20 Ways To Eat Your Way Through Karol Bagh

20 Ways To Eat Your Way Through Karol Bagh

Famous among the Punjabi’s of the capital of India, Karol Bagh is that part of Delhi that is constantly bustling with activity, culinary aromas and pleasures, and Punjabi aunties & uncles trying to pave their way in the little nooks and crannies of this market. Karol Bagh is not entirely a market, though; it’s a residential area too, which is dominated by a strong Punjabi presence. A West Delhi supremo, Karol Bagh stands tall in front of the iconic Hanuman Mandir and attracts a lot of people who often come here to shop (especially at the Ghaffar market- The cheap electronics hub) and eat.


Roshan Di Kulfi

Roshan di Kulfi is probably the most famous eating joint in all of West Delhi, lest Karol Bagh. My maternal grandfather admits to eating here during his good ol’ days, which is proof of the spectacular food you’ll find here!
The kulfi faluda, which comes with coloured, sweet vermicelli is the highlight of anyone’s day visiting Karol Bagh and having it is a ritual, if you pass Roshan di Kulfi by. However, Kulfi is NOT the only thing sold here, so get ready to dig into crispy Aloo tikki’s, and other snacks as well!
As you walk even half a kilometre from the place, the fragrance of desi ghee will pull you in for those crisp hot jalebis.
What’s more? The place is dirt cheap on the pocket and will make your wallet (AND your tummy) the happiest!
This place is known to be older than 6 decades and continues to thrive; thanks to their Chole Bhature and Malai Lassi.



The second most visited restaurant in Karol Bagh has made a reputation for itself with its array of Mughlai food. If you are a non-vegetarian, Changezi could be your next best favourite joint to have butter chicken and nalli Nihari at.
While the place might not be big on aesthetics and interiors, the food will not let you waver your thoughts on that route, anyway.
When here, try the Changezi chicken, their specialty (of course, which lends its name to the eatery) that is just melt in your mouth chicken with some hot Tandoori Naan!
Make sure that cheat day of yours goes well celebrated with Changezi’s chicken specials, cooked in pure desi ghee!


Anjalika Pastry Shop

Locals at Karol Bagh swear by Anjalika. What used to be the only pastry shop at a time, has cascaded to become one of the hottest destinations in Karol Bagh for continental food and snacks, salads, and of course; desserts. No one does patisserie in Karol Bagh like Anjalika does!
The desserts are their forte and never have they gone wrong with pleasing the sweet tooth of people. Their thick shakes and new smoothies on the menu have people voting for them as the best in town and their hot chocolate fudge is drool worthy!
Dig in to their savoury baked goods and breads to break through all that sugar, only to have dessert again! Choosing pastries at Anjalika among their vast display of pastries and puddings; the experience is no short of being a kid choosing one candy!


Peshawari Chicken Corner

If you are the one who is pretty much health conscious with what they get in their body, roasted chicken is you buddy. And Peshawari Chicken corner is the place to be.
They even have a Roasted ‘Diet’ Chicken for the extremely conscious people!
Or even if you are tired after a long day of shopping, you can stand and have nice pieces of kebabs with marinated onion salad and mint chutney.
And no, they don’t do just chicken and non-veg. Their Soya Malai Chaap is equally delicious and a hit with both vegetarian and non-vegetarians.
Get your car around this corner, (well, yeah; literally) and dig into some freshly prepared, piping hot Mughlai food in the comfort of your vehicle.
Oh, plus! Don’t forget to try their Kaali Mirch Chicken!


Kakkar Pakoda Stall

Karol Bagh is such a busy market and everyone is stopping literally in the middle of the street, haggling with the prices, bargaining and purchasing. Sometimes, it can get pretty unnerving and take a toll on things.
Comes what to the rescue? Kadak, Adrak Chai!
And what better partner to the kadak chai than a plate of assorted pakodas!
Kakkar Pakoda stall has been putting up its makeshift enterprise for years now, besides a renowned jewelry shop, selling these goodies!
They are also freshly frying Kachori’s, Aloo Samosa’s and Bread Pakodas at different intervals during the day.


Art Of Spices

Art of spices is pretty popular among locals and college students, thanks to their pocket friendly, yet elaborate menu that has on offer a variety of rolls to choose from.
So, they basically deal in a plethora of ways to make a roll; whether it is a veg roll, a non-veg roll, and egg roll, or even a noodle roll; these people are the masters.
A little joint around the corner, these people are never sitting empty handed and dish out the most amazing egg rolls you’ll have with crisp layers of flaky Paratha and tangy sauces with mayo in the middle.
Fresh, filling and friendly to the pocket; what else do you need while walking down some street at Karol Bagh?




You can never get the quality of food you get at Sandoz, at the price they offer; anywhere else in Delhi! They have Mughlai, Chinese and North Indian food on offer and they are GOOD. Their Chicken Korma is to die for and the flavours in everything they put on the table is enough to set you salivating and wanting more. Do try their Tandoori items!
A little place with friendly staff, you wouldn’t want to miss on their Seekh Kebabs!


Om Corrner

Every Delhiite swears by Om Corner and has dined at least once here, in their lifetime.
Their Chole Bhature.
And not just any Chole Bhature. The paneer filled Bhaturas with Chole, floating in deadly, copious amounts of ghee (but its so worth it). As this beauty comes up to your table, your eyes are in for a visual treat and you wouldn’t be able to resist popping that hot Bhatura!
Don’t forget to wash it all down with their array if Indian sweets on offer!



Over the years, Chowringhee has carved a name for itself and maintained its reputation. It has expanded its business and opened its chain in a lot of places in the city, but this one remains the favourite.
Chowringhee, a take-away joint is famous for it’s rolls; however, the recently added new trend seems to be the Momos that comes in a Tandoori Momos version too! The tandoori version is the most loved by people and is a perfect end to a great evening with friends over a milkshake!
Plus, super easy on the pocket!


Ganesh Restaurant

Also known popularly as the Ganesh Machhiwaala, this place is famous for its fish delicacies (well, explains the name of the place). Their speciality includes fish fry and tandoori fish. Plus, you’re in for a treat, if you are running a little low on the budget. This place does not serve fish at atrocious prices per plate, rather, everything is based upon the weight you buy! Yes! Super easy on the pocket!
They also have on offer other non-vegetarian tikkas like the Chicken Ttikka and the Seekh Kebab and special Egg Pakodas!
Plus, the guy here is supposed to dish out fried fish, right out of piping hot oil, with his bare hands! Do not miss!



A 100% pure vegetarian restaurant, Suruchi has always been a highlight, no matter what the place. Dealing specifically in Gujarati and Rajasthani Cuisine, Suruchi is one of the most aesthetic fine dining restaurants in this part of Delhi and won’t leave you disappointed. Also, it’s a treat for foodies as there is the ‘all you can eat’ or unlimited food when you order their thali’s. They have Rajasthani, Gujarati, North Indian, Punjabi and even a South Indian Thali; each of which is touted to have more than 16 items on the plate!


Standard Burfee

As the name itself suggests, Standard Burfee is a renowned traditional Indian sweet shop in Karol Bagh; whose wafts of pure desi ghee being heated will tantalise your senses to no extent. More than this, they are known for their Chana Bhaturas, Chanapuri and Aloo Puri. The Aalo Poori seems to be the most loved here (thanks to copious amounts of desi ghee again)! Plus, they are super cheap on the pocket, to the meaning, you won’t even realise your pocket being drained, as you eat here!


Red Brick Cafe

Whole of the nation has been witnessing a revolution in the way we are eating, what we are eating and where we are eating; lest Delhi. There is an outburst of continental food, Mexican, Italian and Chines, by far.
Though Karol Bagh does not have the inclusion of a lot of cafes to its crown, the Red Brick Café remains an exception.
The Red Brick Café has on offer an array of Continental food, Chinese, Salads & Soups, Italian and a whole range of gourmet patisserie products on their menu. The interiors are super warm, the place is nice and cozy; and an amazing joint to chill with the gang of friends when out on an exploration of this part of Delhi. Definitely not to miss!



Khurana Restaurant

Karol Bagh is the gateway to West Delhi; which has been tagged as mini Punjab. Naturally, the food scene at these places is a reflection of this strong, dominant Punjabi culture and is progressive in the themes of the restaurants.
A strong competitor, one that people are loving in Karol Bagh is the Khurana Restaurant, which deals in all sorts of Punjabi and North Indian Cuisine. Their Punjabi Rajma and Pindi Chole are the best sellers.
If you are out on an exploration and don’t want to miss out on traditional Punjabi food that has a whole deal of homely feels to it, Khurana Restaurnt is the place to be. Adequately priced and heavy on the heart, the food will not leave you disappointed!


Bittoo Tikki Waala (BTW)

BTW has a name for itself and what started out as an enterprise on a little stall, has emerged as a chain of restaurants dealing specifically in Chaat items and other Punjabi snacks that the common Punjabi folk cannot live without. What even is a Punjabi who does not have Gol Gappe thrice a week as a ritual?
Crisp Aloo Tikka, Dahi Bhalla, spicy Aloo Chaat, Gol Gappe, and their magnificent Gajar Ka Halwa in winters is a treat if you are in Karol Bagh!


Prem Dhaba

Most people don’t know about the existence of this beauty and therefore, are unaware of the spectacular food it dishes out at a quarter of the price you would be paying at a nominal restaurant. Butter Chicken and Fish Tikka in the winters are their speciality and what is winters without Amritsari Fish Tikka in the evenings?
Head here for a treat to your taste buds as set to eat your way through North India at this little shack!



Karim’s is a classic Chandni Chowk treasure and a treasure that everyone cherishes! It is a gift to the world by Mughalwazwan’s and they do not fail to impress. With an array of Mughlai food including Nargisi Korma, Chicken Korma, delicacies like Nagaz Curry (brain curry), Kalegi-Gurde-Kapure (heart, kidneys, liver), Biryanis; Karim’s is a pro at their trade; which is what has made them stand apart from the crowd. Thanks to their outlet in Karol Bagh, you would not miss out on this gem on your culinary adventure in Karol Bagh the next time!


Sindhi Corner

Delhi is incomplete without its street food that comprises mainly of Chaat. And what is tradition without innovation?
This is exactly what people at Sindhi do.
Presenting, their heart shaped Aloo Tikkis!
Yes! They do special heart shaped Aloo Tikkis that are not only a treat to your taste buds and your tummy, but also make your visual senses happy!
Their Indian sweets too, are amazing and the one to count on is the thick Rabdi with hot desi ghee prepared Jalebi’s!



Another joint mastering the art of continental food is Wrapps, right behind the corner at The City Hospital. They do all sorts of Rolls and Wrapps and Suns and Sandwiches and Momos that you can imagine. They are also the masters of Shawarmas that have recently took entire Delhi into its embrace. Meaty Shawarmas have put Wrapps on the hottest list of food joints to try!


Tera Hotel

The place is not that fancy at first, but the food will beckon you to think again. Honestly, they make the most delicious Dal Makhni in the whole city and their combination of serving it with Missi Roti does wonders!
They also do special Makkiki Roti and Sarson Ka Saag in the winters and the traditional Punjabi to serve it is with copious amounts of butter, with ghee laden Makkirotis and lots of Gurr (jaggery), and Tera Hotel does JUST that!