20 Fasting Food Dishes for Navratri

20 Fasting Food Dishes for Navratri

1. Lauki ki Kheer

Ditch the boring and usual vrat dishes and try something new like Lauki ki Kheer. During fasts, we need sugary food to regain our energy, and this dessert does the work. Have it warm or chilled, it tastes yummy.


2 Watermelon Lassi

This refreshing drink is what you need during a tiring day. Blend some watermelon and mint leaves with curd and enjoy! You can add dry fruits as well.


3. Singade ke Aate ke Samose

Samosas are an all-time favorite snack of us Indians. This lip-smacking snack curbs all your chatpata cravings during Navratri.


4. Stuffed Paneer Kuttu ka Cheela

Cook a kuttu ka cheela and fill it with a spicy paneer filling, and this fulfilling snack is ready. Enjoy it with pudina chutney.


5. Khatta Meetha Kaddu

This sweet and tangy dish will make your taste buds tingle. It is best enjoyed with kuttu ke aate ki pooris.


6. Sama ke Chawal ka Dhokla

This light snack has a quick recipe. You can cook it without much effort during a tiring day. It tastes best with Saunth chutney.


7. Palak Makhana

Roasted makhanas are added to the north Indian palak gravy to prepare this dish. The palak gravy has no onion or garlic in it, making it appropriate for fasting days.


8. Arbi Kofta

You can make koftas out of Arbis using kuttu atta. It makes for a great tea-time snack.


9. Kache Kele ki Tikki

Kache kele ki tikki is an Awadhi dish rich in flavors. This soft tikki is best enjoyed with pudina chutney.


10. Shakarkandi Chaat

Also known as sweet potato chaat, shakarkandi chaat is popular in India as a street food. The blend of sweet and tangy flavors create an enticing taste.


11. Carrot and Sago Pudding

This creamy and smooth dessert is very nutritious. Grated carrots and sabudana are cooked in milk to make this delicious dessert. Top it with dry fruits to give it a crunchy touch.


12. Aloo Tuk

It is a Sindhi snack. This spicy and crispy aloo snack is a great munching option to curb your slight hunger.


13. Sama Chawal Uttpam

This uttapam made from Sama chawal ( vrat k chawal) is best enjoyed with coconut chutney.


14. Pumpkin and Carrot Halwa

Who doesn’t like Gajar ka Halwa? Give the basic gajar halwa a twist and add mashed pumpkins to it. It is so smooth that it will melt in your mouth.


15. Banana Walnut Smoothie

Have this healthy delight during your fast and say goodbye to hunger. Combine ice, curd, walnuts, and banana in the blender and blend until it is smooth. Pour into glasses and serve.


16. Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

It is one of the healthiest breakfast options you can have in a day. Blend strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries with yogurt until smooth. Pour the mixture in a bowl, top it with banana and berry slices and enjoy!


17. Sabudana Vada

The most common choice of people during fasts is Sabudana Vada. It is a low-calorie snack which best tastes with pudina chutney.


18. Coconut Ladoo

This easy-peasy recipe is made with just two main ingredients- Coconut and Condensed Milk. You can add almonds if you like. It is an instant energy food.


19. Paneer Kofta

The crisp outer covering and the soft filling, make this snack a huge hit for Navratri. You can use Kuttu ka Atta or Singade ka Atta for the outer coating.


20. Sama Pulao

One can cook Pulao from the Sama Chawal( vrat k chawal) for meals. It is fulfilling and healthy.