20 Famous Delicacies Of Pilgrim City – Puri

20 Famous Delicacies Of Pilgrim City – Puri 1
20 Famous Delicacies Of Pilgrim City – Puri 1

Puri is known as pilgrim city of India. It is situated on the coastline of Bay of Bengal in the state of Odisha. The city is famous for the holy Jaganath temple. People from all over India come to visit this temple in Puri city. During Rath Yatra, the city experiences a different and beautiful kind of atmosphere wherein people pull the ‘rath’, which is considered to be one of the holy and religious activities over there.

Another famous thing of this city is its variety of delicacies that are available here. As it is situated near the coastline, this place is also popular for different kind of seafoods. Sweets are also famous here which is also given to the god and goddess as ‘prasad’. So here is the list of some famous delicacies of Puri –



Khaja is a famous sweet of the pilgrim city of Puri. It is very easily available around the city from hawkers selling it on beach side to near the Jaganath temple. The taste of this sweet is delightful and is a must-try delicacy of this place in Odisha. This sweet is also served as ‘prasad’ in holy temple.



Flavoured Milk

One of the refreshing drinks that are available in the Puri city is the delicious flavoured milk. The milk comprises of lots of dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, pistas and walnuts along with a tinch of kesar in it. This flavoured milk is also considered a healthy food option which can be enjoyed in this city.

flovored milk



Khichidi is a famous Indian delicacy found in almost every part of India, and Puri in Odisha state in no exception. Khichidi is relished by the people of this city as it is prepared using different kind of spices which are responsible for enhancing the taste. It is enjoyed with chutney made of tomatoes and mixed vegetable.



Another famous sweet dish of Eastern India is Malpua. It is also very popular in the pilgrim city – Puri. The taste of this sweet is really good and tasty which makes it a famous sweet here. It is available in almost every sweet shop in the city. Malpua is served hot in delightful sugar syrup making it extremely flavourful.




Dalma is synonymous to the people of Odisha. It is one of the most common yet tastiest delicacies of Puri. It is a mixed vegetable and prepared using different spices making it flavourful along with variety of pulses. It is available in every household and shops in Puri. One should try this delicacy when traveling in the pilgrim city.

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As mentioned above, Puri is popular for its sweet dishes, Rabidi is one of them. It is one of the favourite sweet dishes of the place and is easily available. The process of making rabidi is time consuming as it requires a lot of time for milk to become a rabidi. Rabidi is garnished with dry fruits which makes it delightful.



Pudina Panna

Pudina Panna is the local nimbu-paani or lemon water of this place. It is a really refreshing drink which helps to rejuvenate the body during scorching heat and sunlight. The drink is prepared using lemons, sugar, salt, ice and mint leaves which are best ingredients for summer season. This drink is also easily available around the city.



Malai Chappati

Malai chappati, also known as Kheer puli in local language is another mouthwatering dish of Puri, Odisha. The chappati is made using the first layer of cream that floats in the milk. It is one of the unique dishes of Puri and is a delight to have. Sometimes elaichi is sprinkled into it for the purpose of enhancing the taste.




Another famous sweet dish from the land of sweet in Odisha is Ukudha. It is a dry sweet dish which is extremely flavourful and tasty. It is one of the ‘prasad’ which is offered to Lord Jaganath. One should try this sweet delicacy of Puri which is popular around the sweet shops.




Another ‘prasad’ which is offered to Lord Jaganath is Abadha. It won’t be wrong to say that this Prasad is the best Prasad of this holy place. It is so because it is the combination of different and authentic delicacies of Puri like plain rice, dal, mixed vegetables, kichidi and many more. It is available at Ananda Bazar in Puri.



Chingudi Malai

How can the list be complete without different sea-foods which are available here in Puri city of Odisha! One such famous sea-food is Chingudi Malai. It is a prawn delicacy which is extremely creamy and delicious. The prawns are fried and then mixed with buttery and creamy gravy making it really tasty to enjoy.



Chenna Poda

Chenna Poda usually popular in festivals celebrated in Eastern India is a common delicacy of Puri, Odisha. It is one of the authentic sweet dishes which are famous here. This sweet dish also takes several hours of preparation and is prepared using caramelized sugar and cottage cheese. One of the best sweet delicacies to try here is the Chenna Poda.




Santula is a vegetable curry which is very dear to the state of Odisha and is a famous delicacy of the pilgrim city- Puri. Different healthy and nutritious vegetables are used like Bringal, Botteleguard and many more with little bit of oil and spices making it one of the best vegetarian cuisine of the city.



Pitha is made of rice flour and is famous in coastal regions of Bay of Bengal like Puri. It is believed that this delicacy is originated from West Bengal but the best version to enjoy is available in Odisha especially Puri City. There are different types of Pitha found here like chakuli pitha and arisa pitha.



Machha Chenchda

A famous fish delicacy of this city is Maccha Chenchda. It is cooked using different ingredients which include fish, banana and other vegetables. The dish is best enjoyed with plain rice which is staple to Eastern part of India. The best place to relish this dish in Puri is Wildgrass Restaurant.

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Rasabali is another popular sweet dish of the pilgrim city of Puri, Odisha. This dish is prepared using farmer’s cheese and is deep fried and then dipped into sugar syrup making it delightful and flavourful. This dish is also served in the chappan bhog which is offered in the Jaganath temple and the best place to have this is also the temple where it is served as ‘prasad’.



Prawn fry

One can enjoy this sea-food in different beaches of Puri. Prawn fry is a simple delicacy of prawn but is tasty and delicious. It is one of the famous snack items to enjoy in the city. People loving sea-food should definitely try this mouth-watering delicacy of Puri. It is easily available in all the shops near the beach.

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Aaloo Potol

Potol is the local name of ‘Pointed Gourd’ vegetable common in Odisha. This delicacy is prepared using pointed gourd and potatoes with different spices making it a delight to have. A curry is prepared of this combination and is usually a served as a side dish. It is another famous vegetarian cuisine of the city.




Samosa in Puri is not the same which is found in every part of India. It is a bit different and unique as far taste and size is concerned. In Puri, the samosas are comparatively smaller in size and the stuffing is also different. Many other ingredients are added in the stuffing like peanuts and other dry fruits making it unique and flavourful.



Odia Thali

A combination and complete package of all the famous cuisines of Odisha is the Odia Thali. This thali comprises of different food items like plain rice, aaloo potol, santula, prawn curry, khaja, chenna poda and what not. This thali is famous all over the state and especially in Puri. If someone wants to enjoy the taste of Odisha in one plate, then this thali is the best thing to have.