20 Famous Delicacies from Bhatinda

20 Famous Delicacies from Bhatinda

1. Sarso Da Saag

Sarso Da Saag is a gravy which is famous in Northern parts of India. People from Bhatinda prepare this dish in a delicious way. They cook Saag till it becomes soft and they make a paste of it. They add fried Onions, ginger-garlic paste, and tomato. It tastes good and they serve it with Roti or Naan. It is very healthy.


2. Makai ki Roti

Makai ki Roti is famous among the people in the Northern parts of India. It tastes good and is healthy. Makai means Corn in English. They prepare the powder of the corn and store it for making rotis. They serve this roti with Sarso Da Saag or some other gravy. It is similar to chapati but is made of Corn.


3. Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is a special dish from Bhatinda. People prepare the Chole sabji adding all the required masalas. Chole is a great combination with Bhature. Bhature is similar to Puri but it’s bigger in size than the Puri. It is tasty to eat. They make it from Maida i.e. the all-purpose Flour, unlike the Puri which they prepare from Wheat Flour.

chole-bhature chole-bhature-1

4. Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a gravy which has its origin from North-India. It is one of the popularly known dishes of Punjab. People add black lentils and kidney beans in it. They add cream or milk which adds to its taste and makes it a grand delicacy. People serve Dal Makhani with Roti, Naan, Paratha, and Rice.

dal-makhani dal-makhani-1

5. Samosa

Samosa is a snack item which originates from Punjab. Punjabi Samosa is famous all over India. It tastes delicious and is mouth-watering. There is a variety of Samosa’s available now all over the country. People serve Samosa with Pav and other chutneys. Samosa-Pav is a great food item which is cheaply available and satisfies the hunger.

samosa samosa-1

6. Pakoda

Pakoda is a snack item which comes from North-India. Pakoda is of different types. People make Pakoda from Onion, Potato, Cabbage, Shimla-Mirchi, Banana, etc. It tastes delicious. It makes a great combination with Pav. People serve it hot to enjoy its richness. During Monsoon, people all over the nation crave for having Pakoda.

pakoda pakoda-1

7. Lassi

Lassi is a drink which has its origin from Punjab. People in Bhatinda prepare Lassi by adding masala which adds the taste to Lassi. Lassi is a healthy drink which also fills your stomach. Punjabis perceptibly drink 2-3 big glasses of Lassi after their meals. It helps in proper digestion of the food.

lassi lassi-1

8. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is a dish from Punjab. People make this dish by adding the required masala, cream, and butter to the chicken cooked. Butter chicken is a Punjabi cuisine. People serve Butter Chicken with Roti, Naan, or Laccha Paratha. It is one of the mouth-watering non-veg dishes which they prepare. It is less spicy as compared to the other Chicken gravies.

butter-chiken butter-chicken

9. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is a chicken dish which is cooked inside the tandoor container. It is one of the famous cuisines of Punjab. The chicken is marinated with the spices. These spices add the flavors and taste to the chicken. Tandoori Chicken can be eaten without any side dish. People serve this mainly with green chutney, or mint chutney, which tastes delicious.

tandoori-chicken tandoori-chicken-1

10. Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is a delectable gravy which tastes delicious. Its ingredients include Palak, Paneer, and other spices. They cook and grind the Palak to make a paste of it, which is then put on flame for a while by adding all the other ingredients along with Paneer. They serve Palak Paneer with Roti, Naan, or Paratha. It is healthy and rich in nutrients.

palak-paneer palak-paneer-1

11. Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal is one of the best meals of all time. Rajma is healthy and Rice fills the stomach. They prepare Rajma gravy from Rajma and other ingredients. They serve it with Rice or Roti. Rajma is known as Kidney Beans in English. It has many health benefits. Having Rajma-Chawal helps in lowering the cholesterol level and increases the energy.

rajma-chawal rajma-chawal-1

12. Matar Paneer

Matar Paneer is a gravy. It includes Paneer, Matar, and other ingredients. It is served with Roti or Rice. It tastes delicious and is healthy too. Matar is first cooked for making it soft. All the masala is added with the onion, tomato puree, and ginger-garlic paste. They add Paneer at the end to maintain its softness.

matar-paneer matar-paneer-1

13. Aloo Gobi

Aloo in English means Potato while Gobi means Cauliflower. People prepare Aloo Gobi as gravy as well as dry sabzi which makes a great combination with Rice, Roti, or Chapati. This sabzi tastes delicious. Aloo Gobi vegetable includes ingredients like Potato, cauliflower, onion-garlic paste, tomato, turmeric, and masala. Punjabi people make this dish very tasty.

aloo-gobi aloo-gobi-1

14. Punjabi Kadhi

Punjabi Kadhi is gravy which is prepared from Dahi or yoghurt in English. It’s ingredients include gram flour which is deep fried, all-purpose flour or Maida, and fried Onions. For making Pakora, one can also add Spinach or Fenugreek leaves which will give a different taste to the dish. It is delicious and healthy. It makes a good combination with Roti or Rice.

punjabi-kadhi punjabi-kadhi-1

15. Jalebi

Jalebi is very famous among the people of India and Southern Asia. Jalebi is round in shape. People prepare it from all-purpose flour also known as Maida in Hindi. They fry this in the oil and also make sugar syrup alongside. After the fried Jalebi is taken out of the oil, it is put into the sugar syrup to absorb all the sweetness. It is a mouth-watering sweet dish which makes the part of every celebration and happiness.

jalebi jalebi-1

16. Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is a popular delicacy in the country. This is originated from the Punjab people which passed on to the entire nation. They prepare Aloo Paratha from Potato and Wheat flour. They stuff the cooked aloo into the wheat dough and flatten it to make it circular and fluffy. This dish is delicious and can be eaten without any side dish.aloo-parathaaloo-paratha-1

17. Paneer Makhani

Paneer Makhani is gravy which people prepare from Paneer and butter. This dish includes ingredients like tomato puree, onions, butter, milk cream, paneer, and cashewnuts. They also add masala to enhance the taste of Paneer Makhani. It makes a great combination with Indian Roti, Chapati, Naan, Kulcha, and Rice.

paneer-makhani paneer-makhani-1

18. Kada Prashad

Kada Prashad is a sweet dish which the Punjabi people prepare in Gurudwara. Punjabis also make this at their homes. People go to Gurudwara to have this prasad after worshiping the Lord. It is made from wheat flour, sugar, and ghee. It tastes delicious. They also add dry fruits which add to the taste of the delicacy.

kada-prasad kada-prasad-1

19. Pani Puri

Pani Puri is a snack item which is available all over the nation. North-Indians especially make probably the best Pani Puri. There is one similar dish known as Puchka, which usually resembles Pani Puri. But these two snacks differ from each other in terms of taste and making. Pani means Water, here it is the masala water and Puri is the crispy balls which are used to hold the chana masala and the masala water with the sweet chutney. It is mouth-watering and delicious.

panipuri panipuri-1

20. Rasmalai

Rasmalai is also known as Rose Malai. The solid part of the milk is removed and it is given small oval shapes. The liquid is made from boiling the milk with sugar flavoring substances. The name Ras means Juice and Malai means the cream of the milk. Once you have this sweet, you would go crazy on its taste. It is delicious and mouth-watering.

rasmalai rasmalai-1