20 Facts About Chocolate

20 Facts About Chocolate

We have all heard of chocolate, haven’t we? And it’s loved by most of us,be it young or old. There is a humongous variety to choose from, and all are utterly delicious. Chocolate is mostly well known for its ill effects, but it also has some health benefits that we are unaware about. Let’s learn about different facts on it.

1.Chocolate originates from a seed

One pound of chocolate is made by four hundred cocoa beans. Each cacao tree will give around 2,500 beans. These serve as the basis of making chocolate.


2.We can use as a medicine

Chocolate contains flavonoids which play the role of an antioxidant (especially dark chocolates which contain eight times more than that in strawberries). Antioxidants help to protect the body from aging which causes by the production of free radicals, which can cause damage that leads to cardiovascular diseases. Flavonoids also balance certain hormones in the body. Cocoa and chocolate products act as medicines in various cultures since centuries.


3.The smell of chocolate triggers relaxation

It is usually recommended to eat chocolates during a depression or in during stressful situations. It is because the smell of chocolate will increase the theta brain waves and that will help us to relax.


4.White chocolate technically can’t be considered to be real chocolate

White chocolate is known to be a derivative of chocolate. It consists of mainly cocoa butter, milk solids, and sugar has a pale yellow appearance. It does not contain non-fat cocoa solid sand the primary nutritional component that is chocolate in its raw, unsweetened form.


5.600 flavor compounds are present in it

Chocolates can have a variety of flavors like sweet, bitter, fruity, and savoury all at one go. It has a vast collection of blends and tastes to make one significant package. The tropical cacao tree tells us a lot about the flavor and desire.



Hershey’s Kisses

It owes its name to the kissing sound that the machine makes while depositing the chocolate on the conveyor belt. Yes, you heard that right! Hershey’s makes around seventy million Kisses every day which is loved by one and all.


7.7 gms of dark chocolate a day keeps the doctor away!!

According to research studies, eating chocolate may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by about one-third. It has positive effects on human health like it boosts memory, reaction time, attention span and problem-solving skills as it increases the blood flow to the brain. It also has positive effects on cholesterol levels, insulin sensitivity and platelet function. Though you should not consume it in bulk else,you will become susceptible to various diseases. Too much chocolate can be fatal.


8.There is no link between acne and chocolate

Usually, we associate acne with chocolate eating, but as a matter of fact, they are not related. The German researchers say that the flavonoids present in chocolate absorb UV light and help in increasing the blood flow in the skin that leads to its improvement.


9.Chocolate can protect us against tooth decay!

That’s right! Now you can tell your mom about it so that she lets you eat without having a fear of cavities. Discoveries say that the cocoa bean husks have an antibacterial effect and prevents tooth decay. It is an experimentally proved theory that theobromine in chocolates helps to prevent our oral system. Hence we can say that chocolates are less harmful to our teeth than any other sweet products.


10.Chocolate can cure diseases

Chocolate is used to treat several ailments such as bronchitis in Oaxaca, Mexico. Children drink chocolate in the morning in some regions to cure scorpion and bee stings. Cyclists who drink chocolate milk after a workout are said to have less fatigue and high endurance than those having a sports drink. Yes, that is true!


11.Chocolate contains eight insect parts on an average

Shocking as it seems, this genuine contamination of the cocoa bean cannot be discarded and is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) itself. It is very arduous to avoid insects in your food. For that you need to completely stop eating to it. If you have allergies after eating chocolate, you can blame the cockroaches for it.


12.People were using chocolate as currency in earlier times

During the rule of the Aztec empire in Mesoamerica, cacao seeds were forms of money. Sometimes the soldiers were paid in chocolate during the Revolutionary war.



Chocolate dipped potato chips exist in real

Lay’s in America sold chips dipped in milk chocolate for a limited period. These wafers hada sweet and salty taste with crunchy and milky texture.



Too much chocolate can cause death

Thebromine in chocolate is a powerful stimulant and over dosage can cause poisoning leading to heart failure, dehydration, kidney damage, etc. For death to occur, 22lb of chocolate ingestion is required. So it’s better to control our sweet cravings else it may lead to our demise.


15.We celebrate World Chocolate day every year on 7th July

It is also referred to as International Chocolate Day and marks consumption of a lot of chocolates globally. On July 7, 2016, chocolate completed 466 years since it was first came to Europe. That’s a huge number now!


16.Chocolate is considered to be a sign of seduction

Chocolate is a symbol of love, passion, romance, and seduction. According to Italian research, women who eat more chocolate on a daily basis, have a higher level of desire and satisfaction from making love.


17.One chocolate chip can help a person walk 150 feet

Chocolate is considered to be high in energy, carbohydrate and has low GI which gives instant and long lasting power. It is an energy booster and increases our endorphin levels. Theobromine, caffeine, and theophylline are substances that have a stimulating effect on physical and psychological aspects of our body.


18.Madeleine is the most expensive chocolate in the world

It was created by Fritz Knipschildt in Connecticut and is the most expensive chocolate in the whole world.


19.A river of chocolate exists

In 1971, a chocolate river drowned the famous Augustus Gloop in the original film, Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. 15,000 gallons of water mixed with cream and chocolate made this stream but the cream spoiled the river casting it with a foul smell.


20.Europeans seem to love chocolate

Europeans are responsible for half of the world’s chocolate consumption. Mainly the Germans, Swiss, and Brit consume 11 kg of chocolate per year.