20 Nutritious And Quick Breakfast

20 Nutritious And Quick Breakfast


The preparation of Dosa is not very quick because of the batter, but it becomes highly convenient when the batter is pre-prepared. The flour mixture is available in markets or can be prepared and stored in the refrigerator. When the flour mixture is ready, it becomes super quick and delicious plus it is nutritious. The nutritive value can be increased by adding some Oats to the Dosa mixture.


Rava Upma

This is especially for people who love lots of stuff in their thing. Rava Upma is fast on preparation time and healthy food for breakfast. It consists of Onion, Tomato, Green Peas, Cabbage and other Vegetables. To increase the food value, you can also add some Sprouts to it. Upma tastes wonderful no matter what vegetable you add to it.



Paratha is not just a simple thing; it is available in quite a lot of variations. We see Methi Paratha, Aloo Paratha, Gobi Paratha and a lot more. We just have to name a vegetable, and its Paratha is available. It may be a little working hard recipe, but the outcome is worth its hard work.



A mixture of raw eating fruits and vegetable is something which is good for our health. A vegetable sandwich is one such thing. It is a blast of tasty Chutney or Sauce along with a punch of raw Onion, Cucumber, Beetroot and boiled Potatoes. The white Bread can be replaced with the brown one for health benefits or according to taste.



This is another dish prepared from the same batter of Dosa or Idli. It is thicker than Dosa and consists of grated or finely chopped vegetables. Any number of vegetables can be added as you love it. It can be served with green Coriander Coconut Chutney and Sambar. If ones miss out on the batter prepared, Rava Uttapam is a good option for them as it doesn’t require a long soaking time.



Lapshi is a sweet breakfast recipe. It is a Maharashtrian traditional recipe made from broken Wheat along with some Jaggery. The cooking takes a little time but once you put in on stove, you are free to do other tasks. It tastes delicious and has the richness of Jaggery.


Masala Sandwich

Masala Sandwich is a combination of richness and taste at the same time. The inner filling of this Sandwich consists of Potato Sabzi and some raw Cucumber and Onion. It tastes yummy when served hot along with some seasoning and cheese.


Banana Rasayana

Banana Rasayana is a dish from Karnataka cuisine. It is cooked with Jaggery, Coconut Milk and Banana. The making of this recipe involves no cooking on fire. It is sweet, milky and nutritious. It has a liquidy appearance. Banana Rasayana is a must try for people who are diet conscious and are running late on time.


Almond Butter, Yoghurt And Fruit Parfaits

Isn’t it a huge name for one to remember? But don’t worry the taste of the dish is same as its name. It is a mixture of roasted Almonds, Yoghurt and lot of fruits like Banana, Strawberry and more. This dish consists of a layer by layer of each ingredient. It can be said to be a Biryani of fruits.

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Egg Toast

Egg Toast is a simple recipe so that almost everyone from young to old can prepare it. Egg is salubrious. It consists of proteins and vitamins in high quantity. Boiled egg is the best – salubrious and tasty when Black Pepper sprinkled on it.



This is another South Indian preparation made from the batter same as Dosa and Uttapam. The Idlis are cooked in a cooker container with almost zero amount of oil in it. It tastes fantastic with Coconut Chutney and Sambar. To add to the variation nowadays Masala Idli, Idli fry and much more are available.



Poha is soaked flattened Rice cooked with Onion, Tomato and some other basic ingredients. It is one of the easiest breakfast recipes to make by anyone. A slightly different recipe is Milk Poha. Here instead of the other ingredients, Nuts and Fruits can be mixed with the soaked Poha and Milk.


Sabudana Khichadi

Breakfast must have healthy, nutritious, light and easy to cook recipes. If you are looking for one such thing, Sabudana Khichadi is in the top of the list. The preparation is very simple and is quick on timing. It is full of carbohydrates and low in fat content.


Scrambled Egg

This is very delicious and healthy. I call it Eggs with everything. It consists of Chopped Onion, Tomato or maybe anything that you like. We can have it with Pav or Chapati or simply just the Eggs.



Khakhra is a Gujarati recipe which can be prepared in lots and stored for months. It is a stiff Roti served with Curd, Chutney or Ghee. It can be made in various varieties like Methi Khakra. One can also opt for readily available diet Khakras.


Namkeen Sevaiyan

Who on Earth doesn’t love to start their day off with versatile Vermicelli? Namkeen Sevaiyan is almost same in preparation as Upma or Poha, the change being the usage of Sevaiyan instead of flattened Rice or Rava. It is a very healthy breakfast to kick start your day.


Fruit Smoothie

It is a delicious blend of Banana, Berries and some Curd. It is naturally sweet and slightly tangy. Why won’t you love a chilling Smoothie which satisfies your taste buds, our eyes as well as our body requirements? It is rich in protein and fibre.

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A breakfast full of dietary essentials and at the same time being traditional is Usal. It may be liquid, semi-liquid or dry curry with Sprouts as the main ingredients. It is mouth-watering and also high in proteins and other nutrients.



Sheera is another sweet breakfast recipe. It is made from Rava and lots of dry fruits and cooked in Ghee. It can be said to be an Indian Pudding. The dry fruits add to its nutrition.



Thepla is a famous Gujarati Paratha recipe which is light on Spices. It has whole wheat Flour, Fenugreek Leaves and other different spices. It can be munched on anytime during the day.