20 Dishes You Must Try at Mohammed Ali Road

Dishes You Must Try at Mohammed Ali Road

For every food fanatic in Mumbai, Mohammed Ali road is must visit place. Most famous and crowded khau Galli with countless pop-up stalls and legendry restaurants are paradise for meat lovers. Not just during the Ramadan but you will get delicious delicacies on regular days as well. If you are a newbie and want to explore more about Mohammed Ali road just go ahead and have a delicious food walk. Here we are to help you on the food you just can’t miss!

1 Nalli Nihari

It may sound weird name, but this is the most delicious dish. Marinated with the variety of spices with the slow cooked lamb and mutton is simply tempting. With the hot and soft tandoori roti or rice, taste will just get better and better!


2 Surti Barah Handi

The dish follows a conventional method of cooking with beef, chicken and mutton. For the paya lovers this dish is highly recommended with the huge, soft naans. Just start your food journey by having paya soup along with Surti barah handi.


3 Sanju baba Chicken

It is a signature recipe of Mughlai eatery Noor Mohammadi and name of the dish is inspired by the famous Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. Special gravy based chicken dish with the variety of spices is favourite among the customer. Menu card is set along with favorite dishes of Sanjay Dutt, so if you want to know more about his food, then this is the place for you.

Sanju Baba

4 Quail Dishes

Indian style Tandoori quail is not just mouth-watering but cheap as well. Smoky tandoori food is heaven for chicken lovers. Not just smoky but masala they use to add spice to the dish, something that spicy food lover would love it. So, just get it!


5 Kebab

Mohammed Ali road is THE destination for all kebab lovers. You will get several options in kebabs, but we will suggest you Seekh and Tangradi kabab. Street with several pops-up kebab stall with smoky aromas is waiting for you.


6 Haleem

The traditional dish is popular for the meat lovers.  Haleem is made up of wheat or barley, meat and sometimes lentils. You just can’t miss delicious Haleem if you are on food walk and meat lover.


7 Bheja Fry

Isn’t it sound different but wait, this is the yummy street food made with goat brain with the texture of eggs that are cooked with different spices. You might avoid this because of name but just try once, and you will never stop loving. For all the non-vegetarian foodies Bheja Fry is seriously a MUST TRY!


8 Shawarmas

Nobody does as authentic Shawarmas like Mohammed Ali road. Shawarma pav wraps or with roti is the best and cheap as well. You will get this wraps between Rs. 20 to Rs. 50. Just to see those slices of well-cooked chicken is a great treat.


9 Malai Kabab

They are delicious and juicy as the name suggests. With the sour cream and chicken, this kabab’s will be treating your appetizer very well.  Just don’t go without eating them and don’t stop until they make your tummy happy.

malai kebab

10 Egg roll

Delicious egg rolls are just perfect if you are done with heavy meal. Fried eggs are wrapped into a paratha or chapatti. Not just after your heavy meal but they are also good for starters. So just skip spring rolls and have some egg rolls.

egg roll

11 Khiri Kaleji

If you are too used to barbeque chicken, then you must try kaleji, i.e. liver roasted and fried on charcoal. Street barbeque is cheap to your pocket and tasty as well. Just stop at Bismillah stall and have glimpse that might fascinate you to eat.

khiri khilji

12 Zuban Fry

If you want to try something different and adventurous enough then, you must try Zuban Fry (goats tongue). Bademiyah is famous for Zuban fry.

zuban fry

13 Biryani

You might forget about this or wait for this but “agar biryani na khaya toh kya khak khaya” common dialogue among the biryani lover. Each stall on the streets cooks a different biryani with the variety in the taste and spices used. Just forget about everything and be loyal to your Biryani!


14 Khichda

If you are just fed up of Biryani, then you must try this. Mutton, rice, spices is the best meal from the man sitting with huge vessel full of Khichda.


15 Malpua

One MUST try this once in a life and you’d never want to live Noorani milk centre. They are like pancakes deep fried with sugar syrup and famous during Ramadan.


16 Phirni

If you are done with all spicy food, then it’s time for some desserts. Served in clay pot is a mixture of ground rice, milk, sugar and saffron. Phirni is a treat to all who love sweet. Those clay pots add some authentic taste one will never forget.


17 Mawa jalebi

Darker and richer in taste, full of Mawa’s you will never have such Jalebi’s other than here. Burhanpur Mawa Jalebi store is popular for Mawa jalebis. Jalebis here are made using mawa along with arrowroots and milk.

mawa jalebi

18 Saandal

Served with dudh malai is delicious rice made sweet dish and one should not miss. Saandal at Al Qadri is served with tooti- fruity and jelly. Just don’t go without eating such lavish sweet dish.


19 Malai Khaja

This is actually Ramadan special dish made of Maida, cream and milk. Those flaky, crispy and soft Khaja will grab your attention. Just visit some of the sweet shops like Tawakkal and you will be delighted with such sweetness.

malai kaja

20 Baba falooda

To end your food walk this might be a lovely end. Late at night in the winter season shahi falooda’s are not to be missed. Along with this you may try rabbadi kulfi falooda. Baba falooda is famous for all these great lavish desserts.

baba falooda

So, what are you waiting for! Just go and have a food walk. Explore more and more new dishes and just let yourself go with the foodie flow.