Top 20 Best Foods of Mussoorie

Best Foods of Mussoorie

As Mussoorie, queen of hills, being a cold place people love to come here in every season of the year. It is the most popular tourist destination and it numerous cuisines to offer. As a tourist from all over the country and even outside from the country visit here. So, here one can get many choices of food items. But some specific food items, are loved here some are local food items and some are from all over the India which tourists love to have in Mussoorie those are mentioned below:

1. Momos

It is a type steamed bun with some form of feeling with garlic and chilly touch in it and it can be eaten with chutneys most people love to eat it with shezwan chutney. In the cold weather of Mussoorie spicy momos with spicy chutney it’s just impossible to resist it.


2.  Veg maggie

Maggie itself is the yummy item that no one can resist and in the cold weather of Mussoorie you will love to have it. It is made with many vegetables like onions, tomato capsicum, putting in it and very well garnished with coriander leaves and make it tasty and irresistible.

veg maggie

3. Omelet

Omelette is another loved food in the streets of Mussoorie as there are many restaurants which serves omelette with different style and even eggrolls are one of them. There is an omelette points in Mussoorie called lovely omelette centre here you’ll enjoy the cheese omelette like you’ll remember it. Hot omelette in the lap of mountains of Mussoorie must enjoy.


4. Parathas

All time loved food of Indians, in Mussoorie you will find various kind of parathas at     almost all restaurants like paneer parathas, aalo parathas, gobhi parathas (cauliflower paratha), muli paratha(radish paratha),aalo matar pyaas paratha(potato, peas and onion parathas). There are so many variety of parathas there that each time you’ll find a new flavour, a new taste in it. And hot parathas in chilled cold weather you will love to have it.


5. Pasta 

Pasta is Italian food garnished with vegetable in Mussoorie. You will find red sauce pasta and white sauce pasta here. Different restaurants have different taste. It serves as yummy dish for children who come to visit there. It is a good combination of hot pasta in cold weather in mountains of Mussoorie


6. French fries

steamed potatoes cut in strips and fried and served with green coriander chutney or shezwan chutney irresistible in the weather of Mussoorie and even loved by the people visiting there.


7. Popcorn

It is one of the lovable time pass food item while roaming around the mall road. Enjoying the scenic beauty of the Mussoorie and having something nice for your tummy.


8. Bhel puri

Bhelpuri is a savoury snack, it’s a type of snack loved by Indians having it while having fun in Mussoorie will be memorable forever. Combination of puffed rice namkeen different flavours of chutney with some onion and tomato in it mouth-watering recipe.

bhel puri

9. Aalo daal pakoda

It is one the favourite dish of Indians which can be enjoyed with hot tea. Locally also this dish is loved and the tourists who visit there also carves for this.

aloo dal

10. Bhaang ki khatai

Bhaang ki khatai is awesome recipe with bhang seed ground with cumin seeds and red chillies into a fine paste and then cooked with buttermilk. It is local Garhwali recipe which can be served with parathas it increases the taste of food item.

bhng ki

11. Thechwani

There is also a touch of Uttarakhand local recipes in Mussooorie, you can enjoy thechwani. It is prepared by crushing of boiled potatoes or radish roots with the touch of ginger and garlic in it and very well garnished with coriander leaves. It is local food of Mussoorie as kumaoni people live there.

Thechwani 9

12. Sisunak saag

It is a dry curry prepared with nettle leaves locally called ‘bicchu ghas’. This is very nutritious and tasty as well. It is boiled in water with some salts in it and it is garnished with tomato and butter. It is served hot with boiled rice and it’s taste no one can resist if you are in Mussoorie you must try it.


13. Kafuli

It is a thick gravy preparation made from green leafy vegetable. It is made of Spanish leaf in most common preparation and mashed vegetable cooked in mustard oil or in pure ghee. Eat with roti or kulcha mouth-watering combination.


14. Aalo ke ghutke

It is local snack made up of boiled Pahari potato some spices in it. It is the most loved food in the winter of localities in Mussoorie as well as the tourists.

alo ke

15. Sani hui mooli

Mouth water dish, tempting mixture of radish, lemon, and paste of bhang seeds it’s just irresistible dish that anyone can have. It is served in many hotels of Mussoorie and is also loved by tourists as well as local people.


16. Tandoorie roti

Combining it with any of spicy dish and have it and It will increase your pleasure of having it. In the hills of Mussoorie tourists coming here demand for tandoori rotis more than any other rotis.

taNdoori royi

17. Bhutta(sweet corn)

you will start seeing bhuttas while travelling from Dehradun to Mussoorie on streets. Tourists love eating it as it is hot and something which tastes nice and good for health as well. You’ll fine two types of corns here one is boiled one and another is roosted one. It’s very hard to resist bhutta while travelling to mussoorie.


18. Momo soup

In the cold weather sizzling hot soup momo soup also known as mokthuk in regional language with lamen means fried noodles and garnished with some vegies, who wants to miss. You can enjoy it at the rate of your pocket and will enjoy the warmth of it.

momo soup

19. Chicken

you can find variety of dishes of non-veg and chicken is one of them. There are many dishes of chicken which is served here like tandoori chicken, chicken curry, chilli chicken, butter chicken, chicken momos. I’m sure no one can resist this tempting dish in Mussoorie.


20. Roast Lamb

Rosemary, salt and pepper with some extra virgin oil steeped in red wine with a garlic touch in it which non-vegetarian want to miss it. It a different joy to eat roast lamb in the hills of Mussoorie. Tourists coming here carves for this.

roast lamb