20 Dishes You Must Have In A Gujarati Buffet

20 Dishes You Must Have In A Gujarati Buffet

Want to arrange a Gujarati Buffet? Here’s the list of delicacies you should include! #mandatory.


Khaman Dhokla

Most widely known Gujarati dish, it is a must! Prepared using Gram Flour, it is soft & spongy. It has a tangy cum sweet taste. Khaman is served with Pudina Chutney & Meetha Chutney (dates & tamarind chutney).



Khandvi, another mouth watering dish, is preferred in a Gujarati thali.
Gram flour & sour buttermilk being the key ingredients, a batter is prepared. The batter is then rolled and given a tadka. A very quick snack, and tasty too!



The best way to have Aloo is Bada! Spicy Masala Potato Balls are dipped in a Gram Flour batter and are fried. Very tempting, tasty, delicious dish, Batata Vada is a really good option. Jain Vada can also be prepared by replacing Potatoes by raw boiled Bananas.



Undhiyu is the dish representing the Gujarati cuisine. An authentic Gujarati thali without Undhiyu is incomplete. It is a classic preparation of vegetables and fenugreek balls. Puri is served with Undhiyu. It is widely prepared during occasions in Gujarati families. Undhiyu is served with Parathas or Puris.



Dudhpak is a delicious sweet dish made from milk and rice. Rice is optional. Nuts, Saffron, Cardamom Powder is added to enhance the flavour. Can be served hot or cold. Dudhpak is mostly accompanied by Puris.



Made up of Buttermilk, Gram Flour and Spices, it is one of the best recipes in the Indian cuisine. Not only on special occasions, it is also prepared on a daily basis. The sweet and sour taste goes along with many Sabji or Shaak, as Gujaratis would say. With Kadhi, even the boring Khichdi tastes better! In a buffet, people have Kadhi with Rice or Pulao.



Paatra is made from Colocasia leaves and Gram Flour. This dish from the Malvani cuisine is equally popular among the Gujaratis. These savoury rolls can be a very good snack or a farsan in a Gujarati thali.



Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada is a really delicious dish. Vada, which are made from split Black Gram or Urad Dal are soaked in thick Yogurt. It is then topped with Chutneys & Chilli powder & then garnished with Coriander leaves. Dahi Vada, also known as Dahi Bhalla, is tempting. Don’t forget to add this one.



Popular among the Gujaratis, Khichu is a lip-smacking snack made of Rice Flour. Actually it is a papad dough but its superb taste makes us want to it eat it anyway!! The dough is steamed and then served with oil and chilli powder. This is a really delicious, quick, light & healthy snack.



Moong Dal Sheera

For people having a sweet tooth, here is the key. Moong Dal or split Green Gram is added to saffron-flavoured milk and then it is heated in ghee. Garnished with nuts, this sweet dish is not the one to miss. Add it to the menu!



Sambhariya is a Sabzi or a Shaak as would Gujaratis say. It is basically a stuffed vegetable. Potatoes, Bhindi, Ivy Gourd or Tindli, Capsicum, Brinjals are the vegetables used to make sambhariyu. Stuffing is prepared from Coconut, Coriander, Gram Flour & other spices.
These vegetables are then sautéd in ghee or oil as preferred. Tasty isn’t it? Don’t miss this one!




Known as Khatta Dhokla, this is one of the favourites! It is spongy Idli-like dish made from Urad Dal and Rice. Fermented using sour Buttermilk, Ginger & Green Chilli are added. The batter is then steamed and the Dhoklas are ready! Dhoklas are served with Pudina Chutney.



Puranpuri, a type of wheat bread, is sweet in taste. Equally famous in Maharashtra as it is in Gujarat, the ingredients for the Puran are different. Gujaratis use Toor Dal & add sugar or Jaggery. Puranpuri is accompanied by Kadhi. The sweet taste of Puranpuri & tangy taste of the Kadhi makes it delectable.



Basundi, especially Sitafal Basundi is very common. This sweet dessert is surely going to relish you taste buds. If prepared from Sitafal, it is seasonal. The milked is boiled and then flavoured with fruits, nuts, cardamom & saffron. It is light & appetizing.



Kachori is a tasty snack. These are fritters made up of Maida & stuffed with spiced & flavoured Yellow Gram & are then fried and served with Tamarind Chutney. It is a starter which is a bit heavy but delightful.


Khichiya Papad

Along with Rice or Pulao, Khichiyas are the best. Khichiya Papad is made from Rice Flour.
It can be roasted as well as fried. Masala Khichiya Papad is a snack that tickles your taste buds. On a roasted Khichiya Papad Chutneys, both sweet and spicy, and Tomatoes, Onions and Cucumber are added. This is a common roadside snack but it goes well with rice & curry too!



What do we have with Dudhpak and Undhiyu? Puri! Puri is a wheat bread. The dough is rolled into small flat circles and then fried. Puri is mostly preferred in weddings and special occasions. Especially in the summers, Aam Ras Puri is the thing!


Fulka Roti

The most popular & widely used Indian bread, Fulka Rotis are the best. Shaak & Fulka Rotis with ghee on them is yummy! Even though we have Fulkas everyday, lunch always seems complete when you have Fulkas, isn’t it?



Dal Rice completes our lunch, right? Dal Rice and Papad is all we want to have at the end of our meals. Gujarati Dal, staple food of the Gujarati cuisine, is khatti-meethi. Prepared from Toor Dal, Jaggery and Kokum is added to give sweet & sour taste. The taste is balanced and the Dal tastes really good.



Lastly, Chhaas is the drink we never want to miss. Even though we are filled to satisfaction, Chhaas is a must. It is flavoured in various ways. Commonly, salt & Jeera powder is added. For Gujaratis, the meal is never completed without a glass of Chhaas.