20 Foods That Can Be Prepared Within Minutes

20 Foods That Can Be Prepared Within Minutes


Aloo Matar Sandwich

Who doesn’t like sandwiches? But, the taste of sandwiches can be changed with a taste by adding a crispy to the sandwich by using matar and aloo. Initially, you need to mash potatoes and mix peas with it and add some salt for taste. Slices of bread should be toasted till a light brown colour appears on the slices. The filling should be put on the bread slices and topped with another slice. Cheese, tomatoes, etc. are some more fillings that can be added to the bread slices to give added taste.


Shahi Tukda

Normally people use bread slices to make sandwiches but slices can also be used to make a sweet dish. First you need to make a rabadi by using sugar, almond and all the required elements. The bread slices can be soaked in this mixture and then refrigerated for about 2 hours. Rose petals and almonds can be sprinkled on the top to make it look good.


Egg Bhurji

One of the most famous Indian dish that has been prepared by nearly all Indian families. People can also use paneer instead of egg to make a bhurji. You just need to mix onions, green chillies, tomatoes and then add eggs to the mixture. Along with these items, you can also add milk or curd to give it a more creamy taste. At the end, just add a pinch of salt for taste and bhurji can be taken alone or with parathas.


Achaari Paneer

If you have paneer with you, then there are so many dishes that you can prepare with it. Achaari paneer is one such dish that can be prepared within minutes. You need to mix fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, etc. in a bowl and after heating oil in a pan, you need to pour the mixture into it. Once, the seed’s starts to crackle, sauté onions in the pan. Once they become golden brown, add paneer, green chillies, turmeric powder for the colour. Stir for some time and your dish is ready.


Butter Paneer

Sounds hard, but butter paneer is a very easy dish to prepare. First step, you need to fry the paneer pieces in thick butter and to make the gravy thick, you need to pour milk into the mixture of paneer and for taste, add tomatoes, methi leaves, cream and cashew paste. One dish that can be taken with roti and makes you filled quickly.


Garlic Cheese Bread

Preheat the oven to make these amazing garlic cheese breads. Take a loaf of bread and cut it into 1 inch thick so that the cheese can melt easily into the bread slices. In a bowl, mix cheese, butter, garlic and also parsley powder. This mixture should be spread on top of the bread and then put in the oven to bake it.


Spicy Tawa Idli

When making a spicy tawa idli, pav bhaji masala is the main ingredient which when mixed in right proportion can give you a delicious dish. The idlis should be cut in medium size and then in a pan pour oil and mix cumin, coriander, onions, tomatoes, etc. and saute it till, they are soaked in oil. The idli should be mixed in the pan and after stirring it for some time, tava idlis are ready. Serve it with chillies to give it an extra spice.


Anda Curry

Sometimes when you are bored of making a dish, take out eggs and make curry in just minutes. Take oil in a pan and mix onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger paste and saute it till the onions take the golden colour. Garam masala, red chilli powder are some ingredients that can be poured to make it spicy. After this add the boiled eggs into the mixture and the curry is ready.



Bhindi Fry

Making bhindi is very easy and if made with precision, bhindi fry can also turn out to be delicious to its level best. The bhindi’s should be cut lengthwise and in elongated way and then it should be fried thoroughly. Cumin leaves, coriander, should also be put in the oil. Then, onions should be fried in oil till they turn golden brown. The bhindi’s should be added and with that chilli powder to give a good taste. Salt should be added according to taste.


Curd Rice

Curd is a favourite dish among all Indians as it has a slight sour taste to it. But, much better things can be prepared using curd. Leftover rice which has no use can be mixed with curd and along with it, spices and methi can be added to give it a sour and spicy taste. This recipe can be prepared within minutes.


Phodnicha Bhaat

Everyone surely has leftover rice at their places. Phodnicha bhaat is the tadka and spicy rice that can be made with the help of leftovers of rice. Onions, red chillies, coriander, etc. are some of the ingredients that can be mixed with the rice. Lastly add some amount of salt and then, you are ready with your spicy bhaat! You can also squeeze pinch of lemon to give it a tangy taste.




Cheela is one such dish that can be prepared just with minimal ingredients. Cheela is prepared with the use of besan. Wheat, garlic, coriander, green chillies, ginger paste are some other ingredients which are needed to make the dish. All of these should be mixed to make a paste. Then heat oil in a pan and the batter should be poured in the heat and fry them till they become golden brown.


Indian Style Omelette

Omelette has always been people’s favourite. But, there are certain ways of preparing an omelette. You can make a simple omelette or make it spicy by adding chillies, pepper into the omelette. It should be prepared in medium heat and the mixture should be poured in circular way to get the same shape of omelette. Onions, tomatoes, etc. can also be added to the omelette to give it a delicious taste.


Pan Seared Chicken

In this recipe, you have to take chicken breasts to get a great flavour. The breasts should be washed properly and the masala powder along with spices should be mixed in the breast. The breasts should be fried in hot oil and add chilli powder if needed in the oil. When the breasts take the pinkish colour, then your breasts are done. It is a simple dish.


Jeera Rice

Plain rice is good but at times rice can also be made in a different style. One of the easiest method of making a good rice dish is jeera rice. Rice should be soaked in water for some time, then in a pan add ghee and fry rice till you get a good smell. Cinnamon, cardamom, cumin seeds, coriander, can be added in the rice fried in ghee. Ginger garlic paste should also be poured in the mixture. If you like it, you can also add coconut milk to it and finally add jeera to it. It can be served with any chicken dish.


Sweet Lassi

Lassi is quite famous in Punjab and it can be both sweet and sour. You need to mix yogurt, rose water, sugar, cardamom, and cold water and blend it together in a mixer. When it gets the required froth, you can have it chilled and it is a very refreshing drink for summers. The lassi can also be garnished with mint leaves.


Easy Pan Pizza

Pizzas are loved by both old and young alike. But, people think pizzas take a long time to bake in the oven. Easy pan pizza can be made in the stove itself. You just need to have the crush and on top of it, spread butter, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and pour all the toppings. Then bake it in the stove and your pan pizza will be ready!


Chocolate Bread Dumplings

This dish can be prepared by making chocolate syrup and sugar syrup. The bread should be made into balls and the chocolate syrup should be poured on tip of it. On top of the syrup, bread crumbs should be mixed to give it a crisp. Last for the finishing touch, icing sugar can be added on top of the balls.



Uttapam can be prepared just with the help of dosa batter. You need to spread the dosa batter in a round way and on top of it, onions and tomatoes should also be added to it. Both the sides of the uttapam should be properly cooked. Chillies can also be mixed on top of the uttapam.


Potato And Cheese Balls

This recipe is simple where you just have to mash the potatoes in a bowl. In another bowl, mix egg, cheese, onions and mix it with the potato batter. The potatoes should be made into balls and fried in oil.

Hungry?? Just try out these quick recipes and let your hunger fly off within minutes!! You will want more of these recipes all the time!