20 Famous Palak Recipes


1. Palak Paneer

The Palak Paneer is very popular dish which comes in trend in winters. The dish is made up of the ingredients like Palak, Paneer and Indian spices. The dish contains very high amount iron and minerals in it and it is good for everyone. The dish is like Shahi recipe and made instantly. And then served hot with roti as well as rice.


2. Palak Paratha

Paratha is well-known Indian bread which is available everywhere any time. The paratha is made with the twist which is Palak. The Palak is boiled and added in to the stuff of Paratha and then normally made. The dish is served hot with achaar, curd or aloo bhaji.


3. Saagh

The Saagh is the main course dish which is made up of Palak and served with both rice as well as roti. The Saagh is very healthy dish which is liked by many people. The dish is rich in the Indian spices and also contains lots of iron.


4. Palak Paneer Rice

Palak Paneer Rice is just like Palak Paneer Sabzi. The basmati rice is cooked with that same sabzi and the Palak Paneer rice is prepared.  The rice is made just like biryani and served with matha. The dish is generally made at the time of winters because the fresh Palak is available at that time.


5. Palak Paneer Dosa

The Palak Paneer Dosa is the South Indian dish with a healthy twist. The Dosa is made with the same procedure but the stuffing includes Paneer and Palak. The Dosa is served with Sambhar and Chutney.


6. Palak Paneer Kadhi

The Kadhi is made in different ways; the one unique way is Palak Paneer Kadhi. The heart of the dish is Palak and Paneer. The colour of the Kadhi stands green which is unique in itself. The gravy is made up of bean and curd.


7. Palak Methi Paneer Slice

The Palak Methi Paneer Slice is the type of snack which is becoming famous day by day in India. The dish is healthy as well as tasty. The dish is made up of Palak, Methi amd Paneer. The Palak Methi is served with stuffed Paneer. The dish is served as evening refreshment.


8. Palak Mutter

Palak Mutter is very popular dish which is made as a main course dish which is served with roti. As the name says, the dish that it is made up of Palak and Mutter. The dish is seasonable because both the veggies are seasonable available. The boiled peas and boiled palak is used to make the dish and the texture of the dish thick which means it is served with roti.


9. Palak Soup

The original Palak Soup is the Soup which is healthiest of all. The soup is made up of only one ingredient which is core of the dish that is palak. The soup is made up of boiled Palak. The texture of the soup is made thick so that it could not seem heavy. The Palak Soup is served before the lunch or dinner because it increases the hunger level.


10. Palak Moong Dal Soup

The different types of soups are famous and good for health. The Palak Moong Dal Soup is the different type of Soup which is made instantly and easy. The Soup is made up of the ingredient like Palak, Moong and water. It people want to add the sauces they can add to give the Chinese flavour to the soup.


11. Palak Puri

Just like Methi Puri Palak Puries are made. The boiled Palak is mixed with the batter to make the Puri. The colour of the Puri turns green and the texture is tactile. The Puri is good dish to have at the time of breakfast. The Puri can be served hot with aloo bhaji, achaar, etc.


12. Palak Toovar Dal

Palak is the vegetable which is used in many dishes with the combo of many items. So like this only the Palak is cooked with toovar dal. This is the type of dal which is mostly prepared at homes. The Palak adds a strong flavour to make the texture and the colour good. The Dal is served with jeera rice.


13. Aloo Palak

Aloo Palak is the main course mostly served at the time of dinner. The dish is made up of only two ingredients which are boiled potatoes and Palak. The dish is made in pressure cooker as well as kadhai. The Aloo Gobi can be served hot with both the rice as well as roti. The dish is healthy as well as tasty.


14. Palak Kofta

The Koftas are like snack which is prepared at the time of masti. The Kofta also known as bhajiya is made up of palak and besan. The batter is deep fried like bhaji, the only difference is the shape and size. The taste of Bhajiya and Koftas are almost same. Then the Koftas are served with chutes.


15. Palak Curry

The Palak Curry is like Palak al which is which is made thin and smooth. The gravy of the curry is made up of cream and curd and the texture is very smooth. This Palak Curry has the soothing texture that no one can resist it. As the texture is thick the Curry can be served with both rice as well as roti.


16. Palak and Dhoodhi Raita

There are many type of Raitas which are made and served as a side dish in India. The Palak and Dhoodhi raita is the healthiest riata. The Palak contains minerals and the dhoodhi too. The dish is served with the side dish to increase the taste and the flavour of any recipe. The Raita is served chilled.


17. Palak Kabab

The Kababs are famous in India but the Vegetarian kababs are not that famous. So the Palak presents the Vegetarian Kabab which is healthy as well as tasty. The Palak Kabab is made instantly and easily. The Kababs are so crispy that no one can resist eating it. The dish is served with the diverse types of chutneys.


18. Palak Dal Kadi

The new way of making Kadi is newly emerged now a days that is Palak Dal Kadi which is made differently made than other Kadis. The Kadi is made up of the ingredients like Palak, yoghurt and the besan. All the ingredients are cooked properly. The proper texture to the kadi is given to the dish and served with jeera rice.


19. Palak Soya Curry

The Palak Soya Curry is also a very healthy dish which is made up of the ingredients palak, soya and Indian spices. The dish is made in thick gravy and served with rice. The gravy is made up of curd and jeera. The dish is cooked with rich spices. The curry is mostly served at lunch time because the texture is thick and heavy.


20. Palak Stuffed Bread Kofta

This is a healthy snack which is made up of Palak. The dish is made up of the ingredients like Palak, bread crumps and some seasonable vegetables. The Kofta are prepared with the help of besan and coated with bread crumps and deep fried in olive oil. Then the dish is served with two types of chutneys. The different gravies can also be served with this Kofta to make it main course dish.