Top 21 Gujarati Dishes

top 21 gujrati dishes

The Gujarati community of the people belong to the Jain caste and are situated largely throughout the nation. Due to the prohibition of consuming the non-vegetarian food, the Gujarati people have through the ages mastered the art of cooking by using the vegetables. They have created a number of traditional dishes by repeating the inclusion of some specific spices and cooking methods. Here are some of the best Gujarati dishes that can be enjoyed by every vegetarian:

1.Methi Thepla (Dhebra)

Methi Thepla is a type of a bread which is made from a wheat flour with the addition of the fenugreek leaves. The Thepla mixture is made into a flatbread and roasted on the desi ghee. Thepla can be sometimes soft and sometimes a bit crunchy and is served with yoghurt or sweet tangy pickles.methi-thepla-dhebra


Khandvi is a snack made out of gram flour paste. This paste made of the gram flour and turmeric is skilfully rolled into rolls and is pestered with mustard seeds, sesame, cumin and coriander. This hot steaming rolls with the flavoured topping are relished by everyone in India.khandvi

3.Khaman Dhokla

Khaman is a gram flour spongy cake which is topped with the sesame, mustard and the cumin seeds pester. Sometimes this cake is also made of rice and comes in various types like- Sandwich Dhokla, masala Dhokla, etc. This savoury cake is served with mint and coriander or tamarind chutney and fried chillies.


 4.Gujarati Kadhi

It is a type of a hot soup made with gram flour and curd. It is pestered with the red round chilies and cumin seeds. The sweet hot and sour flavors of the Kadhi make the best combination. Sometimes this Kadhi is served cold to fight off the heat.gujarati-kadhi

5.Sev Tamatar Vegetable

This dish is the most cooked dish in the Gujarati family. The tomatoes are cooked in a thick curry with the condiments and is presented with Shev (a typical savoury Gujarati snack). The Shev balances the spicy flavour of the tomatoes and also add crisp to the vegetable.sev-tamatar-vegetable


Undhiyu is the most ancient and a traditional dish of the Gujarati cuisine which is made of the winter vegetables like brinjals, potatoes, coconut, peas, methi, etc. This lip smacking vegetable is served with puris (fried bread). The traditional Undhiyu vegetable is cooked and served in earthen pots with a garnishing of peanuts, coconut, and coriander sesame seeds.undhiyu


Handva is made by a mixture of lentil flours, rice flour and buttermilk. This Gujarati snack is crisp on the covering but it is soft in the inside with the dominating tastes of chilies and coriander.handva

8.Bardoli Ki Khichadi

Every Gujarati eats Khichadi at least once in a day. Bardoli Khichadi is a rice dish with potatoes, peas, raw mangoes, dal and spices cooked together and it is eaten along with the Kadhi, curd, papad and pickle.bardoli-ki-khichadi

9.Bateta Nu Shaak

This is a potato curry which is cooked with many traditional Indian spices. This vegetable is served with the roti or the bhakri (Indian flat bread).


10.Surati Dal

It is a thick dal soup which is added with ginger and garlic paste and it is pestered with cumin seed, curry leaves, mustard seeds, asafoetida and coriander. This soup is eaten with rice.surati-dal

11.Lilva Kachori

This is s dumpling made of the wheat flour and is filled with a green pea mash with the hint of coriander, chillies and mint. This calorie full fried dumpling is of great satisfaction to the tongues.lilva-kachori


Ghughra is a sweet fried dumpling which is made of a crispy flour covering and is filled with fresh or dry coconut flavored with cinnamon and dry fruits. This dish is mainly prepared in the times of festivals.



Muthiya are small crispy cutlets which are made from a mixture of flour, fenugreek, turmeric, chili powder and other basic Indian spices and are deep fried. The houses of the Gujarati people are stuffed with these Muthiya which are eaten as a tea time snack.


14.Aam Ka Chunda (Mango Chutney/ Pickle)

It is a raw mango chutney which is added with chili powder, turmeric, fenugreek seeds, and cumin seeds and is preserved in the jars in which they get their sweet and sour flavor. It is eaten as an accompaniment to the meals. The Gujarati housewives make this Chunda in summer in large quantities and consume it for the whole year.aam-ka-chunda


Biranj is a sweet rice dish consisting of some aromatic flavours like saffron, nutmeg, cardamom, etc. This rice has the perfect amount of sweetness and Indian spices.biranj


Rotlo/ Roti as they are called is a circular shaped thick flat bread which accompany the vegetables. The Rotlo are made of bajri, jowar, corn flour, etc. Rotlo is an everyday dish that every Gujarati cooks and eats.rotlo

17.Puran Poli

Just like the Rotlo, Puran Poli too is a type of a sweet flat bread which has a layer of gram flour, jaggery, cardamom, nutmeg, etc. mixed together. Puran Poli is served with a dollop of desi ghee. In some parts of Gujarat Puran Poli is made of a very small size and is dipped in desi ghee before serving.puran-poli

18.Surti Locho

It is a mixture of some lentils, beaten rice, rava, etc. grinded into a paste and steamed in a steamer. Chilies, coriander, cumin, etc. are added to the batter to bring flavor to it. Locho is served with the Namkeen Shev, lemon, onion and chutney. In Rajasthan and Gujarat, this dish is sold on the streets and people enjoy it as a street food.surti-locho

19.Velan Laapsi

Velan Laapsi is a wheat flour dish in which the wheat flour is heated till they become golden brown and added with jaggery and lots of Desi ghee. This sweet dish is easy to make and it is mostly prepared in the times of festivals and special occasions only. This satisfying porridge has to be relished when it is hot.velan-laapsi

20.Churma Na Ladva

These are sweet balls made with a mixture of gram flour (Besan and wheat flour) cardamom and desi ghee. Dry fruits and funnel seeds are added to the mixture to make the dish richer.churma-na-ladva


This is a fudge made of the gram flour. The nicely roasted gram flour is added with sugar/ jaggery, cardamom, nutmeg and sliced dry fruits and it is served in small cube pieces at the time of festivals.