20 Famous Sweets Shops In Chembur, Mumbai

20 Famous Sweets Shops In Chembur, Mumbai

In Chembur, Mumbai, there are many shops for sweets which serve fresh and tasty confections. There are other types of sweets available at various shops. The sweets are unique and something different. The sweets shops are well maintained and hygienic. You can try different sweets there, such as Methi Ladoo, Rose Kaju Katli, Chocolate Burfi, Kaju Pista pedals, and many more. If you’re visiting Chembur in Mumbai, then you must visit the famous sweets shops, which are given below:

1.Satus Sweets And Snacks

Satus Sweets And Snacks is a famous shop for sweets in Chembur. Hot Jalebis and Motichoor Laddoos are the most delicious and favorite sweets at this place. Indoor Seating as well as home delivery are both available. There are different varieties of sweets, desserts, fast food, and shakes available at this place.

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2.Saroj Sweets

At Saroj Sweets, excellent and yummy sweets are available. This is a good place for kids and Sunday brunch. There are unique and famous sweets at Saroj Sweets, such as Methi Ladoo, Ghee Boondi Ladoo, special modal, etc. Saroj Sweets will open at 8:30 am and closes at 9:30 pm.

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3.Jhama Sweets

Jhama Sweets is the most popular store in Chembur when it comes to Indian sweets and snacks. The sweets are mouth-watering and mind-blowing. They have many branches in Chembur itself. Their famous sweets, such as Jalebis, Gulabjamun, ras malai, Motichoor Ladoos, etc, are so tasty. The cost of the sweets at this place is reasonable.

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4.Sweet Bengal

Sweet Bengal serves authentic Bengali sweets to the customers. Their sweets are fresh, and good. Mishti Doi, Malai Langcha and Kheer Kodom are the most famous sweets at this place. There are many varieties of Bengali sweets available at Sweet Bengal. This place is open at 9:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm.

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5.Sai Sindh Sweets

Sai Sindh Sweets is a top sweets shop in Chembur, Mumbai. Their best sweets are burfi, Gulab Jamun, milk cake, Doda burfi, etc. Home Delivery is also available at Sai Sindh Sweets. The sweets are delicious and made in a hygienic place.

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6.Sri Krishna Sweets Pvt Ltd

Sri Krishna Sweets is a shop for sweets items in Chembur, Mumbai. They serve pure desi ghee sweets with an excellent taste, and the quality of the sweets is the best. You can easily take away sweets from the shop.

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7.Jay Bhawani Sweet And Farsan Mart

Jay Bhawani Sweet and Farsan Mart are known for sweet shops, bakery product retailers, bakeries, and many more. It is a topmost bakery in Chembur, Mumbai. They have a wide range of products and services to fulfill the requirements of the customers. They have different varieties of cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, and many such occasions.

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8.Bholenath Sweets

Bholenath Sweets serves best quality sweets in Chembur, Mumbai. If you want to order some unique sweets in Chembur, then, Bholenath Sweets is the right place for it. The shop has a very well-mannered and trained staff to take care of requirements and maintain hygiene

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9.Gupta Mishtan Bhandar

Gupta Mishtan Bhandar is a well-known shop for Farsan shops, Ladoo Retailers, Chips Dealers, Chiwda Retailers, Sweet shops, and retailers. They serve different varieties of sweets such as Ladoos, burfis, gulabjamun, etc. The staff at Gupta Mishtan Bhandar is excellent.

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10.Shiv Sweet And Snacks

Shiv Sweet And Snacks is another famous sweets shop in Chembur, Mumbai. They have a wide variety of sweets as well as snacks. The staffs at this place are amicable and kind towards the customers. The price of the sweets and snacks is also reasonable. Shiv Sweets and Snacks is the best sweets shop in Chembur.

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11.Gaurav Sweets And Namkeen

Gaurav Sweets And Namkeen serves mouth-watering sweets in Chembur, Mumbai. They have wide variety of sweets such as Methi Ladoo, Malai Peda, Chocolate Ball, Guava Bhog, etc. The sweets at Gaurav Sweets And Namkeen are unique and different in taste. The names of the sweets are also exciting and different. It is a must-visit place for the people who are living or visiting Chembur, Mumbai.

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12.Preetam Sweets

Preetam Sweets is also another famous sweets shop in Chembur, Mumbai. The sweets at this shop are made in a hygienic environment. There are different kinds of ladoos, burfis, and pedals available at preetam sweets. The best and most famous sweets at preetam sweets are burfi, gulab jamun, milk cake, and doda burfi.

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13.Mumbai Sweets

Mumbai Sweets serves wide variety of sweets in Chembur, Mumbai. This shop is best in bakery products, cake shop, and farsan facility. The taste of the sweets is unique and delicious. Home delivery facilities for the customers are also available at this shop.

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14.Mahalaxmi Bengali Sweet

Mahalaxmi Bengali Sweets serves the best Bengali sweets in Chembur. It is a famous shop for its Bengali sweet items in Mumbai. They serve fresh and tasty Bengali sweets. There are various Bengali sweets which are available at Mahalaxmi Bengali Sweet.

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Avarya is the best option for the best precious items. There are various types of sweet items available at Avarya. They serve sugarless lovely things also with great taste. It is a lovely place, and the quality of the products is fantastic. There are new varieties of sweets as well as snack items which are available at this place.

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16.Chitale Xpress

Chitale Xpress is one of the most famous food outlets where sweets, namkeens, and many other food items are available. This place is renowed for different types of sweets items. There are various kinds of sweets items which are available such as Mango burfi, Rose flavoured Kaju Katli, Kesar and Pista Kaju Katli, Rajkot special Peda, etc. Sweets items are packed in a special box.

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17.Yadav Dairy And Sweet Farsan Mart

Yadav Dairy And Sweet Farsan Mart is the best place for mouth-watering sweets in Mumbai. This place is well-maintained and hygienic. The staffs are also outstanding and friendly with the customers. They fulfill the needs and requirements of the customers. The shop will open at 8 AM and closes at 9:30 PM.

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18.Trupti Farsan Nx

Trupti Farsan Nx is a perfect place for delicious, tasty sweets. The quality of the sweets is very much good. There are different varieties of sweets which are available at this place, such as boondi ladoos, Paan sweet, chocolate burfi, etc.

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19.Tiwari And Brothers Mithaiwala

Tiwari And Brothers Mithaiwala is a famous shop for colorful sweets Chembur, Mumbai. They serve colorful and fancy sweets and dry fruit modaks. This shop is 24 hours open every day. The taste of the sweets is mind-blowing.

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20.Rajender Gupta Sweets And Farsan Mart

Rajendra Gupta Sweets And Farsan Mart serves tasty sweets in Chembur, Mumbai. There are wide varieties of sweets available at this place, such as Gulab Jamun, ladoos, etc. The sweets are freshly prepared, and the taste is pleasant.

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