Top 20 Types of Halwa

Top 20 Types of Halwa

1 Gajar Ka Halwa

This classic Indian dessert, popularly known as Gajrela has been the favourite dessert of us Indians to have in winters. It is amazing how it has become the reason for us to wait for winters. It is made from grated carrots cooked in ghee, khoya, and sugar with lots of dry fruits added on top.


2Aate Ka Halwa

The most delicious and mouth watering of all Halwa’s is Aate ka Halwa. It mostly consists of 3 ingredients- whole wheat, sugar, and ghee. There is a lot of ghee added which makes it melt in your mouth. We find it in Gurudwara as Karah Prasad, and the visitors love it so much that they can’t help but crave for more of it.


3 Sooji Ka Halwa

It is the most common halwa made in Indian households at the time of festivities. It is best enjoyed with dry black channa’s and pooris and is a popular choice among children.


4 Lauki ka Halwa

Ghiya or Lauki is a common vegetable in India from which children run away. However, Indian moms have found a way to feed their children Lauki in the form of a dessert. It is a surprisingly tasty and yummy recipe of bottle gourd.


5 Moong Dal Ka Halwa

This is another popular winter relish commonly found in Indian sweet shops will make you want to snuggle with it in the chilly weather. Moong dal is cooked with ghee, khoya, and sugar to make this delectable dessert.


6 Beetroot Halwa

This unique halwa made from beetroot, sugar, khoya, ghee, and dry fruits form a very healthy dessert. Cardamom is added to the dessert to give it a little spice.


7 Mirchi Ka Halwa

Yes! There is a thing as Mirchi ka Halwa. It is quite popular in the tropical regions like the state of Rajasthan. Green chilli paste is cooked with khoya and semolina to create this alluring sweet.


8 Karachi Halwa

Also known as Bombay Halwa, it’s origin lies in the city of Karachi in Pakistan. It is a chewy dessert made with corn flour, loaded with almonds, pistachios, and other dry fruits. It’s attractive color, and delightful flavors make it a desired sweet in festivals like Diwali.


9 Aloo Halwa

Aloo Tikki, Aloo Sabzi, Aloo Chips, Fries, and the list is endless. Potatoes have been the favourite choice of us Indians so much so that we have come up with so many varieties of Aloo dishes. Aloo ka halwa too finds its deserved place in the rich family of potato-based dishes. It is primarily made in Uttar Pradesh during festivals.


10 Bread Halwa

You must be aware of the versatile use of bread in so many recipes. Add Halwa to your list as well. Bread slices are first fried in ghee and then cooked with milk and sugar to make this innovative halwa.


11 Kaddu Ka Halwa

For the people who don’t like having Kaddu as a vegetable, this is a delicious form of consuming it. It is easy to prepare and super healthy as it requires very less ghee in its preparation. It is also an appropriate food at the times of fasting.


12 Pineapple Halwa

If you are bored with the common sooji halwa, introduce your taste buds with this variation of it. Add crushed pineapples (canned or fresh) to the recipe of sooji halwa to give it a fruity twist.


13 Apple Halwa

This is a very healthy and lip-smacking dessert you would love to hog on. Like all Halwa’s, it is made by adding sugar and ghee to the main ingredient. Cinnamon and Vanilla go well with Apples and give it an enticing flavor.


14 Dates Mawa Halwa

This very healthy dry fruit is an appropriate base for making Halwa. Soak dates in milk for a while, and then blend them. Add blended dates and mawa and cook it well for 4-5 minutes and your halwa is ready.


15 Gur ka Halwa

Gur being the healthier form of sugar makes for a healthy halwa. It is also an instant energy food. It is generally made in winters with Ghee, Gur, and Samolina or Whole Wheat.


16 Besan ka Halwa

A halwa made from gram flour is very similar to the besan ke ladoo we all love from the core of our heart. The aroma of this halwa is what makes it so irresistible.


17 Badam ka Halwa

We never stop hearing the benefits of almonds from our moms and grandmas. And they have found another way to feed us badam, that is, in the form of halwa. This delightful dessert rich in nutrients and makes its presence in festivals.



Mango ka Halwa

The favourite fruit of us all is Mango. We all love Mango in all forms, be it ice cream or aam panna. It has also made its entry in many types of halwas. This succulent dessert is a must try this summer season and is a huge hit among children.


19 Singade k Aate ka Halwa

It is prepared the same way other halwa’s are prepared. This recipe is mostly made during Navratri fasting. Singada flour is a source of carbohydrate, and nutrients like zinc, magnesium, and calcium makes it a very healthy and instant energizing food.


20 Ragi Halwa

Ragi flour is cooked with ghee, sugar, and milk (or mawa) to make this very nutritious sweet dish. Cardamom is added to enhance the flavor.