20 Dishes To Try Out In Surat


“Surat nu jaman ane Kashi nu maran!”

(Translation: “Eating at Surat and dying at Kashi!”)

The above quote states that if you had never tried out dishes in surat then you have missed out on the real fun! Surat is specially known for its mouth watering dishes. Surti’s are blessed with food from all over the country. Surat is not only famous in Gujarat for its food but it is famous all over the world and at national level for it’s food. Not only snacks, but starting right from starters to main course dishes or desserts, Surat has its specialities in all the fields. That makes it a hub for foodies!  In this article there are 20 top dishes listed along with the popular place which you must add in your food bucket list and try out at-least once whenever you visit Surat and you will be tempted to have it more than once!

1Surti Undhiyu

Surti Undhiyu is basically a dish comprising of a mixture of vegetables. It is a specialty of Surat. This is a seasonal dish as the vegetables used in this are available only during the winter season. It is made up of Surti papdi, valor papdi, peas, brinjals, baby and sweet potatoes, raw banana and methi muthiya is also added. It is made with red lentils and seasoned with palm sauce, grated coconut and spices in mild sauce. You can have this dish along with puri and shrikhand. You don’t need any famous place for buying this preparation as it will be available at majority of the places during winters.


2 Dumas’s Tomato Bhajiya

You must have tried bhajiyas of potato, onion, banana etc; but ever heard of  tomato Bhajiya? If no, then try it out here at Dumas’s na Bhajiya in Surat. This outlet is famous for its ‘Tameta na Bhajiya’. The bhajiyas are stuffed with tomatoes. The tomatoes are sprinkled with chaat masala and then dipped in besan batter before deep frying them. On a chilly night or a rainy eve, a cup of hot tea and a plate of crispy tomato fritters served with a special besan chutney here at Dumas’s is just what you need.


3 Surti Ghari

For all the sweet lovers out there, Surti Ghari is a treat for you all. It is made up of puri batter, milk mawa, ghee and sugar. It is then molded into round shapes with a sweet filling. To make it more exciting it is also available in many varieties and flavors such as pistachio, almond-elaichi and mawa. It is available during all the 12 months but Surti people make it a note to have it on Chandani Padva along with Bhusu (also a specialty of Surat). The other significance of Ghari is that it provides extra strength. You can try out this dish at Jamnadas ni Ghari at Surat.


4 Surti Locho

Surti Locho served with spicy chutney along with sev with a desi touch is an out of the world combination. It comprises of chana dal, urad dal, poha and chili along with spices. The top 3 places from where you can get the best Locho in Surat are: Jalaram Locho Stall, Jani Farsan & Locho Centre and Gopal Locho & Khaman house. You will get the best Locho over here. You don’t need much of an excuse to share this surprisingly yummy creation.


5Surti Ponk Vada

Also known as Green Sorghum Fritters; Ponk Wada is also one of the many specialties of Surat. Ponk Vada comprises of Surti Ponk, gram flour, rice flour and chili ginger garlic paste with a pinch of sodium bicarbonate. This tasty spicy dish is served hot with onion, fried chili and green chutney. Ponk is an ingredient which is available only during the winter season so if you want to have ponk vada you must visit Surat during the winters! However it is available in Surat even during other seasons by substituting ponk with green Tovar.


6Surti Sev-Khamani

Sev-Khamani of Surat is known as the daddy of all dishes! This snack is very tempting and fulfilling. If you are full and wish to eat something light then this is the correct snack to feed on. It is made with split chick-pea and topped with green chili and ginger chutney and sev. Madhi’s Sev-Khamni is very popular. Here along with chutney and sev they also add pomegranate to their topping.


7Khichu of Surat

One of the healthiest Gujarati snack is Khichu. Steamed rice flour topped with oil and pickle masala is what Khichu is. There are a variety of tastes and toppings available at Surat! If you want to spice up your dish you can add extra pickle masala. It is served hot only. You will enjoy eating it hot otherwise it will become sticky. To have one of the tastiest Khichu of Surat you must visit Dadi maa nu Khichu at Athwagate. Even if you don’t like Khichu you will become a great fan of it after eating at this place.




9A-One’s Cold Coco

Cold Coco can be served at any time, after any meal as a dessert as a great soothing drink. Irrespective of their age everyone would love to take this chocolaty drink. Cold coco contains milk, cocoa powder, sugar, corn-flour and a dairy milk chocolate bar. So if you are in Surat then don’t forget to add cold coco to your food bucket list and that too of A-one. A-one is popular across all youngsters and elderly alike. Courtesy their chocolaty, milky coco that is a chocolate goodness even  that Nutella will drool over. Try it without fail!


10Batar’s Ice-Dish

Ice-Dish is such a dish which you will enjoy everywhere. There are ice lollies, there are Golas and then there is this dish. Ice dish at Back Street of Batar offers a reprised, soothing version of ice that hasn’t been explored that much in India. Ice-dish is a complete package comprising of syrups, dry fruits and flavours, all on ice! You don’t need to wait for heaven anymore! There are many exciting flavours available at this place. You will definitely get confused on which dish to choose and which not.


11Gangaur Mawa Kulfi

Whether it is main course dish or a starter or snacks or dessert, Surat has a speciality in all fields! Mawa Kulfi at Gangaur will blow your mind! At Gangaur, the mawa kulfi served is fresh, yummy and creamy which is a paradise for kulfi-lovers!  They have a variety of kulfi’s at their place or we can say that there is an array of kulfi’s. But the best of all is the mawa kulfi and the strawberry kulfi! Don’t forget to bulge on this two kulfi’s once you visit Surat.


12Chowk’s Rasawala Khaman

You must have tried Khaman before but ever heard of Rasawala Khaman? Most probably the answer will be in negation. This is a new variation to the popular Gujarati snack khaman known as Rasawala Khaman found only at Surat! It will definitely blow your mind! In rasawala Khaman the khamans are topped with a spicy Ras which is made from three types of Dal along with other spices. So to have this popular dish in Surat you must visit Jai Jalaram Rasawala Khaman at Chowk Bazaar. It is a must try.


13Gandakaka’s Fafda

Fafda-Jalebi is one such gujarati snack which people would like to indulge in during any day without any occasion. Gujarati’s will have this dish for breakfast as well as dinner. So if you are in Surat then you must visit the stall of GANDAKAKA’S Fafda. It is a food stall that rings the taste buds of the entire city! Try out his fafda and jalebi, they are out of the world. If you visit Surat and don’t try out these dishes  then you will surely regret it.


14Aloo Paratha of Krishna

Who doesn’t love some amazing and yummy parathas for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Everyone loves this dish. Loaded with butter or ghee and stuffed with the stuffings you wish to have, parathas are India’s answer to delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. The stuffings vary from paratha’s to paratha’s. if you opt for Aloo paratha then it will be stuffed with baked potatoes along with coriander. It can also have stuffings of different kinds of veggies or mix-veggies. So without thinking for a second time you must try out the parathas at Krishna Parathas in Piplod.


15Rander’s Aloo Puri

There are various Aloo Puris all over the world, but Surat’s Aloo Puri is one of its kind. Aloo Puri is a dish which consists of potatoes, different kinds of chutneys, sev, onion, tomato and puri. So Aloo Puri at Rander, where the puri’s are deep fried topped with potatoes, chutneys, onions and lots of other savoury goodness, is a die for! It’s a must have. Rander’s Aloo Puri taste will mesmerize you and you will never have such a tasty dish anywhere in the world other than Surat!


16Bhagal’s Surti Khaja

This particular Gujarati snack is the most popular, especially during rainy seasons in Surat. It is a delicious crispy snack. It is served immediately after it is deep fried. It is served hot with lemon sprinkled over it.. And so there is a sweet version to this dish and a savoury version too. Try both. Pick out any popular shop in the Bhagal area in Surat and you will not regret having it.


17Nankhatai’s Biscuits

No doubt these biscuits are available everywhere but the source is Surat. It is a world famous Surti biscuit manufactured nowhere else with the delicious taste as in Surat. It is sweet in taste made in different sizes; Regular size, King size and small size. It is specially consumed at tea time during morning or noon to wonder your mind and tongue. Tourists gets oodles of Nankhatais packed when they leave  the city. Its definitely worth a try!


18Collegian Chaat

Chaat is a spicy chick-pea snack which you would like to have it when you are hungry! It will be low on calories and it is also one of the healthy options to have. It’s on the list of every student of Surat so why not your’s? packed with roasted peanuts and the quintessential sev, collegian chaat is delicious and total paisa vasool snack.




From west of India, Surti Bhusu is crunchy, tangy mixture of chick-pea strings, pressed rice, cornflakes, split chick-peas, puffed rice, peanuts and spices. Bhusu falls under Farsan section. There is sev, ganthiya, mamra, chevdo and ground-nut. This delicious dish has a wholesome taste to it on consumption of a full pack crunch in one’s mouth. You will found Bhusu in every Surti’s house. It is Indianized version of spicy trail mix.


20Moongdal Kachori

Crispy, flaky shells with a delectably spicy filling of cooked and seasoned yellow moong dal, every bite of these kachori is worth a fortune! These can be eaten as a snack, or along with your meals. This dish is full of proteins due to the presence of moong in its filling. So therefore it is a great choice for the diet-conscious people out there including kids!


So now that you know what dishes you need to try when you visit Surat, plan a visit as soon as possible and try out all these exciting dishes!