Top 20 Heavenly Chocolate Desserts


Chocolate is the most sorts after sweet of all times. It has been used since time immemorial to convey feelings to each other. People gift chocolates to their valentine on Valentine’s Day; we distribute chocolates on our birthday, gift chocolate to people wishing their good health and so on. Be it this way or that it has become an inseparable part of our lives. Some group (like me for example) cannot imagine their life without them.


Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Frosting

When one thinks of chocolate, the first thing that comes to our mind is Chocolate Cake. If the cake is also frosted with chocolate frosting then nothing beats the taste of that bar. There may be many recipes involving chocolate but this classic Chocolate Cake tops the chart in the run for best dessert. Be it a small kid or an old aged person no one can resist the taste of a Chocolate Cake. The taste of this cake can differ according to the proportions of Cocoa powder used by you or the baker, so look carefully through recipe to get best results.


Lava Cake

This is an absolutely luscious dessert involving chocolate. The Cake is called Chocolate Lava Cake for a reason. When we cut through this cupcake, Lava of Chocolate oozes out of the dessert. This dessert is a little peculiar owing to the fact that in some recipes flour is not used to make this dessert and in other Choc chips are placed in the centre of the cupcake so that when it bakes the chips melt and produce the lava. Whatever it may be this Cake is a must taste for all Chocolate lovers as it absolutely chocolaty!!


Chocolate Cream Pie

A Pie is an all time favorite of the westerners as it combines the two textures- soft and crunchy to produce a delicious result. A Cream Pie is a pie in which the filling is filled with spongy cream and in this case it is chocolate. The Chocolate Cream is tremendously soft and so supple that it melts in your mouth. It is even better when the Pie crust also contains Chocolate.


Chocolate Brownie

A Brownie is somewhere between a cake and a cookie and can be fudgy or cakey. A Chocolate Brownie is the best dessert for those who like the dense Chocolate texture. Sometimes nuts are also included to enhance the chocolate flavor of the brownie. They are considered the best tea time complement and are often had during the day. Have them for an everlasting chocolate experience. The combination of brownie and vanilla ice cream is the best dessert in my opinion.


Chocolate Souffle

A Souffle is an egg based dessert which egg yolks and beaten egg whites and baked in an oven. It has a really loaded taste. Chocolate Souffle is a divine dessert that is moist, creamy and profound. This dessert is best suited for those who do not mind eggs in their dessert. If made correctly, the taste of egg does not overpower the dish and leaves behind a blissful memory.


Chocolate Mousse

A Mousse is a type of cream in which air bubbles are incorporated to give it a light and airy texture. Chocolate Mousse is a one-time opportunity as every baker has his own way of making a mousse. Just by looking at or feeling its creamy texture can send you into frenzy. Once you keep the first spoon in your mouth it is really difficult to stop. I feel it should come with an addiction warning as I still haven’t been able to stop my Mousse cravings.


Chocolate Cupcake

A Cupcake is type of cake which is baked in small mould and later decorated with cream and sprinklers. Chocolate Cupcakes are the best when they are topped with Chocolate Ganache and sprinklers. These Cupcakes are the cutest little things and are really liked by children. Just looking at them can give you calories. Be careful!


Chocolate Fondue

A Fondue is kind of chocolate dip in which fresh fruits or marshmallows are dipped and had immediately. It is a bright dessert and mostly had as past time food. Now-a-days a lot of chocolate fountains are arranged in parties and they can be called a Fondue. The combination of strawberries and chocolate is lovely. Don’t forget to try it if you ever come across one.


Chocolate Bread Pudding

A Bread Pudding as the name suggest is made up of bread, milk and cream. A Chocolate Bread Pudding is chocolate overload. It is often combined with Creme Fraiche to lower the dense chocolate taste of this dish. It is enough to make you count your calories. Trust me I have had this dish and it is damn good!


Chocolate Truffle Tart

A Tart is basically a type of pie which is small in shape and filled with ganache or mousse. Chocolate truffle tart has a chocolate crust with chocolate ganache and sometimes cream on top to give it that much needed acidity. Have it with your tea for a fulfilling experience.


Chocolate Oreo Truffle

Chocolate Oreo Truffles are a dream on your tongue. Your favorite Oreo biscuits are powdered and mixed with cream cheese and finally coated with chocolate to make these delectable truffles. They have such chocolaty and yes, Oreo taste that they can make you go fanatical for them. They make a really tasty substitute to our standard Oreo biscuits.



Chocochip Cookies

Who loves cookies? I do. I devour them. And when we are having a countdown for chocolate goodies we surely cannot leave behind these babies. Choco Chip cookies are the dream of every child (and mine though I am not a kid! Miss those days!). These cookies are the best when they are hot and fresh. They tend to become chewy with time. Buy fresh or bake them yourselves for the best results.


Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cakes are basically a mix of cake and ice cream that is combined together to produce one cake. It has both ice cream and cake that makes it absolutely delicious and wants you to have more. The taste of cool ice cream along with the chocolate cake is utterly scrumptious. Just add a little bit of chocolate ganache and some nuts and have the time of your life.


Chocolate And Orange Tart

The combination of chocolate and orange is loved by all and liked by chefs who work with it. The sweetness of chocolate combined with the acidity and tanginess of the orange creates a perfect balance of tastes, that makes these tarts mouth watering. Add a little of chocolate sauce on the top to complete the experience.


Chocolate Pound Cake

A Pound Cake is basically a cake that is made with ingredients in the ratio of 1:1 i.e., a pound of flour and other ingredients. Chocolate Pound Cake is one such recipe and is absolutely luscious if made right. Have it with some cream and chocolate sauce for a fulfilling experience.


Chocolate Shortcake

Shortcake is basically a type of biscuit cake which is later topped off with some cream and fresh fruits. It is usually eaten along with tea or coffee and is the star of tea parties. Chocolate Shortcake is one such recipe. The combination of strawberries and chocolate in shortcakes are the most popular.


Chocolate Panini

Chocolate Panini can be called a breakfast dessert as it uses bread and mostly had in the morning. When the Panini are taken out of the grill and cut open the chocolate oozes out making our stomach growl. Who knew Panini’s could be this tasty.


Chocolate Pavlova

A Pavlova is meringue based dessert filled with cream. Here the base is made of chocolate i.e., the Pavlova is made of chocolate and topped of with cream and fresh fruits. This dish is suited for those who like the light taste of meringue and fresh fruit.


Chocolate Torte

Chocolate torte is kind of chocolate cake but with many layers and filled with layers and layers of chocolate cream, ganache, whipped cream and mousse. This dessert is high in calorie but really tasty and thus many of the people do not care about the calorie intake. There are some chocolate torte completely made of mousse and they are just as heavenly.


Chocolate Biscuit

The last but not the least is the very classic chocolate dessert and that is the Chocolate biscuit. Enough for anyone who wants to control their chocolate cravings in about a minute. These biscuits help us control our cravings in the most easiest and healthy way.
I hope this run down helped you decide which one to try first. But if you ask me, I would point out pretty much everything that has chocolate as being the tastiest. Whatever it may be there can never be a substitute to Chocolate.