yogurt Sauce are made up by baking the potatoes in a charcoal fire and seasoning them up with spices. The next step is to beat the yogurt in a fine content and salt and pepper is added up for taste. The hot baked potatoes with yogurt are mouth watery combination.


8. The Indian Curd Curry

The Indian Curd Curry is popular in India and is a common household dish. It is made up by adding gram flour to curd with a few spices and cooked on medium heat till the curd becomes to thicken. Tadka of fennel and cumin seeds is given to it, to enhance its taste. You can add potatoes, cauliflower to it for taste.


9. Beetroot Yogurt

Beetroot Yogurt is unique in color and taste. This yogurt has the quality of Beetroot and freshness of yogurt. To make this dish, beetroot is firstly boiled and cut finely. This is then added to yogurt.


10. Pumpkin Yogurt

Pumpkin Yogurt is easy to make and is simple to taste. The pumpkin is boiled in Yogurt to make it soft and chewy. It is then seasoned up with red chili and salt for taste. Cream is then added to further lightened the content. A yummy dish with fewer spices.


11. Scrambled Egg In Yogurt

Scrambled Egg in yogurt is an amazing dish. The first step in this recipe is to make scrambled eggs. Onions, tomatoes are tossed up in a pan with salt and red chilli. Olive oil is added. Eggs are then added and scrambled. When half-done yogurt is added and cooked till the eggs begin to leave oil in the pan.


12. Yogurt Shortcake

Yogurt Shortcake is a smaller version of cakes. The cake batter is prepared up and beating the eggs in flour.  Sugar and butter is added up to uplift the batter. Yogurt is added to the batter and smaller cakes are made. This batter is then baked. When the cakes are ready, sweet yogurt is added as topping.


13. Frozen Yogurt Bark

Frozen Yogurt Bark, is a unique dish made from flat belly ingredient like coconut, and chocolate which are 70% of higher in cocoa. Frozen Yogurt is added up to this bark for more taste. Popular among children, this dish is simple and easy to make.


14. Avocado Chicken Yogurt

Avocado chicken yogurt is made up with boiling Avocado and Chicken together and then blending up them in Yogurt. Common spices are added to this dish. The sweet and tangy Avocado goes well with the Chicken and Yogurt does its magic. This is a light dish to have as a snack time brunch.


15. Berry Yogurt

Berry Yogurt is an easy yet delicious dish. This dish is used as a dessert which is quite tempting to see as well. The Yogurt is mixed with sugar to make a smooth paste. Berries are then added up to the yogurt. Berry Yogurt dish is rich in protein and vitamins.


16. Yogurt Chicken Curry

Yogurt Chicken Curry is made up by cooking the Yogurt slowly over the medium heat. Paste of onions, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic is added for taste. When the gravy becomes thick, Chicken is added up and again cooked till the Chicken becomes tender and soft. Spices like, cinnamon, red chili, turmeric and salt is added up to enhance the flavors.


17. Yogurt Fish Curry

Yogurt Fish Curry made up by marinating the fish in spices and then cooking it in Yogurt. The spiciness of the dish comes from the masala which is added up to the gravy while cooking. This masala is made up from fresh Coconut, red chilli, turmeric, cumin seeds, and coriander powder.


18. Yogurt Raita

Yogurt Raita is an Indian dish. It is made up by beating the Yogurt and then adding up boondi’s to it. A cool dish as it does not have anything except the yogurt. Cucumber, carrot can also be added if boondi is not available. Salt is added for taste in the end and your Yogurt Raita is ready.


19. Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Yogurt dipping sauce is made up by fining beating the yogurt so that no lump remains in the Yogurt. Salt and creamy is added up to make the sauce softer in texture. This sauce is then heat till it becomes thick. Then it is allowed to cool down. This sauce is used up as dipping for spiced food.


20. Tofu Gravy With Yogurt

Tofu Gravy with Yogurt is made by cooking the Yogurt in a pan with butter. Cumin seeds, chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric are added up to the gravy and are cooked for some time. Tofu is cut in to small pieces and added to the gravy. And your Tofu gravy with yogurt is ready.