Top 20 Yummy And Amazing Pure Jain Dishes


1.Jain Vada Pav


The Vada of Jain Vada Pav dish is made with raw Bananas. The Jain dishes are very simple, yet yummy in taste. This Vada Pav is very special for Jains who enjoyVada made without Potatoes. A Mumbai dish with Jain touch is all you need to have even if you are not Jaini.

2.Jain Pav Bhaji

jain-pav-bhajiThe Bhaji of JainPavBhaji is made with raw Bananas. Instead of Potatoes, raw Bananas are used. The dish is very famous among Jains. The Pav Bhaji is very yummy in taste. Yes, it sounds weird that how can a dish be yummy if Onion Garlic is not added in it. But yes, the Jain Pav Bhaji is yummy without the addition of Onion and Garlic.

3.Dapka Kadhi

dapka-kadhiIn Jaini Kadhi there is no pakoras, but if you are fond of Pakoras just like me you can add them. They give it a totally different, yet amazing taste. Jaini Kadhi is very famous among all Jaini people. You must try it. After tasting it, you are going to be crazy for its awesome taste.

4. French Beans Foogath

french-bean-foogathThis dish is a very famous South Indian dish or you can say that French Beans Foogath is a variation of South Indian special dish BeansFoogath. Also, this dish is a Goan specialty. Just imagine the taste of the dish which has three touches in it. One is Jain touch, second is South Indian touch, and third is Goan touch.

5.Paneer and Apple Grilled Sandwich

paneer-and-apple-sandwichPaneer and Apples are very rich in nutrients, but having just simple Paneer and chopped
Apples in breakfast is quite boring. So, have Paneer and Apple grilled Sandwiches instead of that boring breakfast. The specialty of Paneer and Apple grilledSandwich is that it has deep fried Paneer and Apple along with lots of Cheese which give it an amazing touch and taste as well. The Sandwich has lots of Beggies in it which makes them healthy also. The Sandwich is yummy in taste. The grilling gives it a different touch.

6.Jain Dal Makhani

jain-dal-makhniWe all know that Dal Makhani is very yummy as lots and lots of Onion, Ginger, and Garlic is added in the dish. But, we also know that Jains are not allowed to have Onion, Garlic, and many more things. So this Dal is very special for Jains. What all you need for making this Dal is simply add everything except the restricted ones. The taste of the Dal is yummy.

7.Jain Tomato Sauce

jain-tomato-sauseA very yummy, tasty, smooth and creamy Sauce made without Onion and Garlic is all you need to taste. For its consistency and aroma, you need to cook it a little bit longer. But believe me, your hard work will pay as the Sauce is simply yummilicious.

8. Cabbage and Paneer Parantha

cabage-paneer-parathaWho don’t love having parantha, even Jains do. The only difference between normal Cabbage and Paneer Parantha and Jains Cabbage and Paneer Parantha is that in Jains Paneer Parantha you don’t need to add Onion and Garlic. Try this without Onion, Garlic Parantha once. I am sure you will love having it.

9.Baked Chaklis

baked-chakliesBaked Chaklis is an amazing Jaini snack that many people love to have. The difference between normal Chakli and JainiChakli is that normal Chakli is deep fried and JainiChakli is baked. There is also a steamed Chakli which is also very yummy in taste.

10.Sev Tameta

sac-tametaThis peppery-chaat is one of the best Jain dishes to have. It’s awesome, and the peppery taste is too good that you are going to crazy for its taste. Spice lovers are going to love this dish definitely. This chaat is very famous among chaat lovers. If you want to try, any tangy Jainidish goes for this chaat first.The combination of lots of Tomato and Sev is simply amazing.

11.Laccha Paratha

lachha-paneer-parathaLaccha Parantha is very yummy we know that. The Laccha Paneer Parantha is a special version of Laccha Parantha. There are many Laccha Paranthas that we can have but this is a Jaini specialty. We must taste it once. For making this Parantha, the Paneer is very well mashed.

12. Moong Soup

moong-soupMoong Soup is very special in the category of healthy and special soups. The Moong Soup is simply soup with a healthy dal touch. The combination of Moong Soup with soft Laccha paneer parantha is simply perfect. You must try this amazing Jaini dish once.

13. Jaggery Dosa

jaggary-dosaThere are a number of Dosa dishes. There are a number of Dosa fillings. JaggeryDosa is very special for all sweet lovers. The Jain dish is simply scrumptious in taste. For making this amazing dish, you need to add Jaggery in the mixture which is to be fermented for making Dosa. The outcome is simply finger licking good.

14. Corn Korma

corn-kormaCorn Korma is very special for all Corn lovers and Jains as well. The Gravy or you can say Korma touch given to corn is very special. The dish is very well garnished with chopped Coriander leaves. You can have it with Laccha Parantha.

15. Stuffed Tomatoes

stuffed-tomatoesWe have come across many stuffed dishes such as Stuffed Potatoes, Stuffed Capsicum, stuffed Jalapeno, etc. The dish, stuffed Tomato is a Jaini stuffed specialty which any stuffed dish lover can’t afford to miss. The dish not only looks yummy but is yummy in taste.

16. Cream of Broccoli Soup

cream-of-brocali-soupCream of Broccoli Soup is simply a yummy creamy soup which is yummiest of all soups. In this soup the Broccoli is added in two ways; one is to add boiled, and chopped Broccoli and other is to add boiled and ground Broccoli paste. I always prefer the first one. Try both and get your loved one.

17.Creamy Almond Soup

creamy-almond-soupI don’t think that the taste of this soup needs any explanation. In case if you have tasted it you are very well aware of the taste and in case if you haven’t tasted it then you have missed such an amazing soup. The name is enough to tell its taste, Almond Milk with a creamy touch. Isn’t it amazing?

18. Jaini Tendli Bhaat

jain-tendli-bhatTendliBhaat is a (very spicy gourd rice)Jaini dish. This dish is very famous in Maharashtra. The best part of this dish is that it has two amazing touches; one is Marathi touch which simply enhances the taste of the dish in which it is given, and the second touch is Jaini touch which is simple and yummy.

19.Methi Rotis

methi-rotiMethi Rotis are very yummy in taste and healthy as well. I think this is the best way of having Methi which is a very healthy leafy green Vegetable. So what are you waiting for, have iron-rich leafy Vegetables in yummy form.

20. Kaju Puri

kaju-puriKaju Puri is nothing but an amazing sweet dish made with Kaju. This is very special for all Cashew lovers. The sweetie yummy Cashew Puris are amazing. If you want to serve something special to your guests, then serve these yummy and royal Cashew Puris.