20 Mouth Watering Desserts that You Surely Cannot Afford to Miss in Bangalore!

20 Mouth Watering Desserts that You Surely Cannot Afford to Miss in Bangalore

For all those days, when just nothing works or neither falls, into place. Or, you’re done with your routine, and need a chill pill! For all those mad cravings and sudden hunger pangs! Head straight to these places, to experience the sweeter side of, ‘Namma Bengaluru’! Because ‘stressed’, spelled backward is ‘desserts’! Here are some yummy, gooey and finger licking good list of must-try desserts in Bangalore, that you cannot afford to miss! Crash that diet, go on a cheat day and dig into these gorgeous desserts one at a time. 

1.Death by Chocolate at Corner House

But first, let me get a DBC! Rich, Gooey Chocolate Cake, Topped with Chocolate Ice Cream, a warm Fudge Sauce, and some Cherries if you like…! Sounds truly Sinful, doesn’t it! Bangalore’s  iconic Dessert symbol, is worth all the Calories. Tell us if you could finish this one all by yourself!

Location: Several outlets across Bangalore.


2.Deep Fried Oreos at Art of Delight

If Oreos are your Weakness, you’ve got to head here! Piping hot Oreos, served with fried ice cream. Well, how can you go wrong, with Oreos?? We don’t think, you need to wait for an occasion to try this one out because Oreos don’t need one! Do they..? 

Location: 44/1, Residency Road.


3.Chocolate Blood Bath at Church Street Social

As a child, did you Dream of a World filled with Chocolate? Well, you can enter that World now! Grab a Chocolaty Blood Bath that includes Chocolate Ice Cream, topped with Chocolate Mousse, loaded with Chocolate Truffle and drizzled with Chocolate Fudge, all in one bowl. Stop imagining, grab it now! 

Location: M G Road, Whitefield.


4.Mango Mascarpone Slice by Spoonful of Sugar

The most iconic summer combination – juicy Alphonso Mangoes, layered with moist, fluffy Vanilla Cake and smooth Mascarpone Cheese. This crazy combination will drive you crazy for sure, and will have you asking for more! Well, we are awaiting summer, already!

Location: Koramangala, Indiranagar.


5.Grandma Vinnie’s Rustic Apple Pie Served with Ice Cream at Creme and Crust

Imagine, the Aroma of Vanilla, Cinnamon, Apples and a Flaky Pie Crust Baking away, that engulfed your Grandma’s home. Had always been wanting more, right..? Sit back and relax, as we’ve found you a similar place, that does this treat pretty well too! So Grandma, here I come! 

Location: Indiranagar.


6.Chocolate mousse cake at Cafe Max

Snuggled inside Indiranagar’s Goethe Institute, the German Chocolate Mousse Cake served at Café Max is one of the best and unrivaled Desserts you can ever try in Bangalore. Creamy, smooth and delicious. Well is there anything better you could ask for, on a lazy, cuddled weekend?

Location: Indiranagar


7.White chocolate & Sesame Pudding at Like That Only

A new and fascinating dessert of sorts. A Steamed White Chocolate pudding, infused with the lightly toasted flavour of white and black Sesame Seeds is a new dessert on the block that you should taste in Bangalore. A new place with an interesting approach! Sure try out, in Whitefield!

Location: Whitefield


8.Ferrero Rocher Cake at Truffles

Who wouldn’t love having a Ferrero Rocher, in any form? A chocolaty cake, doused in hazelnut cream and bits of Rocher. Crunchy, opulent and smooth. Dig into one bite, and you’ll find yourself yearning for more! Truly, madly soul satisfying! Trust us!

Location: Koramangala, St Marks Road, BEL Road.


9.Brownie Éclair at Desserted

Tucked away near the famous,  Mount Carmel College, you’ll have to brawl,  with feisty college girls to get your share of the sinful Éclair, deluged with a decadent brownie filling. Their elaborate, delectable menu and super comfy seating, will find you and your friends hanging around the place very often! Do tell us, if you discover anything yummier on the menu!

Location: Vasanthnagar.


10.Mango with Sticky Rice at Benjarong

Love and relish Mangoes??  Enjoy your rice too?? Get ready to experience a very different combo of both! The mildly sweet Coconut Milk, flavoured with the sticky Jasmine rice will give you a high on Thai and is a tantalising treat for your taste buds. One of the most loved desserts worldwide, it’s also a superb, comfort foodWell, get ready to travel to the ‘Land of the Dragons’, sitting right here in Bengaluru! 

Location: Ulsoor


11.Mobar Sundae, at Monkey

Your favourite Ice-cream Sundae in the form of a Sandwich??? Don’t be baffled and rush to Mobar to enjoy the Chocolate drenched Mobar Sundae, topped with all your childhood favourites – jelly, pralines, jujubes and whipped cream! Head out now to experience the awesomeness yourself!

Location: Indiranagar, Ashoknagar


12.Hot Chocolate Wantons, at Berry’d Alive

Always thinking about those yummy Wontons, you had at your favourite Chinese restaurant? Don’t frivol, because your favourite appetizer, is now a dessert too! A chocolate fanatic? Then you are going to be head over heels with this! Melted Chocolate along with Banana filled inside, piping hot Wantons served along with a warm Chocolate fudge sauce. Doesn’t this just make your mouth water? It already makes us drool! 

Location: Indiranagar, Koramangala


13.Banoffee Pie, in Dyu Art Cafe

The gorgeous and artsy ambiance of the Dyu Art Café along with the delicious, Banoffee pie that it offers on its quaint menu – is a match made in heaven! The awesome combo of ripe Bananas and the Gooey Toffee flavours will have you go Bananas.

Location: Koramangala


14.Crème Brule, at Olive Beach  

A pleasing locale definitely makes this incredible dessert taste, top-notch! Travel unto the warm interiors of the Mediterranean, in this upscale restaurant that pays attention to the details! The Crème Brule made here, is to perfection! Well-cooked vanilla cream, with a gorgeous sugary carapace. Aaahhh! “You’ll be back soon, for more,” is what the chef here always says! 

Location: Ashoknagar


15.Willy Wonka at Cream Stone

Ice cream created the teppanyaki way, what?? Have your ideal toppings, blended into your favourite ice cream flavour and topped with it too! Well, the famous ‘Cream Stone Ice Cream’ is in town, to brighten your weekends! Let the chef do his magic, or you choose your magical ingredients! Go crazy with flavours and get ready to get stoned on ice cream!! Quite literally! 

Location: Koramangala


16.The Gorgeously Baked Cheese Cake, at Glen’s Bakehouse

Make that Sunday outing, a bit more special! Head to Glen’s, to relish what smooth and a bit of crunch feels! It’s an interesting concoction on the palate and a definite not to miss if you are in and around the place!

 Location: Indiranagar, Lavelle Road, Whitefield


17.Tiramisu Cake, in Sunny’s

The Tiramisu here is the most tantalising one we’ve ever eaten, period.  The creamy mascarpone cheese takes this dessert to a whole new dimension! Don’t miss this one, as it is one of the city’s favourite eateries! 

Location: Lavelle Road, Indiranagar


18.Baked Cheese Cake from Claytopia

Minimalistic Divinity, perfectly describes this well balanced cheesecake. Not too sugary, nor too cheesy. It’s a combination of flavours, well mastered which works wonders with the Lime Granita, they serve alongside.

Location: Indiranagar, Koramangala


19.Chocolate Fondue, at Happy Ending

Dip your favourite whatever (actually), into a pot of heavenly melted chocolate, at this really ‘Happy’ place and ‘End’ your day on a pleasant note! Fondue your way into deliciousness and reach a state of calm!

Location: Bellandur


20.New York Baked Cheesecake, at Desmond’s

One of the city’s most revered watering holes, Desmond’s is most famous for its New York Baked Cheese cake and is valued, as one of the best-baked desserts in town for quite some time now. Well, now you need to get here soon and indulge in some cheesy sin! 

Location: Lavelle Road.


Hope, that this listing has got you drooling! Go binge into all of these and enjoy! You can thank us later for all calories;)