20 Easy No-Bake Valentine Day Treats

20 Easy Non-Baked Foods For Valentine Day Special

On the day of love, let’s make our dear ones feel special. Not only for your better halves, but you can also make wonderful treats for your friends and family. Don’t feel like switching on your oven? No worries, make easy no bake desserts this Valentine’s day.

1.Pink yogurt popsicles

These mouth-watering popsicles will take your heart away. The wonderful strawberries make it rich in antioxidants and yogurt gives the protein. These are easy to make and serve.


2.Oreo cheesecake stuffed strawberries

February is the season of red and pink (as it symbolizes love). Make it worth by creating these bite- sized, creamy strawberries. These are very simple to make and too yummy to be true. For the ones who don’t like Oreo, you can replace them with graham crackers as well.


3.Snickers pie

For the Snickers lovers, this is a perfect no bake pie to relish on Valentine’s day. Snickers is a protein- enriched bar as we all know and so you will feel healthy after having it. Delicious in its own way, this pie is very easy to make.


4.Triple chocolate brownies

This recipe involves three types of chocolate and will drive you crazy. These gooey and scrumptious fudge brownies will load you with pleasure. Don’t miss on these.


5.Valentine heart whoopie pies

All you need is a cookie cutter and some enchanting Valentine special sprinkles, and you are good to go. These fancy treats will make your heart melt and everyone would definitely love them. Make this day special with minimum efforts.


6.Red velvet cheesecake

This fascinating dessert seems perfect for the day of love. Yummy and creamy, this cheesecake is so fast and easy to make that you won’t be able to resist yourself for both eating and making it.



It is an Italian dessert and super delicious. It is the easiest of all and just involves a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or gelato and espresso shots. After pouring the coffee, serve quickly to enjoy to fullest.


8.Strawberry Fudge

It is a two ingredient recipe, and you can enjoy the most of it on Valentine’s. You just need white chocolate and strawberry frosting, and your fudge is ready to melt in your mouth. If you are feeling fancy, you can sprinkle tiny hearts on them or cut the fudge into heart shapes as well.


9.Chilled double chocolate torte

This vegan recipe will make you run out of your senses. The avocado makes it more creamy and luscious. Serve this to your Valentine, and he/she will love you even more. Though, no one is going to believe what ingredients actually go into these delicious tortes.


10.Peppermint Oreo barks

These are easy to make and will surely fulfil your craving for sweets. Use that Oreo pack inside your kitchen to make wonderful Valentine dessert. The peppermint flavor will give it a better taste and don’t forget to decorate well. These make the best last minute gifts.


11.No-bake chocolate cake

Though it is not a real cake, the fusion of chocolate with cream will make you have this over and over again. You are getting the same sinful taste of a chocolate cake without even using your oven. What more do you want?


12.Chocolate mousse

As we know chocolate is a symbol of love and passion, how can we not include it in our dessert? This mousse is an elegant and sophisticated concoction that we can make at homes as well as restaurants for everyone to enjoy its taste.


13.Valentine’s marshmallow pops

These handmade pops are so much better than the machine made ones. Just dip your marshmallows into some appetizing chocolate and sprinkle some tiny hearts to give them a Valentine’s look.


14.White Chocolate and Cranberry Pot de Crème

Nothing beats glitter. Add a little sparkle to your romantic day with this creamy and mouth watering dessert. It will surely make your partner love you even more, with just a very simple recipe.


15.Pink granola bars

In this health conscious world, these nutritious granola bars along with some pink and red M&Ms will let you and your partner enjoy health conscious Valentine’s. We all can eat this throughout the year and satisfy our sweet tooth.


16.Mini Nutella cheesecake

Who does not love Nutella? From kids to us elders, everyone dips their finger in that sweet jar of happiness and licks in. Bite sized desserts are not only fascinating but also helps us eat calories in small quantities. These tiny treats are perfect for Valentine’s.


17.Sweetheart Pops

Candy canes in a totally new shape! These are innovative yet very easy to make. Surprise your Valentine with these cute heart shaped lollies, and they will surely feel special.


18.Chocolate heart pudding cups

You are surely going to need a heart shaped mold this Valentine’s. This dainty recipe helps you to have the entire dessert with its cup as you can even make the cup out of chocolate. Do not miss this one as chocolate is the key to almost everyone’s hearts.   


19.Peanut butter pies

Peanut butter and chocolate, as we all know is the best combination of all times. It is light and addictive at the same time. The luscious flavors will mesmerize you. Try this easy, no bake recipe to please your loved ones and make them feel special.


20.Misty minty peppermint patties

These pastel colors will take your heart away. This season of love, make these magical mint patties and make everything right. This effortless and easy candy making technique will awe you into making more of it.


Let them feel loved! Have a wonderful Valentine’s day!