Top 20 Healthy Foods For The Rainy Season

Top 20 Healthy Foods For The Rainy Season

The rainy season is not far away. So what is your plan for the same? Are you planning to vacation to a cooler and great place? Some people love to stay at home. Well, I would choose both of them depending on my mood. Furthermore, the rainy season is more about the food that we get. They are many rare fruits, veggies, and other foods coming up. People travel to cities to experience the natural beauty and taste. That gives us the required amount of nutrition we need to face the season. So, what is on your trying list this time? We are discussing the top 20 healthy foods for the rainy season.

1.Turmeric Milk

Many people have a glass of turmeric milk every night before sleeping. This drink is great to contribute to the strength of your immunity. It will protect you from the cold and cough. This condition happens due to the cold moisture present in the surrounding. Turmeric Milk is an excellent solution in such a situation.



We all know an average person requires about sixty grams of protein every day. Not all of the foods we take fulfill this protein requirement. Hence, sprouts can help you out with this situation. You can soak them at night and eat them raw in the morning.

Pea growing into a plant

3.Herbal Tea With Honey

Are you looking for a good drink during the cold season? Well, we got you covered. Herbal Tea with honey is an excellent drink to start your day with. You can make your version of Herbal Tea and start your day more energetically.

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4.Dry Fruits

People love to eat hot peanuts during the rain. The reason behind this is to get all the protein we can get. Our body goes through breakages during the rainy season due to frequent climate change. Hence, it requires a lot of protein to restore and makes the cells strong.

nuts isolated


Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C will keep you from all coughs and colds during the rainy season. With that, it will help heal and protect your skin from the extra moisture of the environment. You can fulfill the Vitamin C gap with good plant-based supplements too.



Your dinner diet during the rainy season must include soup at least twice a week. This dish will provide the heat required by the body. Plus, it will help your body cope with the cold weather outside. Hence, you can start making sweet corn soup, tomato soup, or my favorite soup noodles.

Chinese wok indore Madhya Pradesh India


The rainy season brings fruits like plums, peaches, Jamun, lychee, watermelon, mangoes, etc. All these fruits are sources of vitamins A and C. They have lots of antioxidant properties. They will help you deal with free radical damage. Hence, do consume a lot of fresh fruits during rain.

Water melon isolated on white


People love to drink the Adrak wali chai during the rain. Well, that is your take away too. One must consume a lot of Ginger during the rainy season. Ginger has antioxidants that help prevent all coughs and colds from happening during the rain. Also, it is a great way to keep your skin protected and glowing naturally.

Ginger is cut into small pieces to put into vegetable for health and digestion.


You must have seen a movie where eating corn in the rain is shown to be romantic. Well, it is healthy too. One can consume lots of corn during heavy rains. It will help your digestion and give you the energy to deal with the rain.

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Now we come to the sweet section of the artice. Well, consuming hot Jalebi will give you a lot of excitement to deal with your daily chores. The rainy season encourages us to sit at home doing nothing. Jalebi will help you out here to be energetic again.



Garlic is the key to dealing with many other harmful diseases during the rainy season. There are high chances of flu in cold weather. Hence, one soaked garlic per day will help you prevent this risk. Furthermore, you can include garlic in your soup too.

Garlic Cloves and Garlic Bulb in Basket


How many people have you seen taking hot cumin water during the rainy season? Well, there is a big reason behind it. We eat lots of fast food during the rainy season. This habit tends to disturb our digestive system. Hence, cumin is an excellent food to have for smooth digestion. Furthermore, it helps with warming up the body during the cold weather.



Now, we are coming to the cooked foods. Firstly, it includes Amat from Chhattisgarh. It is a spicy curry with chilies, cloves, potatoes, and many other healthy foods. One can drink it all alone or take it with bread. You can even eat it with rice.



This dish comes from Maharashtra. Ras has coconut water with the flavor of cardamom. It is hot and delicious. One can consume it during the afternoon meal. You won’t find anything like Ras after drinking it once. Do give it a try in the rainy season for more fun.



Who doesn’t know this famous sweet dish from Rajasthan? It is a sweet dish popular during the rainy season. People consume a lot of Ghewar during rains as it aids good digestion. It will help you with clearing your stomach and many other related problems.

Popular and traditional Indian Rajasthani sweet dessert called Ghevar or Ghewar


You can consume both the leaves or the seeds of Fenugreek. Both give the same amount of nutrition to your body. It is a good prevention against colds, fever, and coughs during rain. Furthermore, it deals with many guts issues and helps you have smooth digestion.

Health food fenugreek


Mostly you can consume green peppercorns. They give heat to the body. They have antioxidant properties too. Plus, they are rich in Vitamin A. This dish is an absolute combo to have during heavy rains. It will help you deal with many things.



You must be thinking that I am including walnuts in the list because of the protein content. We need protein in every season. Why not take it from the best sources? Walnut will give you protein and increase your intellect to deal with other mind-confusing problems. Hence, add walnuts to your shopping list now.



Eating lots of oranges can cause a cold. It might result in a running nose. However, you will also get ample Vitamin C to deal with these problems. Hence, you can consume one orange every alternate day during the rain.

Row of oranges with a green apple.


Lastly, we have water. It forms seventy to seventy-five percent of your body. Hence, you should drink at least three liters of water every day during rain. You might not feel like drinking much water. But that will cause dehydration. It will result in many other skin and health-related issues. Hence, drink water during rain too.

Organic fenugreek seeds to mix with water